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30 day Mystic Messenger Challenge

Day #26

Favourite MM Gif?

I have a …. few. 

This one is my favourite! I WILL USE IT FOR EVERYTHING

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Or this one from my baby @dragonpigeons I LOVE IT SO MUCH

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or this one because of reasons….

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Or this one because of even more…. reasons

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and and this one for science… 

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Terrifying Kobolds like a Fucking Five Year Old

Context: My character is a 6'2, 171 pound half-dragon, half-drow bloodrager.  Because of a feat, high Charisma, and an added rank, she gets a +11 to Intimidate checks and she’s the only member of the party who speaks Draconic, and we’re entering a dungeon full of kobolds, which she’s very familiar with.  Here are the three times I decided to roll Intimidate checks.

1. Our Rogue failed her stealth check and a kobold noticed her

Me (ooc): Am I close enough to terrify him?

GM: You are.

-rolls a 24-

GM: Ok, everyone, you hear December start speaking in a loud, growling language.


-the kobold immediately walks over to the bookshelf and stares at it-

Our Oracle NPC: What the fuck just happened?

2. There’s a kobold guarding the entrance to the dungeon

Me (ooc): I’m gonna intimidate it.

-rolls a 16-

GM: You step into the room.

Bloodrager: Stand aside.

-the kobold blinks and steps off to the side so we can enter-

Rogue (ooc): How in the fuck.

3. There’s a mass of kobolds who just saw the bloodrager after failing a stealth check.

GM: What are you gonna do?

Me (ooc): I’m gonna scare the shit out of them.

-rolls a 30-

Bloodrager: -steps out from behind the corner and cracks her knuckles with a grin- Are we gonna do this the messy way or are y'all just gonna go sit in that corner over there?

-the kobolds all scurry into the corner and hide behind their shields-

GM: I wanna know how you’re making all these rolls.

Me (ooc): She has a +11 to Intimidate checks.

GM: Does she have the feat that adds her Strength modifier? (this character has a Strength mod of 4 and a Charisma mod of 3)

Me (ooc): Yeah.

GM: Of course she does.

donald trump reminds me of that one episode of the office where michael scott got all riled up at the board meeting thing that dunder mifflin had when they were going bankrupt and he yelled out that they had a 30 step plan and he just went along with the crowd but actually had no plan whatsoever

Stan and Music Headcanons:

The radio antennae in the yard always got excellent radio reception.

-Stan would play the radio for noise, keep the house from getting too creepy/empty without it

-Sang along under his breath while he worked

-Every now and then a song from back in the day would come on—he’d get the urge to dance

-Stan dancing, remembering all the old moves

-Occasionally using the broom or attractions or portal pieces as his partner

-Stan hears a song that makes him think too much of Ford

               -Sometimes he turns it up on those (and holds back a few tears)

               -Sometimes he just changes the station and resumes work

-He’ll hum the tune while figuring out portal equations

-music helps him remember better, sometimes


-music brings back memories too

-he hears the 1st song he’d heard after pushing Ford in and he breaks down all over again, apologizing when he sees Stanford

               -(Ford is taken aback and comforts him)

-Stan hears songs from those 30 years of work

               -some bring back the equations he’d memorized to them

               -Ford hears Stan singing complex theorems under his breath around the house (and ship), but when he asks him about it, Stan shrugs and says that’s just what the song reminded him of

-They’re at (either a random pub along the port OR the diner) one day and oldies are playing. One dancing song comes on and Stan jumps to his feet.

               -Ford’s like STAN, WHAT THE HECK

               -Stan pulls Sixer up and tells him to dance with him

               -Ford is uncomfortable at first but after Stan gives him a look he just goes with it

               -Ford’s not particularly graceful (it’s been A LONG TIME since he last danced to Earth music, let alone with a partner) but he catches on—the moves the same ones Stan had in high school

               -Stan laughs and praises Ford’s fancy two left feet

               -The song ends and the brothers laugh, out of breath

               -They get a few hoots and hollers from around the diner/pub before Stan bows theatrically and sits back down

               -Ford asks what brought that on

               -Stan shrugs and grins. “Not sure, but it felt familiar, like I’ve done that a lot—but not with as good a partner as you for a while, Sixer”

               -They both laugh

-Stan starts dry sobbing unexpectedly one day and Ford finds him, slumped to the ground and frantic.

               -Stan can’t even properly explain why he’s freaking out

               -Neither brother notices the radio in the background playing “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits

               -Ford talks Stan through it

               -Stan just suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt all over again

——Ford gets confused at these episodes—what’s causing this?

-Stan tells Ford later about how sometimes he’d talk to his reflection as if it were Ford

-He also tells him that some songs reminded him so strongly of Ford over the years, he’d play them and pretend it was like a conversation between them

               -Ford finally takes this as a clue to Stan’s “episodes” and what’s setting them off

               -Ford starts keeping track of how the music affects Stan’s moods in the future

💋Lake House (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Grayson and the reader are friends and they go on a trip with a lot of friends and they are forced to share a bed for a week in the hotel and like Grayson takes off his shirt to go to bed so this makes the reader really embarrassed because she likes him and then she wants him to feel the same way and she puts her pajama which is only a T-shirt and panties and it’s all hot in the room and all!

