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i.born to lead // hoobastank ii.surrender // angels & airwaves iii.some nights // fun. iv.this is war //30 seconds to mars v.warriors // imagine dragons vi.man in the mirror // j2 feat. cameron the public vii.heaven knows //the pretty reckless viii.without a fight // hoobastank ix.centuries // fall out boy x.hold by tongue // Sheppard xi.marchin’ on // onerepublic

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If bands were students:

Fall Out Boy: The witty one that everyone likes. Was off school for a long time but is back now. Everyone missed him.

My Chemical Romance: The sensitive one who helped anyone he could. Left school in 2013..

Panic! At The Disco: The kid Fall Out Boy took under his wing. Likes big words.

Blink-182: The funny one that hides behind their jokes.

Green Day: The kid in the year above that everyone looks up to.

Sleeping With Sirens & Pierce The Veil: The inseparable best friends.

Fun: The averagely known kid who wrote one good essay and became popular overnight.

30 Seconds To Mars: The arty one who likes to make films.

Muse & Coldplay: The massively popular ones.

All Time Low: Looks up to Blink 182. Similar sense of humour to him.

Paramore: The pretty one.

Bring Me The Horizon: The one that looks scary, but is actually quite nice.

You Me At Six: Fashionable.

Avenged Sevenfold: The metal head that sits at the back of the classroom with his headphones in and gets into trouble all the time.

This is I, Hamlet the Dane.

(modern AU. mostly alternative rock/indie, with a couple of fun tracks thrown in)

some nights - fun.

kings & queens - 30 seconds to mars

what’s it feel like to be a ghost? - taking back sunday

bad day - daniel powter

cemeteries of london - coldplay

wake up - arcade fire

the draw - bastille

making your mind up - bucks fizz

honeycomb diploma - the antics

i don’t care - fall out boy

skin to bone - linkin park

i can’t decide - scissor sisters

the (shipped) gold standard - fall out boy

icarus - bastille


anonymous asked:

Do you mind giving me a link to all your favorites Jared interviews please? Hope you feel better!! Happy new year 🎆🎊🎈

Oh my… if I am going to put together all my fav Jared videos it would be too long a list, so how about top 10? That I can do. 

Happy New Year, anon! :)

30 Seconds To Mars ALT 92.9: I like how Shannon and Jared talk about living in Boston for some time [1:20]. Jared: There’s actually one season [in LA]. You know what it is? It’s called nice.  Lucky you, Jared. We in Estonia have one season as well. It’s called cold, grey and windy.

Jared Leto at 96FM Perth: This is such a funny and light interview. Jared talks about his grandpa’s hairstyle, balancing acting and music, Artifact, always buying the ugliest christmas tree with his brother…

Jared and Tomo on Subterranean MTV: They are so amusing and funny here xD 

30 Seconds to Mars Fan Q&A: The classics about favorite sleeping position :D And talking about the happiest moments of LLF+D tour. 

Jared Leto interview with 101WKQX: Getting excited about the word bowels, talking about his passport, oh-ohs in their songs. [Interviewer]: when you were promoting  The Life Is Beautiful record. [Jared]: Yeah, A Beautiful Lie. lol

30 Seconds To Mars Worst Technology: Jared at the end is the cutest

Jared Leto - Shark story: Another classics. Jared talking about sharks. Sharks are sharks; humans are not sharks. – wisdom from Jared Leto. The whole Myspace Q&A is amusing. Just put 30 seconds to mars myspace in youtube search and you will find all parts.  

30 Seconds To Mars ROXWELmusic: Very cool interviewer and therefore a nice and chill talk with the guys. Jared talking about how he needed to go back to parking lot and search a trash can to get his very expensive vinegar back.

30 Seconds To Mars for Rockerrazzi.Com: Once again Jared and Tomo goofing around. Love it! [3:05] – [4:05] This is hilarious xD

And finally this is not an interview but Jared outrunning paparazzi which you must admit is pretty funny and clever way to shrug them off.