30 pin


I had some leftover Voltron stuff from Otakon! If you’re interested in buying something, or have a question, please email me at bbbbbbears@gmail.com, or send me a message. I’ll be accepting payment using Paypal invoices, and shipping will be an extra $2. Unfortunately I can’t take international orders right now.

Here’s my inventory:

“The New Rule” Zine, 4 copies, $5 each
6 pages, 5.5 x 4.25 inches, monochrome inside, unfolds into a full color poster!

Team Voltron Stickers, 4 sheets, $4 each
Paper based stickers, full color, hand cut, sheet is 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

Hunk Stickers, 1 Sheet Left, $4 each
Paper based stickers, full color, hand cut, sheet is 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

Hunk Acrylic Charms, 5 Left, $10 each
2 x 1.5 inches, clear, professionally made.

Hunk 1 Inch Charms, 9 Left, $5 each
Handmade charms, made with Shrinky Dink film. Each charm is about .50 x 1 inch.

Voltron Badges, $7 each, $30 Set
Handmade pins, made with Shrinky Dink film. Each pin is about .75 x 1.5 inches.

Shiro x 6
Keith x 5
Pidge x 6
Lance x 6
Hunk x 6

Thank you!!


Okay so let me give you the inside scoop on the moment that made my little army heart clench.

▪So BTS played a hand bowling game. (They flicked a disc and tried getting as many points, the amount of points represented the amount of money they would each receive for dinner)

▪They all played and 3 members got like less than $5 (Jhope, Jimin, Jungkook… The 3 J’s lmao. Poor bbs)

▪So at the end Jungkook being the cocky little maknae that he is, decides to gamble by saying if he didn’t get the 30 pin that he would lose all his money for dinner.

▪ He then ends up failing and losing and after convinces Jimin to gamble too so he doesnt die alone but surprise surprise our Lil mochi redeems himself and hits the 30 pin. Then Jhope tries his luck but fails too.

▪BTS goes to the market to spend their little bit of cash they earned, except Hobi and Jk bc well losers, anyways they all go for noodles mainly and HERE IT COMES.. Jimin grabs noodles for Jhope & JK and says “ I can’t let them starve” AT THIS POINT I’M CRYING BUT WAIT

▪ All members finish and go back to the car and Rap mon reveals that he ended up getting beer for all of them to share and Tae ended up giving the 2 boys fruit that he had bought.

• Keep in mind the most one of them got was $23 (Namjoon)

▪BTS is family till the end. Jhope even predicted that one of them would share bc they’ve been together like 7 years and they’re fam.

Ps. I’m sure Jin would of shared too but he only had I think $7 and bought a noodle and a head of cabbage lolol Yoongi bought Oreos and I’m 100% sure he shared

ANYWAYS I WAS RLLY TOUCHED BY JIMIN. JUST THE WAY HE SAID IT AND HIS IMMEDIATE REACTION UGH I LOVE THIS BOY . He even brought 8 pairs of chopstick bc he knew most would forget a utensil *CRIES in Army*

Yuri on Ice Sales Post!

Hello! I ended up having to leave my job earlier than I’d planned, and have found myself in a rather tough spot, financially. I’m unloading some of my YoI goods and hoping they can find good homes! As I am located in Tokyo, I can also purchase YoI goods for you (including BDs/DVDs) for a small commission, so please don’t hesitate to message me if you’re interested in that, as well.

All prices are in USD, and I accept PayPal. Shipping will either be $20 flat rate for EMS (very speedy, with tracking), or you can opt for air mail and I will tell you what you owe me for shipping after I’ve sent out your items. I will also charge $2 for packing supplies.


Brand-new and unopened! $35.


Clear files: $10 each [Victor - Yuuri - Yurio - JJ - Chris - Phichit - Otabek - Seung Gil]
Acrylic standees: $20 each [Victor - Yuuri - Yurio]
Postcards: $2 each [Victor - JJ]


Socks: Never worn, still in package. Will comfortably fit up to a US size 8.5, though bigger sizes can squeeze. $20
Rubber clip straps: $25 for Yuuri, $15 for Phichit and Chris, $10 for Seung Gil, Guang Hong, and Michele.