Warnings: This was supposed to be just fingering, but I got carried away but sex.

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you! I decided to make it a camping trip type thing because I want to go camping so bad right now and it’s all I can think about! Requests are OPEN. (P.S. I hate myself for writing this cause now my emotions are all over the place)

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“Gray are you ready?” Ethan hollers at Grayson as we pack the last few bags in the back of the truck. This weekend was a getaway weekend we all needed. School had just gotten out and the boys were in Jersey for a the week. This weekend I would be surrounded with my greatest friends; Grayson, Ethan, Cam, Aaron Lizzy, Jackson, and Brent. I honestly couldn’t wait for campfires, s’mores, movies, tanning and swimming. I was currently wearing a pink nike tank top and shorts with little pompoms on the end.

“Yeah I’m coming now.” Grayson walks down the stairs and walks towards us. He was wearing a white t-shirt that was tight around his biceps and black joggers. I won’t lie, Grayson and Ethan are both incredibly attractive. Both are my absolute best friends. Grayson just has a special place in my heart. Grayson throws his duffle bag on top of everyone’s things then turns to me.

“Are you guys ready?” Lizzy asked starting her car. Gray, E, and I were driving the truck while everyone else piled in Lizzy’s car.

“Ready. You know where you’re going Lizzy cause we’re just going to follow you.” Ethan says with a light laugh as he hops up in his truck. Grayson hops in on the passenger side, so he can help me up in the truck. He grabs my hand and he bends down to help me in the truck. His arms wrap around my waist as he hoists me up in the passenger seat as he sits in the middle.

“Yeah sorta. We’ll map it!” Lizzy hollers as she rolls her window. Ethan laughs and rolls his window up too and starts the truck. I lie my head against the window planning to sleep through this road trip. From what I’ve been told, this lake house is about two hours away so hopefully I can get a nap in so I’ll be wide awake tonight for summer fun. I roll my body a little in the seat in attempt to be comfier. I felt Grayson rest his hand on my thigh. I look to him and he was just scrolling through twitter lying back against the seat. I shook my head before I finally drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to a breathing in my ear. I flutter my eyes open to see Grayson’s head was resting on mine. I’m also on his chest. I could hear him slowly start to wake up. I leaned up off his chest and looked around. I see trees everywhere and Lizzy’s car in front of us.

“Morning sleepy heads.” Ethan says to us as his eyes remain on the road. “I think we are almost there or we are in the beginning scene of some horror movie.” Ethan says and I feel Grayson grip my thigh.

“Grayson?” I asked and he opens his eyes.

“My bad Y/N.” He says removing his hand. I mentally kicked myself as I shouldn’t have said anything. His warm hand felt good against my cold thigh. “Where are we?” He asks looking around.

“We are in the beginning of a horror movie. Slenderman should be coming out of the woods any second now.” I said causing Ethan to raise his hand for a high five. Of course I slap my hand with his as we both laugh. Grayson just stares at me looking done. “Hey I think that’s it up ahead.” I pointed towards a two story cabin looking thing. I see Lizzy turn off the road to pull into the driveway of the cabin. Ethan follows behind.

“This place actually doesn’t look terrifying and we have a lot of land around.” Grayson says as he looks around the property. Not a neighbor in sight and the lake is our backyard. We pull into the driveway. I open the truck door hopping down. Grayson hops out after me and we go to the back of the truck and start unloading everything for everyone. We all grab our luggage and walk in behind Lizzy who unlocks the cabin. Everything inside looks so vintage. The walls were wood panels and there was a red area rug in the middle of the room. The stairs had a wood railing that lead upstairs to the bedrooms. The living room and kitchen were separated by a bar and the living room had a collection of movies right next to the large flat screen tv.

“Alright let’s go upstairs I’ll show you guys your rooms.” Lizzy says as she leads us up the stairs. I see Grayson in the corner of my eye smiling at me. I smiled back as I walked up the stairs. Lizzy stops at the room right after the stairs. “Okay guys, Jackson and I will be in this room if you guys need anything. Brent and Aaron you guys will have the room right next to us, Y/N and Gray get the room next to the bathroom and Cam and Ethan you guys get the last room at the end of the hall on the right. Everyone understand their assignment?” Lizzy asks and we all agreed. “Okay we will be having S’mores at 8 tonight.” I go inside my room and I see there is just one queen sized bed.

“Hey roomie.” Grayson says behind me and I feel my cheeks heat up.

“Grayson! Why aren’t you rooming with Ethan?” I asked confused. I thought Cam and I would room together and Grayson and Ethan would room together. Grayson laughs.

