30 rock 2


SO! You’ve all probably noticed the sheer number of wolf effigies in Mythal’s temple. These three are just the ones I remembered to screen cap, but one of the penitent rituals is literally covered in wolves, the statues liter the Arbor Wilds, not to mention every other Elvhen Ruin. 

I remember playing Origins and being intrigued by the fact that the Dalish placed statues of their trickster god outside the camp to ward off evil spirits. Placing a trickster in a protective role is something one doesn’t see often, and so it caught my attention. 

In Inquisition we learn that Fen’harel could be more accurately described as the God of Rebellion, rather than the God of Deception. A simple mistranslation of “God of Rebels” to “Rebel God”. 

The wolves in the Emerald Graves and Exalted Plains can be explained as the Dalish paying homage to the God of Rebellion immediately after freeing themselves from Tevinter. It’s possible that Fen’harel’s true aspect was remembered until the burning of Halamshiral, rather than lost with Arlathan.

But this temple is older. Given that Abelas and the other sentinels do not age (which means it does make sense for Abelas to refer to inquisitor Lavellan as “shemlen”, as Lavellan is a “quick child” (mortal) in comparison. It’s still rude though. But I’ll cut Abelas a break on that one, we did just sort of break into his home) it can be assumed that the temple dates to Arlathan’s time. 

And Fen’harel’s statues are bloody everywhere. 

So, what his his connection to Mythal? Mythal is the consort of Elgar’nan, yet there are comparatively few effigies of Elgar’nan in comparison. I actually didn’t see any other than the mosaic, but to be fair I couldn’t remember what his effigiy is. There are also a lot of Hart statues reminiscent of Ghili’nain (given as Ghili’nain became a God after a great injustice, this makes sense). 

Mythal is the Goddess of Justice, and there can be no Justice without willingness to Rebel (I swear, I could get into the Anders/Justice thing here,but I won’t).


For the dumbasses who say women can’t be funny, I present…

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15. Nurse Jackie (2009-2015)
16. Ugly Betty (2006-2010)
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