$5 each for Yuuri, Yurio, and Victor; $2 each for Seung-Gil and Phichit.


1. Seung Gil cushion. $10.
2. Seung Gil pin. $5.
3. Seung Gil Animate Cafe (1st designs) pin. $10.
4. Seung Gil Animate Cafe standee/keyholder (chain not pictured but included). $10.
5. Seung Gil charm. $10. (Chain not pictured but included)
6. Seung Gil polaroid. $3.

7. Otabek cushion. $15.
8. Otabek Animate Cafe (1st designs) standee/keyholder (chain not pictured but included). $15.

9. Otabek Princess Café (2nd designs) coaster. $5.

10. Phichit pin. $5.
11. Phichit Animate Cafe (2nd designs) standee/keyholder. $20.
12. Phichit charm. $10.

13. Yuuri Animate Cafe (2nd designs) standee/keyholder (1 available). $30/each.

14. Makkachin pin. $5.
15. Minami charm. $7.
16. Michele keychain (chain not pictured but included). $10.
17. Chris Princess Café (1st designs) coaster. $5.

18. Ichiban Kuji Yurio strap. $25.
19. Yurio Animate Cafe bookmark. $5.
20. Yurio Animate Cafe (2nd designs) secret standee/keyholder. $35.
I have roughly a million Yurio birthday postcards; they’re $2 each, so just holler if you want me to add one to your order!

Clear files: $10 each. [Cherry blossoms - onsen]

Close-up of the Animate Cafe standees/keyholders.


A. “Konna Kimochi ni Naru Nante”. Cute doujinshi in the aftermath of episode 7. $12.
B. “Koori no Kami ni Aisarete”. Mostly Victor/Yuuri with a few cameos. One explicit Victor/Yuuri scene. Please do not purchase if you are under 18. $12.
C. “Anchor”. This one is beautiful and I’m hard-pressed to give it up! While visiting a shrine together, Victor is transformed into his younger self with no memory of who Yuuri is. He ends up inspiring Yuuri. $15.
D. “Shinkon Gokko”. Explicit Victor/Yuuri novel, in Japanese. $3.
E. “Hanarezu ni Atatamete vol. 2″. Cute Victuuri fluff with great art. $15.
F. “Hanarezu ni Atatamete”. Same sort of thing as vol. 2. Covers the first few episodes. $15.
G. “Katsudon to Ohayou”. Yuuri/Victor (Yuuri tops). They figure out how to do the sex. Please do not purchase if you are under 18. $15.
H. “YYVK”. Gag doujinshi featuring the main trio plus some Minami. $10.

Phew! Please message me if you are interested, have other questions, or would like more photos! Thank you so much for looking. Reblogs/signal boosts are appreciated!

I work at a pet store and yesterday I was on register.
This lady comes up with a bunch of cat food so I start ringing her up when she stops me and tells me she wants to figure out what would be cheaper, the 38 individual cans she has or three cases of 12 (she had only brought up two cases however).

So I ring them up and tell her but for some reason she cannot comprehend what I’m telling her? So I try to show her the math, and eventually my manager has to get involved to show her as well.

After she finally decides she wants to go with three of the cases she tells me she doesn’t want the individual cans but she does want another case. So my manager had to run back and grab her another case and we had to put all of her cans away after she left.

Like why couldn’t you have brought up one of each? And we could have done the math for you? We had to go back to grab you another case anyway, so we could have easily done that and not have had to put away 38 cans of cat food.

Then when she went to pay she just kept staring at my screen on the register rather than the pin pad, so I had to keep telling her what to press on the pin pad etc.

She kept asking me “am I doing it right?”, and when it got to the end and the pin pad beeps for you remove the card she stood there for a good 30 seconds with the pin pad beeping loudly, just not removing her card. I finally looked at her and said “it wants you to remove your card…”