“I’m sorry Y/N did you not want to room with me?” He asks cocking an eyebrow.

“No it’s not that it’s just–” He cuts me off.

“No haha it’s fine. Umm Ethan snoring sounds like a chainsaw and I can never sleep so Cam and I played rock, paper, scissors and I won so that’s why I’m here.” He says throwing his bag on the bed.

“Oh yeah no I don’t blame you then.” I laughed. Grayson looked at me smiling. It was just an awkward silence now. I checked the time and it was almost 6. “Oh crap hey I’m going to take a shower and get ready for the campfire okay?” I said to Gray who had already taken his shirt off. His body looked so good. His dark toned abs that made my stomach jump.

“Yeah that’s fine I’m going to go for a run anyways. I’ll see ya later Y/N.” He says as he walks out of the room. I go into our bathroom and take my hair down from my ponytail. I peel my tank top off and slide my shorts down. I walked to the shower and turned it on realizing my shower things were still in my suitcase. I muttered ‘shit’ under my breath and realized I was just in my bra and panties. Grayson was gone on his run so no one was in the room. I peek through the bedroom door and I see no one was in the room. I tiptoe to my blue and purple luggage unzipping and opening the secret compartment on the side which had all my hygiene products inside. I pulled out my cherry mint shampoo when I heard footsteps come up the stairs. I hurried to gather all of my shower things.

“Don’t come in I’m naked!” I shouted, but I knew Grayson had his headphones in and wouldn’t hear me. I stand up and run inside the bathroom knowing full well Grayson already saw me.

“Shit I’m sorry Y/N I forgot my phone, but I did enjoy the view.” He says as I can visualize him smirking. I groan to myself until I realized something, he said he forgot his phone? So he did hear me say I’m naked. Grayson purposely walked in on me naked. I smiled to myself as I took off my bra and underwear. I stepped in the shower as I melted into the hot water.

After about 30 minutes I stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me this time. I brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair until about 7. I walked out of the bathroom still drying my hair when I see Grayson sleeping shirtless on the bed. I start to feel my cheeks turning red again. I decided a nap sounded like a good idea before the fire. I go through my suitcase when I remembered I had plans to stay with Cam meaning my only pajamas were my T-shirts and underwear. I threw on a white t-shirt and my blue lacey panties and quietly slipped into the covers on the other side of Gray. I try to doze off to sleep but I can’t. My leg brushed against Grayson’s legs which meant he was just wearing his boxers to bed. I can’t get over how attractive he is. I just want him more than anyone. I want his lips on my neck as his hands wander all over my body as I kiss down his toned body to the hem of his boxers. Him moaning because of me. Just drives me crazy.

“Not wearing clothes because of me or what?” I heard Grayson’s voice boom in the quiet room. His leg rubbed up and down mine as I felt chills run down my spine. “Did you know you have a cute butt? Like damn” He says chuckling and rolling over so now he’s facing my back.

“I thought you were sleeping?” I asked.

“How do you expect me to be sleeping when all I can think of is your cute ass? Damn the things I want to do to you.” He says as I feel his hand grip my waist pulling me into him. I can feel his hard dick on my ass which made me gasp.

“Gray..” I moaned quietly.

“If you want me to continue then turn around.” He says and I roll over only for his lips attack mine hungrily as he pulls me on top of him not breaking the kiss. I straddled myself on top of him and I grinded into him. I felt his hands grip my butt as he pushed me harder into him.

“Grayson.” I moaned into his chest. I sat up and pulled my shirt off and Grayson’s hands immediately went for my breast and squeezes them. Grayson then flipped us so he was on top of me kissing me hard. His tongue slides inside of my mouth deepening the kiss. He is still squeezing my breast and he pulls away from me. “Grayson what’s wrong?” I asked as he leaned back. I could see his boner standing up in his boxers.

“Do you see what you do to me Y/N? You’re the only girl to make me like this.” Grayson says and he pushes my legs apart. I see him smirk as he rubs his finger hard over my panties causing me to squirm. “Wow did I really make you this wet?” He asks as he still rubs me.

“Only you.” I said and his smirk grows on his face. He loops his finger through my panties and he pulls them down my legs. He looks in my eyes and he leans on the bed. He leans over me and kisses my lips passionately as he gently inserts a finger inside of me. I bucked my hips in shock as he just keeps kissing me deeply. At first, his fingers are slow and gently like his kisses, then his kisses get rougher. He is lightly grinding into me as my hand grips the hem of his boxers. He pulls away from kissing my lips and kisses my collarbone roughly for sure to leave a purplish bruise. I grinded into his fingers as he picked up the pace. I went from gripping the hem of his boxers to now gripping his hard on through his boxers. He let out a growl of frustration and looked me in the eyes. His dark eyes were clouded with lust. He fingers me harder and deeper now hitting my G spot. “Fuck Grayson!” I screamed as I bucked my hips into his fingers.

