30 minutes wasted

- Clean your backpack and organize your books, notebooks, laptop and study materials you will be needing for the week

- Clean your pencil pouch in case you have random things that have ended up there

- Meal prep- if this is something you don’t do at all, maybe see how it works for you for a week. If you are not a meal prepper, try setting aside the food you’ll have for breakfast the next day

- Clean your bedroom and study space- this will help clear your mind. Having a clutter-free space will relax you aswell

- Update your bujo/agenda with the upcoming events of the week- also, remember to re-write any tasks that you haven’t done from the previous week

- Make a to-do-list for Monday- categorize according to priorities. Also, try starting your list with a task you know you will easily accomplish, such as “eat breakfast”, so that you are motivated to keep on crossing tasks

- Work out- maybe go for a walk to breath some fresh air and fuel your brain with oxygen, or do whatever helps you move a little bit more than what you usually do during the weekdays

- Have a set beauty routine- paint your nails if that’s what you like, apply a hair or face mask, exfoliate your skin, have a bubble bath, or do whatever you know that will relax you and set you in a good mood

- Review your goals, short, medium, and long term- if you have not written any, this is a good time. It’s always a good thing to check your accomplishments and remind yourself of your future plans. This will help motivate you and will give you an extra boost of energy for the start of the week to keep yourself focused on working on your dreams

- Check the weather for the next day and prepare the clothes, makeup, perfume, etc, that you’ll be wearing for the week- having some extra time in the morning is always nice, as you don’t end up wasting 30 minutes of your time deciding what to wear (as it has happened to me plenty of times)

- Have a tray dedicated to store all the necessary things you can’t forget before leaving your house- gather all of them, such as your keys, your wallet, a water bottle or anything you know you will be needing and place them on the tray

- Water your plants- if you don’t have a set schedule for watering your plats, Sundays are the perfect days for that

- Empty your binders, notebooks or bag from lose pieces of paper and place them where they should be- this way you’ll make sure you’re not misplacing any important information that you might need in the future

- Check your fridge and pantry, make a grocery list and go shopping- by doing this, you’ll be certain that you won’t be running out of the foods you mostly eat in the middle of the week. If your grocery shop is located at a walking distance, you can take advantage of this and use that opportunity to breath fresh air

- Finally, have some time for yourself!- watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, watch some youtube videos, read a book, write on your journal, play your favourite instrument, have some tea, or do whatever makes you happy. Taking care of yourself will never not be a productive thing to do.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


"What's on your computer screen?"

Like most people, I can’t stand when the “Microsoft” telemarketers call and try to get information from me. I usually hang up on the immediately, but one day I was feeling bored and decided to fuck around with them. The call started as normal,

“Hello ma'am, your Microsoft computer has sent us an alert saying it has a virus.”

Now, I knew that none of my computers were infected, but I needed to play the idiot. I told him that I had multiple Microsoft computers and asked which one had the virus. After stumbling over his words for a minute, he finally settled on “all of them” as a response. I kept asking  what the message said and eventually he handed me off to someone else (without muting the line. I could totally hear him handing off the receiver). This time, a female voice began speaking to me.

“What’s on your computer screen?”

“My desktop,” I say.

“What's​ on your desktop?”

“Oh! A picture.”

“No, what applications are on your desktop?”

“My internet?”

At this point, she gives up and hands the phone back to the first guy to ask me the same questions. When I give him the same dumb answers, I get handed off to a third person, who is clearly supposed to be some sort of manager.

“Do you think this is some sort of joke? Your computer has a virus! You need to tell us what’s on your computer!”

He keeps yelling at me, trying to intimidate me into giving him more information. I’m highly enjoying his tirade.

“If my computer sent you the message, shouldn’t you know what’s on it?”

That seems to completely set him off. He starts screaming at me, telling me to suck his dick and finally calls me a prostitute. At that point, I completely lose it and start laughing. I’ve never had anyone call me that before, not even when I worked customer service. I caught my breath long enough to tell him how easy it was to fuck with them and hung up on him mid rant.

