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The Nerdache Cakes Bakery Kickstarter is now Live!

With the announcement of us trying crowdfund our bakery, we’ve decided to give you a taste of the Menu! Here’s just a few of our tasty cake choices-

  • Character Death by Chocolate- An indulgent chocolate experience, topped with whipped ganache’ frosting, ganache’ sauce and loaded with enough chocolate chips to make you forget those painful favorite character deaths. 
  • Merc Velvet- A cake for the anti-heroes! Classic red velvet cake with a twist- tangy raspberries for a rich cake packed with explosive flavor! Topped with enough smooth cream cheese frosting to sooth even the rowdiest Mercenary.
  • The Dean- Fragrant Cinnamon spice vanilla cake, topped with whipped vanilla buttercream and filled with a Classic home-style Apple pie filling. “Dude, don’t forget the pie!”
  • UnBirthday Cake- Everyday is someone’s UnBirthday! Whether it’s yours or not, this kid-friendly favorite is sure to please. Tasty yellow cake, your choice of colored buttercream frosting, and lots of colorful sprinkles! Don’t forget the tea!
  • Red on my Ledger- This cupcake has a dark past. Darker than dark chocolate, a surprisingly sweet whipped buttercream and topped with an old fashioned diner-style cherry* sauce, complete with dark chocolate shavings.
  • Candy Bar Smash- An ultimate fave! Chocolate or Vanilla cake, loaded with Snickers candy peices, topped with peanut* butter buttercream and drizzled in sweet and salty caramel! Yum!
  • Mint Condition- Rich chocolate cake, topped with refreshingly minty double-whipped buttercream, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache’ and loaded with mini chocolate chips! Keep it behind a glass case and stare at it forever! On second thought, you should probably just eat it.
  • Liz Lemon- Light and sweet lemon crumb cake, topped with fresh tangy lemon buttercream, and filled with whipped cream and a touch of lemon zest. For the funny working woman!
  • Pretty Soldier- Too pretty to eat! Be as magical as you can be with light and sweet pink cake- a blend of strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Topped with airy Lemonade frosting and filled with delicate whipped cream.

See our Smoothie/Drink Menu Here! 

Support the Kickstarter and Help Us open the Nerdache Cakes Bakery! Only 25 days left to make the bakery a reality, and grab some geeky loot as a sweet reward!

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