“Yeah do you like it when I do that baby? Does it feel good? Has anyone else made you feel this good before?” He asks huskily and I shook my head. “Baby I want you to say it.” He says kissing my collarbone again and my free hand grips his shoulder and I dig my nails in.

“Grayson this feels so good.” I moaned and arched my back. I felt Grayson smirk and he pulled his fingers out. I look at him confused before I saw what he was doing.

“This is because you’ve been so good baby girl.” He says as he gets off the bed and pulls my hips towards the edge. He pulls his boxers down and pumps himself a few times before getting on his knees. He then begins to eat me out and I moan.

“Fuck!” I screamed as he sucks on my clit making me rolls my hips on his face. I could hear him jerking himself off as he continued to eat me out. His tongue would go around my clit and run up and down my slit. “Grayson…” I moaned rolling my hips. I tangled my hand in his hair and pushed his head into me and he hummed. He gave my clit a kiss before he climbed on top of me.

“I promise I’ll make you feel so good.” He says attaching my lips to his and he slowly slides into me. I jumped out of shock at first, but soon I grinded back into him. I wanted this for so long and I couldn’t get over the fact it was happening. “Mmm Y/N you feel so good and you’re so wet for me. Gosh you get me so hard.” He moans as he places his head on my chest as he thrusts harder into me. I could feel my toes beginning to curl.

“Grayson I’m close.” I moaned as I rolled my hips with his.

“Me too baby. Cum when you’re ready and I’ll be right there with you. Cum for me.” He says gruffly as his hand goes to my clit and he rubs vigorously. “Moan my name when you cum baby girl.” He says as he continues to rub me. I feel myself twitch and I released on Grayson.

“Graysonnnn fuck!” I moan as I claw into his back and soon he cums after I do. We ride out our highs before Ethan walks in the door.

“Hey guys the–OH MY GOD!” Ethan says and slams the door shut. I looked at the alarm clock. It was 8:14.

“The campfire!” I said looking at Grayson.

“Well in my opinion I felt this was a lot more fun then roasting marshmallows.” He says as we laugh.

“Hey umm we are roasting marshmallows, but I see you guys are busy.” We heard Ethan mumblr through the door as Grayson and I laugh. “If you keep wearing just a t-shirt and underwear then this will keep happening and that’s a promise.” He says smirking.

“I’m okay with that.” I said smiling and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Maybe this trip will be better than I thought.

What if Gabriel Reyes never realized he had resting bitch face? Like, he always thought he was a fairly pleasant looking fellow. Then he overhears new best bud and current crush Jack Morrison talking to their fellow soldiers.

“Nah. Reyes is a total teddy bear. He’s just got resting bitch face.”

And shit. Now that he really looks in the mirror, he DOES have resting bitch face. He’s not going to be nabbing any of that farmboy lovin’ like that. So he goes online to search “How to minimize resting bitch face.”

Of course, he gets a bunch of makeup tutorials. Which somehow leads to him burning the rest of the night away, watching somebody named MostlyDead doing all the latest makeup trends in 30 easy steps.

So the next night he searches “How to minimize resting bitch face -makeup.” And there are all these ‘professionals’ talking about how proper facial hair can not only make you look younger, but ALSO help you look more pleasant.

Which is how he ends up with his trademark look. And what do you know, it works because Jack is totally smitten with him.

Or so he thinks  until the day Jack decides he’s going to befriend the perpetually angry Jesse McCree.

“So, what’s his deal? He always pissed off at the world?” Jesse asks.

“Who? Gabe? Nah. He’s just got resting bitch face,” Jack replies.

“I ain’t so sure about that,” Jesse says.

“No, trust me. He just plays it up because he wants to be a bad ass. Hell, why do you think he’s had that same facial hair for years? It’s there to enhance the scowl.”

(Idea not at all inspired by me putting on lipstick for the first time in over a year, getting irritated by how the bottom corners were turning down, and coming to the horrifying realization that I had resting bitch face.)

“Living healthy” is not one big task - in fact it’s a lot of tiny, easily achievable steps! Take care of your body, mind and soul one step at a time and allow yourself to be proud of every tiny step! 

30 little healthy things you could do right now*: 

1. Drink a glass of water! 

2. Eat a piece of fruit.  

3. Dance to your favorite song. 

4. Walk up and down the stairs. 

5. Use spices instead of salt when you cook the next time. 

6. Set a reminder to go to sleep early enough to get 8 hours of sleep tonight. 

7. Make a list with 5 things you like about yourself. 

8. Clean your room for 5 minutes. 

9. Send a sweet message to a friend. 

10. Snack on some nuts. 

11. Plan a meal that includes some vegetables. 

12. Make a smoothie using fruits and water. 

13. Make a cup of herbal or green tea. 

14. Take a short walk outside. 

15. Walk around your room if you don’t feel like going outside. 

16. Do a 5 minute workout. 

17. Dry-brush your skin to improve circulation. 

18. Wash your face. 

19. Plan to include some healthy fat in the next meal (for example, coconut oil or avocado). 

20. Take a few deep breaths. 

21. Sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. 

22. Do something you enjoy, such as reading or painting! 

23. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for. 

