30 seconds to mars from yesterday


30 Seconds To Mars - The Making of “From Yesterday” (Nov2006)

Have I told that Shannon reached absolute perfection in this video?

Listening to music with my spirit companions

I give each of my companions a turn on choosing a song. Two rounds. I skip three times, and the song that comes up is what they chose. Here is the result:

*Mr.DemonFae: Stand by me. Why are you such a cuuuutie

*MrDarkUnicorn: Candy shop - 50 Cent. He was wondering what could someone sing about candy xD

*MrDragon: From yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars. He wanted to give me an amusing song for this. Apparently he found it amusing that someone like him would choose an emo song.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Hurricane 2000 orchestral version - The scorpions. At this moment he just wants to let me hear some good quality music. xD I like the other songs too though.

*LittleGirl: Master of Puppets - Apocalyptica. She’s gotten so into metal this one was predictable xD

*LittleBoy: Maniac - Michael Sembello. Oh boy you’re so obviously lovestruck.

*NewGuy: Another Stranger Me - Blind Guardian. Poor thing. Yes, you are a stranger for now, but I promise we want to welcome you in here.

*Mr.DemonFae: Invader Zim theme song. Yup, neat song. We should watch Invader Zim, or read the comics.

*MrDarkUnicorn: Nippon Manju - Lady Baby. I told him last night and earlier today that he’s very cute. He doesn’t understand what cute is. I told him cats are cute. He insists he’s nothing like a cat so he still doesn’t understand what cute is. He knows I think this song is cute, so he brought it up, trying to study and understand what cute is. It’s funny how intensely he’s listening to this song xD

*MrDragon: In the flat field - Bauhaus. Yay for enigmatic songs. Nice bass, and despite it being calm and not jazz at the same time, it’s still enjoyable.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Blush - Jeffree Star. No shame at all of how much we’re into certain pop music. You go girl. Guy. Pal. I love you.

*LittleGirl: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance. Yaaaaaaas :D

*LittleBoy: Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston. You’re too cute

*NewGuy: Blue - Eiffel 65. Aw I’ve sensed you’re a bit down. Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in before you realize it.

Whoever has taken the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day n_n


30 SECONDS TO MARS concert in Moscow - From Yesterday
I’m in love with his look here 😍😍

Anonymous asks: Pick your favourite Gotham character and make a mini playlist for them.

My favorite Gotham character is, of course, Jerome Valeska. His playlist would be: