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Imagine running into Jared without noticing him, and he is completely amazed by you

Hello Echelon army (and others who love Jared Leto). I’ve been a serious admirer of Jared’s for quite some time, but I’ve never dared to start writing fiction about him. However, I’ve come across some great works of fan fiction about him, and got somewhat inspired to write Imagines of my own. 

So, this is going to be my first Imagine about Jared. Don’t hold it against me if I don’t do a great job, I’ll still give my best. Feel free to comment, and give me a couple of pointers or give me ideas for future Imagines.

This one turned to be longer than I’d expect it, so brace yourself for quite the reading. What can I say, I got inspired. :)

Imagine bumping into Jared Leto and not even noticing him, while he stays completely amazed by you.
Y/N - Your name
c/e - color of the eyes

Another day’s here. You wake up, get out of the bed not feeling like going to work, but alas, it’s your first month as an intern at the marketing agency and you know you have to be there in an hour. You’re in the bathroom washing your face, brushing your teeth and going over the weekend. Another Saturday’s gone by and you’re still single. No matter how many times in the week you went out to the club, restaurant, coffee place or for a simple walk, you’re always laying in bed alone and waking up alone. That’s it, you’re finally calling off the search. No more fix ups by your friends with their colleges, acquaintances and neighbors. No more countless night outs where only you can see is drunk boys, men and immature guys looking at you like you’re a piece of meat. It’s time you dedicated to your carrier and making sure you’re going to do something meaningful in your life. The best one comes when you least expect it.

Now that you’re done with your morning hygiene, it’s time to make some coffee and put on a bit of make-up. You don’t want to scare off the other intern and even worse your boss with those nasty under eyes. Before you start doing your make-up, you turn on the radio. The music coming out of the speakers is great, and you can’t help but identify with the lyrics immediately…

…   Your reflection I’ve erased, Like a thousand burned out yesterdays
Believe me when I say goodbye forever, Is for good
Was it a dream?, Was it a dream?
Is this the only evidence that proves it, A photograph of you and I …

- “Wow, I’ve never heard this song before, it’s so intense”, you start wondering who’s performing it. As you reach for your phone to Shazam it, you get a text from your BFF.

*** Hey doll, are we still on for today’s lunch date? :) I really need to check that new restaurant near the bookstore. I promise we’ll go to the bookstore later and treat you with a nice piece of writing. If there’s even any book left that you don’t own. 
Xoxo, (Your BFF’s Name)***

Good thing BFF reminded you about the lunch, you were so busy lately that you’ve completely forgotten about it. Thank God, you won’t have to have another lunch at the office.

You reply - 

*** Of course doll face, the lunch is totally on. Meet you at the bookshop at 1?Xoxo, Y/N. *** 

Seconds later a text arrives—

*** Perfect. See you then.***

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“I’ve been making music my whole life. My brother plays the drums, so we’ve been playing together off and on since we were little kids. And it just kind of took on a natural evolution and became something we were more and more invested in as we got older and ultimately led to something we went public with, rather than just having it be just a private experience for both of us.”

[note: *actual published interview from 2002;  **this guy’s creative use of bold type was…]

“If you were gay, you’d be sleeping with me,” I embarrass myself. “Admit it!”

“Really? Are you gay?” he flatters me. “You better put that in the interview.”

Oh, I will. And I’ll put that you made me gay.

“I’ve brought that out in a few men before.”

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