24. Smile at yourself in the mirror. 

25. Brush your teeth. 

26. Floss your teeth. 

27. Exercise your brain by learning a word in another language. 

28. Give yourself a quick hand or foot massage. 

29. Choose a positive affirmation (such as “I am enough”) and write it down. 

30. Wash your hands. 

 * This advice does not replace advice from medical professionals. These things are not meant as treatment for physical or mental illnesses. 

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OOOOH OKAY! What about Cor with a super girly princess-y daughter with absolutely no interest in fighting??? What about the BROS?! *Prompto at tea time!!!* :'D You know he'd be the first one to slip on a tutu and sip tea with his princess daughter! *loves*

Haha, I love this! Okay- short drabble time :D (Cor’s is the longest because I had to set the scene haha). Also, all these baby girls are below the age of 14 so they are all quite young and adorable still. Feel free to send in another request if you’d like older!daughters interacting with their dads :D

Cor: When Cor’s partner falls pregnant, everyone in the Crownsguard just assumes that it’s within the world’s natural order that Cor should have a son. You know, so that he could be Cor’s living legacy once the ‘Immortal’ is finally proved mortal. Even when Cor discreetly starts flashing around baby pictures of his precious little girl, the palace staff, Crownsguard, and even the Kingsglaive all decide that- yes, Cor’s little girl is going to be a powerful, headstrong young warrior woman.

However, one day when Cor brings his six year old girl with him to the Citadel, everyone is rendered absolutely speechless. Cor is holding the hand of a tiny girl, whose head comes barely past his knee, and this little girl is decked out in various shades of pinks and light purples. She’s wearing a frilly pink skirt and a purple button-up blouse with black leggings. Her shoes are shiny little mary janes and her long brown hair falls in perfect waves down her back.

She’s brought to the Crownsguard training room, as Cor needs to run through a few combat drills with his pupils. He helps his daughter settle down on a nearby bench where he can keep an eye on her, and makes her promise that she won’t wander off. She plants a kiss on his stubbly cheek and pinky promises with the Crownsguard marshal that, yes, she will be a good girl and that, yes, she will stay put and play with her dolls on the bench.

As Cor presses a swift kiss to his precious daughter’s forehead, a few of the younger Crownsguard have a chuckle at the expense of their marshal. No one had expected Cor to be such a doting father. Any residual mirth within the training room is put to rest when Cor begins the drills. The harsh, metallic clashes of weaponry ring harshly throughout the echo-prone room. Grunts and gasps of exertion are commonplace and the occasional pained yell from a stray hit by a real weapon isn’t unheard of. That’s what training was for.

Cor is transported into another plane of existence when he fights- he loves the feeling of his blood rushing through his veins, the thrill of blocking and parrying an oncoming attack that could potentially be the end of him… He even loves the painful and proud feelings he experiences when one of the younger Crownsguard manages to land a hard blow on his shoulder. There is hope for this lot yet. Cor lets out a small grunt of pain before lashing out with his katana at the young man, only to freeze as a familiar distressed cry reaches his ears.

“CEASE!” Cor shouts immediately, and all movement is terminated within the room with a scary aura of discipline. Cor whirls around so that he’s facing his daughter, and his heart breaks a little at how she’s clasping tightly onto the edges of her skirt, her breath hitching terribly frequently as her chest rises and falls with each shallow breath she takes. Cor immediately rushes over to his distressed daughter and whisks her shaking form into his strong embrace. “What’s wrong angel?” Cor’s stern demeanour has completely flipped and everyone around the father and daughter are extremely confused.

Cor’s little girl sniffles and snuggles into her father’s chest, throwing her skinny arms around his sweaty neck. “Everyone’s fighting! I’m scared!” Cor sighs and presses another kiss to his daughter’s cheek and sways her back and forth in his arms in an attempt to calm his little angel down.

Cor is absolutely sure now that his little girl will probably never touch a katana. He’s can’t say he’s disappointed in that fact though.

At least she’ll be safe from the horrors of the battlefield.

Noctis: Noctis is low-key over the moon that his baby princess wants nothing to do with the toy swords that Gladio bought her on her third birthday. Noctis’ s/o does insist that their daughter receives some self-defence training, but it’s clear that Noctis’ daughter abhors every second of it. She comes home in tears after each and every one of her weekly lessons with Gladio- though Gladio insists that he wasn’t pushing her anywhere near as hard as he used to push Noct.

On the days where Noctis’ sweet princess does complete her self-defence training, she has a hard time falling asleep. Noctis worries about this because… shouldn’t it work the other way around? The kid should be tired after a tiring day, so she should fall asleep the instant her head hits the pillow… right? That’s not the case here- Noctis’ daughter is almost always kept up by nightmares usually pertaining to being injured by a monster, or not being able to help her mummy or daddy during a tough fight for survival.

