30 rock star

Obi-Wan: Anakin is late. Again.

Ahsoka: How did this happen? I sent a comm at 8 this morning and told them to pretend it was 11.

Rex: I wrote down a fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.

Cody: I set his clock to say it’s night when it’s really morning.

Obi-Wan: …

Ahsoka: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.

[Anakin bursts through the door]


Read TIME’s 100 Most Influential People: Donald Glover by Tina Fey

“Donald is serving you best-case-scenario millennial realness. He embodies his generation’s belief that people can be whatever they want and change what it is they want, at any time. When you’re tired of starring in a network comedy, take a break to pursue your rap career for a Grammy nomination. When you’ve learned all you can from acting in other people’s movies, sit down and create your own piece of art.”

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