30 rock season 3

Executive Producer Lorne Michaels

30 Rock even has funny credits.  An episode ends and, occasionally, we are treated to an extra joke at the expense of Executive Producer Lorne Michaels.  These just another testament to how great 30 Rock is.

Season 1 Episode 11 “The Head and the Hair”

Season 3 Episode 2 “Believe in the Stars”

Season 3 Episode 17 “Cutbacks”

(Kenneth is naming the pet birds that Tracy and Jenna bought for him after mistaking him for a murderer)

Season 4 Episode 21 “Emanuelle Goes To Dinosaurland”

Liz is giving a reading at Floyd’s wedding “For he has sold us…”

Season 5 Episode 1 “The Fabian Strategy”

This may not be a direct reference to Lorne Michaels but… Pube Shirt.

Season 5 Episode 14 “Double-Edged Sword”

Season 6 Episode 1 “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”

Season 6 Episode 13 “Grandmentor”

Jack: “This is a group process, Lemon…”

Season 6 Episode 21 “The Return of Avery Jessup”

It could be argued at that some of these are not direct references to Lorne Michaels.  There are a ton that are not included here that could be direct references to Lorne. I used my best judgment.

With Bill Cosby in the news for sexual assault, I was reminded of the time where 30 Rock sort of addressed that same situation.  Also, I know that Hannibal Buress was a writer but I’m not sure if he was writing on the show during season 3.