These terrible nightmares persist even into her early teenage years, and Noctis always makes sure to leave his bedroom door slightly ajar. He and his s/o make sure that on the days their daughter has training, they do not try to do anything… unbecoming, in case they unwittingly scare their daughter even further. On nights where Noctis’ daughter quietly sneaks into their room, she knows that her father’s conveniently fallen asleep in the centre of the large bed, leaving her plenty of room to snuggle into her father’s side.

Being the deep sleeper he is, Noctis never wakes up at the slight movements, but during the course of the night, he does find himself draping a protective arm over his daughter’s back. Noctis’ s/o has taken many pictures of the close father and daughter, laying asleep side-by-side… both fast asleep like the princesses they both are.

Prompto: Prompto’s s/o is beginning to think that their boyfriend is a little too ready to indulge their baby girl in whatever she desires. She wants a new doll? Prompto’s driving off to the toy store in a jiffy, calling Noctis to ask him whether his god-daughter wants a doll too (because he can’t treat his daughter differently to his god-daughter- they’re equally loved by this sunshine man).

Baby Argentum wants some sweets? Prompto ends up at Ignis’ door step 5:30 am, sweaty from his regular morning run and pleading with his clear blue eyes until Ignis relents and whips up a quick batch of naturally sweet, yet healthy breakfast muffins. Ignis’ prim and proper daughter secretly loves it when Prompto wakes the entire household up so early in the morning- she enjoys sweets just as much as the next kid!

And by the Six, when Prompto’s little girl wants to play princess tea party with her three god-sisters… Prompto is so ready to take on the role of presiding Queen of the Tea Party. He even lets the girls dress him in the most obnoxious pink tutu skirt one could ever hope to find. Letting the girls finish the look with haphazardly painted red lips and a copious amount of pink blush, Prompto hardly cares that Noctis, Ignis and Gladio stand as FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from the tea party shenanigans whilst judging him. Hard.

This sunshine man will do anything for his girl, and all his bro’s girls too, because he loves them an incredible amount. And he absolutely, positively supports his baby 100% when she outright refuses to hold a gun in her hand. That means that he can be her hero, and have an excuse to protect his little girl forever.

Gladio: Gladio’s upset at first when he realises that his baby girl is averse to fighting and learning about combat. He does manage to convince her to learn how to protect herself in the face of unexpected adversity, but those light hearted lessons usually end in tears. Feeling guilty, Gladiolus Amicitia would do ANYTHING to see his baby girl smile again. And so, whilst swearing his baby girl to secrecy, he lets his seven year old braid his hair.

Over and over and over again. (Gladio’s s/o has pictures of Gladio’s haphazard braids, but he doesn’t know that *winky face*).

Gladiolus absolutely HAS to take a picture of his baby girl’s daily outfits. He adores the fact that she loves bright, happy colours, and the fact that she proudly wears her weekly favourite colour coordinated with the traditional blacks and greys of the Lucian culture. If at any point in time, his daughter’s clothes need mending, he immediately commissions Ignis to patch up his daughter’s favourite clothes. Ignis usually takes the opportunity to patch up his own daughter’s clothes as well.

One very endearing habit Gladio has formed has everything to do with keeping close to his daughter, no matter the time or place. Gladio sleeps best when his daughter is snoring softly atop his chest. Gladio’s s/o always jests that their daughter has inherited Gladio’s snoring, but Gladio finds everything to do with his tiny, pretty daughter absolutely adorable.

Gladio low-key panics when his daughter is nowhere in sight- so when it does eventually come time for his daughter to start attending school with the rest of his god-daughters, Gladio is actually the most distraught out of all the chocobros. The way Gladio takes his daughter up into his arms, even when she eventually grows into a young lady, is absolutely heart-warming.

The way the father and daughter pair smile at each other after a few hours apart could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Ignis: Ignis’ daughter is prim and proper. She always has her hair in a braid, with a wispy side fringe framing her stunning face. Her moss green eyes are filled with intelligence, even at a young age, and she absolutely cannot leave the house unless she’s decked out in a plaid skirt, black stockings and a prettily embroided jacket or pullover. Despite his inability to see, Ignis has suffered through many finger pricks to perfect his little girl’s choice clothing.

Ignis is in charge of many things around the household, but his s/o MUST be the one to do their daughter’s hair. Once, Ignis had tried, and the whole ordeal ended in tears. Apparently, he had done a very poor job at braiding his girl’s long straight tawny brown hair, and her god sisters had made fun of her all day. Feeling sorry for the whole ordeal, Ignis cancelled all of his attendances to meetings and simply rocked his precious daughter in his favourite chair begging for forgiveness as she sniffled quietly into her papa’s chest.

