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Jared Leto Imagine - Hypothermia

ididntasktogetmadedidi said:Can I make a request with Jared Leto? Two of you go camping and you fall into an icy lake, so he jumps in to save you and by the time he gets out your teeth are chattering. So he strips you both of clothes, because skin on skin contact is good for hypothermia.

Your P.O.V.

It was February and I was camping with my boyfriend Jared. We travelled to Canada and rented a small cottage for the two of us for a week. It sounded like a perfect little get away. We had arrived there on a Monday evening and we had unpacked, walked a bit and then went to bed. Now it was Tuesday and I was dying to get on the ice.

‘‘Come on!It’ll be fun’‘ I pouted and dragged Jared towards the door. We were both dressed in warm clothing. We both had thick jackets, gloves, boots, beanies and scarves. The clothes were heavy but they kept us sheltered from the weather.

‘‘Fine but we gotta be careful’‘ He agreed with a smile. ‘‘Yay!’‘ I cheered, then going outside. It was snowing and the view was beautiful. Our cottage was underneath a huge tree by the lake. There weren’t anyone close to us.Only nature, animals and us. It was perfect.

We walked straight to the icy lake and I went first, because I was more carefree on the ice. The snow crunched underneath our steps. ‘’Isn’t it pretty?’’ I sighed as I looked at the sun. Since it was winter, the sun didn’t warm us up. ‘’It is’’ Jared chuckled, probably finding my excitement cute. As I adored the sun, I didn’t look were I was going. ‘’Y/N!’’ Jared yelled my name, but it was too late.

The ice beneath me broke and I fell into the ice cold water. I screamed and tried to hold onto the edge, but my hands slipped.My heavy clothes got soaked and I started sinking. Panic took over me and I kicked as much as I could.My body felt like it was stung by a million needles and I couldn’t breathe since I was sinking.

My heart started beating harder in my chest. Seeing as the hole I fell into got more distant was terrifying. I couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried to. It didn’t take long until I was so cold that I couldn’t move properly. I was struggling to hold my breath and I was scared to death. As I sunk, I saw someone jumping in. It was Jared!

My vision blurred even more and then my lips parted. My lungs were desperate for air and suddenly I started choking on the water. Jared grabbed my hood and started swimming up. I didn’t know how but he did it. By the time he reached the ice, I felt lightheaded. My vision was blurry and my entire body was trembling. I managed to see that Jared had thrown his clothes away, only leaving his boxers and his shirt.

‘‘Y/N! Baby can you hear me?’‘ He asked me furiously while taking off my jacket. I tried to inhale but I couldn’t. I had breathed in water. I heard him groaning and he came up to my face.He grabbed my jaw but it didn’t stop my clattering. Then he pinched my nose and gave me mouth to mouth, hoping it would make the water come out. I felt really sick. He backed off and then I started coughing. A couple coughs later, the water flew out of my mouth, falling onto the snow.

‘‘I-I’m..co-cold’‘ I whimpered, feeling like my clothes were freezing. Jared picked me up and managed to walk back to the cottage. I had no idea how he managed to do that with so little clothes. As we got inside, I was still absolutely freezing. It was hard to breathe because I was trembling so bad. Jared started to take off my clothes until I was naked. He threw his shirt away and then lied next to me on the couch, wrapping his strong arms around my body.

Feeling his skin on mine was great. It was actually warming me up so I wanted to snuggle even closer to him. He turned us so I was on top of his chest. Then he pulled a blanket on us. After I warmed up a bit, tears started rolling down my face. I sniffled sadly because the panic started to fade. I nearly died and Jared saved me.

‘‘Hush baby, it’s okay, you’re fine’‘ He cooed and played with my wet hair. I bit my quivering lips together and tried to stay calm but it wasn’t easy. Everything had happened so fast and I was sure that I would die. That feeling was disgusting, just knowing that you couldn’t save yourself no matter what. 

‘‘Thank y-you’‘ I whimpered after a while, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. Jared offered me a soft smile and he kept rubbing my back with his hands. ‘‘I’d do anything for you Y/N. I’d never ever leave you alone in a situation like that’‘ Jared let me know so lovingly it almost hurt my heart. No one had ever cared about me like he does.

‘‘I love you’’ He then told me. My blue lips curved into a smile. ‘‘I love you too’‘ I answered, feeling a bit better. Then I rested my head against his chest and let his warmth warm me up.

//Okay so I actually fell into a frozen lake once and it was fucking ice cold. It was so awful but I got out because there was a ladder and I managed to pull myself away.