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i.born to lead // hoobastank ii.surrender // angels & airwaves iii.some nights // fun. iv.this is war //30 seconds to mars v.warriors // imagine dragons vi.man in the mirror // j2 feat. cameron the public vii.heaven knows //the pretty reckless viii.without a fight // hoobastank ix.centuries // fall out boy x.hold by tongue // Sheppard xi.marchin’ on // onerepublic

So once a year at work we host what we call “The ELA Fun Run.” ELA being the program I work for and the fun run being our own little charity walk-a-thon. It’s a walk/roll event since this is for the disabled.

I bring this up cuz today our 3 group leaders had a meeting with our boss to discuss planning and prepping for the event.

When they walked out of it 2 of them couldn’t wait to tell me that they nominated me to be in charge of the music everyone walks to at the park 😄

So naturally I’ve already planned to squeeze in some 30stm, ya know, to get everyone moivn’ and groovin’

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If bands were students:

Fall Out Boy: The witty one that everyone likes. Was off school for a long time but is back now. Everyone missed him.

My Chemical Romance: The sensitive one who helped anyone he could. Left school in 2013..

Panic! At The Disco: The kid Fall Out Boy took under his wing. Likes big words.

Blink-182: The funny one that hides behind their jokes.

Green Day: The kid in the year above that everyone looks up to.

Sleeping With Sirens & Pierce The Veil: The inseparable best friends.

Fun: The averagely known kid who wrote one good essay and became popular overnight.

30 Seconds To Mars: The arty one who likes to make films.

Muse & Coldplay: The massively popular ones.

All Time Low: Looks up to Blink 182. Similar sense of humour to him.

Paramore: The pretty one.

Bring Me The Horizon: The one that looks scary, but is actually quite nice.

You Me At Six: Fashionable.

Avenged Sevenfold: The metal head that sits at the back of the classroom with his headphones in and gets into trouble all the time.

IF YOU SEE A BAND OR FEW, or any band tagged. Re blog this and I shall follow you. Repost with the number of bands you see that you like. :)