Ignis, like Noctis and Gladio, insists on self-defence training for his daughter. But then he withdraws her from the program completely after a year, when she develops bed wetting tendencies from the nightmares she has about fighting. Ignis’ s/o feels like Ignis coddles their daughter way too much, but Ignis will hear none of it as he cradles his daughter’s distraught and tired body against his during the night, stroking her back gently to lull her into a peaceful sleep.

His daughter is his kitchen assistant. He will usually ask his baby girl to use the plastic peeler to remove the skins off of potatoes and various vegetables. He will hold his daughter in his arms as he stirs his meals expertly, rattling off cooking tips and tricks while she hums in amazement at how much her smart papa knows.

Ignis is self-sufficient and enjoys his independence. He doesn’t like it when people coddle him or try to mother him. But when his daughter offers to tidy up the kitchen after cooking a meal, or offers to read him a children’s book, or even offers to help him cross the road- he lets her do exactly as she wishes. He likes to tell the other chocobros that it is because he wants his girl to grow into a responsible and caring woman- but deep down he just wants to be the man his girl drops everything for until she outgrows him and starts to prioritise some unknown young man’s whims over his own fatherly wishes.

Concept: jemma trying to convince fitz she knows him but he doesn’t remember all the things they’ve been through and he’s starting to think she’s crazy. So she realizes…

“No…of course you can’t remember. The program has locked those memories away. But I swear I know you. Not just facts and details about our life… lives. Um… I know you hate change. And I know you. Even in here you have to be you… I know you… your… Your favorite color is blue and… And your favorite sandwich is a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of pesto aioli… but only a hint because you don’t like too much. If you don’t believe me, I’ll make it for you and you can tell me. I know that the Ninth Doctor is your favorite Doctor and that your favorite episode is The Empty Child because everyone lives. I know that you have had an absolutely infuriating obsession with monkeys ever since primary school when you went on a fieldtrip to the zoo. I know the way you think you’re taking notes in class, but you’re actually about 30 steps ahead of the professor, taking the the content of a lecture and designing some brilliant new project based on it. And I know how your sock drawer is never organized, despite your best efforts. Or the way you take your tea–a splash of milk and a drizzle of honey, but never drink coffee. And… And you get cold when the building is too air-conditioned so you wear layers. And you hog the sheets and mumble the cutest nonsense about quantum theory when you get tired. I know how you lean on walls when you’re making a move… and you pinch the bridge of your nose when you get overwhelmed. And I know your mum used to tell you not to be afraid of death because it was just like the way life was before you were born. And I know that you are in there. All your memories… your energy can’t be destroyed. That’s… that’s…“

“The second law of thermodynamics?”


a draw of suga bc i love him and felt bad for not drawing him in like forever aa

Family (kakashi x reader)

Ps. I wrote this at 2 a.m. when I was half asleep.

What is family? Kakashi only vaguely understood that term. His comrades were his family; Naruro, Sasuke, Sakura, Obito, Rin, Minato…the list went on.

As a child he was raised by both his parents, but mostly by his father whom he admired on an exceptional level. But then his father suicided and from then onwards his concept of a family faded more and more each passing day.

Kakashi was speechless when you told him you were pregnant. Neither of you have planned on starting a family, or even properly discussed it before. All you knew is Kakashi never mentioned anything about wanting or not wanting kids to you, so you had no clue how he’d react.

Kakashi’s heart was beating so fast in his chest. Pregnant? How?

He knew how, he just couldn’t believe it. This was the most shocking unexpected news of his life.

Kakashi was always one to think 20-30 steps ahead, see all possible outcomes, calculate each and every turn he took. But he’ll be damned if he saw this one coming. His mask of calm and cool broke as his eyes widened and his mouth hung open.

He didn’t know how to react. Did he mind having a child? He really didn’t know. Did he want this child? Not exactly but that didn’t mean he hated it.

But it wasn’t these things that bothered him the most. Was he fit to be a father? Kakashi with his careless demeanour and frequent use of profanities, could he really raise a kid?

Heck, could he even love this child the way he was supposed to? He loved you, his wife. He never thought he was capable of feeling anything as strong as the emotions he feels towards you.

Once a long time ago, he didn’t think anyone could ever love him. And you proved him wrong.

But a child?

Kakashi was trying hard to find an appropriate reaction. A smile or anything but it was as if his face muscles were frozen.

He looked at you with wide eyes, communicating his horror with you. Something he never does with anyone else. And you read him like and open book.

You understood how he felt, you were as scared as him. You let him hug you for as long as he needed, and you made sure to reassure him that no one is perfect and that no one was born great at parenting.

As the months passed by, your belly grew bigger and rounder.

Soon the baby was kicking and you called for Kakashi to come and feel it.

He sat patiently with his ear glued to your belly, listening intently. He knew the little thump was coming but that didn’t stop the little gasp that fell from his lips.

It was becoming realer and realer every day. Kakashi’s endless fascination with the growing human inside your belly only made you smile. He was curious about many thing. He spent a lot of his time feeling your belly and pressing his ear against it -and you really didn’t mind.

Before you two knew it you were going into labour -nothing you could really prepare for there. It was the most intense painful thing you have ever been through and no matter how much you tried you couldn’t stop the screams that kept tumbling from your lips.

Kakashi was as white as a ghost next to you, allowing you to squeeze his hand when needed. He only ever heard about labour in books, never have he actually witnessed one.

Seeing you in so much pain terrified him. You were one of the strongest women he’s ever met. Seeing you scream and seeing the tears pooled at the corner of your eyes nearly made him cry.

The sound of a little cry filled the room and you collapsed on your bed, panting and drenched in sweat.

Your baby had made it into the world.

Kakashi’s eyes were wide as the nurses cleaned the little body and handed it to it’s carrier.

You nearly forgot Kakashi was there when you looked at the little bundle that was pressed against your shoulder.

Little silver hair and unfocused blue eyes -you knew it’ll take a few weeks before you knew the colour of your baby’s eyes but that was okay. He was beautiful. Your baby boy, dispute just being born not a few minutes ago already bared a resemblance to his father.

You looked up at Kakashi who was still staring at the baby in awe and offered him a chance to hold his son.

Kakashi was nervous as hell. Never have his hands felt so clammy before. He gingerly cradled the baby against his chest, staring at him in awe.

The baby did resemble him.

It was such a tiny fragile thing though, Kakashi felt a weird tug at his heart strings. This was his baby, he’ll protect him no matter what.

Kakashi who only carried his baby for two minutes was already feeling a strong emotional connection. Is this what it felt like having a family? Kakashi almost choked on emotions. His baby was beautiful, just like you his mother….

“What are we gonna call him?” He asked you abruptly and you smiled and told him you’ll leave that part to him.

And just like that, Hatake Obito became the most important person in Kakashi’s life besides you.

He decided he wanted to name him after Obito, hoping one day his son becomes as great as the man he called his best friend.

Kakashi now understood what a family really is, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Dear Maggie. Do you have advice for those of us in the trenches desperately scooping words into a bucket that may have a hole in its side? Sometimes writing a novel -Such a Big. Thing.- feels useless and scary when you know there isn't a soul on this earth waiting to read it. There are no fans with unobtainable expectations or otherwise and I suppose I should find that freeing, but lately I just find it sad. How do you perform to an empty auditorium? How do you paint in a museum for the blind?

Dear trululu7,

Five things.

1. Never feel bad for wanting to create for an audience. Writing and storytelling can hold hands and play cheerfully in the sandbox together, but they are not the same thing. One exists for its own sake. The other is like a joke without a laugh; it’s not finished until the audience is there. Nothing wrong with either of them, but it’s important to know why you do it. I write for an audience. I am happier to write with a contract and deadline in place. I want to know I’ll be read. It’s not a grubby impulse.

2. The bucket does have a hole in the side. You’re going to have to get used to scooping faster. Otherwise you as a human will change faster than your story gets completed, and your story will try to shift to accommodate this new person you are, and you will end up with something that is many things instead of one. That’s not wrong, either, but the more things a book is to you, the harder it will be to both complete and edit. 

3. A rough draft of a YA novel or a slender adult genre novel is 60,000-80,000 words. Don’t think about that. It’s too big of a bucket. Think about how a scene/ chapter is 1200-2000 words. Think about how that is only 30-40 scenes. Take out a piece of paper. Write the 30 steps it will take to tell your story. Write them one at a time, or out of order, but remember that it is only 30 chunks, not 60,000 attack words coming to nibble you to pieces. 

4. Imagine what the book will be when it’s done. What does it feel like. What does it do to people. What sort of cover does it have. What, what, what. Write that book.

5. Climb out of the trench. This is going to be fun, or you wouldn’t be doing it.



Operation: Get Your Life Together

Step one: Clean the room

Step two: Pay all bills and organize those bills

Step Three: Clean out your refrigerator

Step Four: Start daily exercise (Even if it means 20-30 mins)

Step Five: Eat healthier and regularly

Step Fix: Stop blaming yourself for making a mess. Embrace it. 

Step Seven: It’s never too late.  Tackle things by their priority, and just get it done. 

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(Not confession) Hey Admin Maki, are you scouting in Maki's Birthday Box? If so, how many gems do you have? What are you hoping for?

On EN, yeah. I have 365 gems at the moment, I should be over 370 by the time her birthday comes along~
Which means 120 gems on Step-Up, and an additional 5 10+1s, although I was thinking of only doing 3 10+1s and saving the rest for her Pool SSR.
I might record it, too!

On JP, I’ve been kinda lazy with saving gems since EN’s more of my “main” account. I only have 62 there. I might do the 30-gem pull for Step-Up that’s it.

Ideally I’d like to get URs in every pull, I saw it happen with someone who did Umi Step-Up scouting. But that’s unlikely, lmao. I’d be happy with getting SRs that I don’t already have, honestly.

-Admin Maki