TL;DR: Scammers tried calling me, so I wasted 30 minutes of their day

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name:  pamela miller  /  nickname: pam, pammy, that girl  /  zodiac sign:  virgo  /  gender:  cis female  /  favourite color:  baby blue  /  average hours of sleep:  7 or 8  /  last thing you googled:  how to blacklist c.oachella  /  height:  5′3″


name/alias:  lee  /  nickname:  lee  /  zodiac sign:  pisces  /  gender:  cis female  /  favourite colour: man idk  /  average hours of sleep:  uhhhhhhhhhhh  /  last thing you googled:  d.avid b.yrne beard  ( oh god no )  /  height:  5′

Can I get a critique? A lot of stuff on here was done purposefully mind you, part of a project I’m doing and I kinda wanted to do a more subtle personification or depression. Or some shit like that lmao, hope I don’t sound like a pretentious twat.


I’m gonna say it my first response to seeing this was ew. If you’re going to submit something for critique point out what you did purposefully so I don’t have to waste 30 minutes trying to figure out what that is. The left side is frankly nasty. I can tell you shaded it with your finger and it looks really really greasy. Everything here just looks fuck ugly and that really sucks because you obviously have the basics of anatomy down, you’re learning your own style but your shading just ruins everything. I would post this as bad art

-Mod Cat


30 minutes wasted

Low Energy\No Spoons? Some tips.

First of all, I noticed that some of the people who accuses low energy levels are doing a diet based on low calories. Well, don’t do a self-made diet, or you’ll have low energy levels for like, forever. One of the reason is: cutting down all the sugars leave your brain nothing to work with, so you feel tired all the time and this is not ok. Instead, go to see a nutritionist who can help you to eat well and better.

So, what I do when I feel so tired I can’t leave my fucking bed?

1. Eat. It’s a simple thing that most healthists will not tell you to do. As I already explained, your brain needs something to work with.  You still need to eat, especially if you do intensive and stressful jobs… like studying. I also advice to eat specifically a piece of chocolate if you really feel like you have been awake for days.

2. Studying “just” 30 minutes is better than wasting your afternoon trying to study. If you can’t focus just go to do something else, more stimulating. Forcing yourself to focus will not work. Plus, you have wasted an afternoon you could have invested in binge-watching trying to study abominable things like geography.

3. Have a nap. This is something people avoid to do, but sleeping is the most effective recharging method for your body. Sleeping for 30 minutes up to 1 hour won’t take away time for you work, but your brain will be ready for work. Plus, your memory usually gets a boost after this!

4. Procrastinating isn’t a sin. Having an effective and forgiving method to organize your work is essential. But remember that fatigue is not predictable. If you are in pain and can’t work… just don’t. Your health must to be the priority, not the essay for the next week. Taking a day for yourself, even if it wasn’t planned is healthy and will not screw you.

5. Try to avoid to do more than one big “thing” a day. This is because if you regularly have no spoons or you are in the middle of a flare up you wont’ be able to finish anything. Instead focusing on “one big thing” in the Big Things Week is more effective. Setting up a specific calendar for this is extremely helpful.

6. Instead of doing 1 hour of studying and 15 minutes of relax, try doing 30\10 sessions. Shortening your study sessions means less stress, less fatigue and less pain, sometimes.
7. In your “bad days” programming your favorite subjects may be a good idea.

This is all, I think. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks (or insults if I wrote bullshit). To the next guide!

TVD finale spoilers/ rant below...

- Julie Plec killed just off the most interesting villain ever seen on the show in the most uninteresting way possible.

- Julie Plec bonded Elena’s life to Bonnie’s so either Bonnie would have had to sacrifice herself for Elena AGAIN, or all of Elena’s fans would be mad at Bonnie for leaving her in a coma when she had the power to fix it.  Talk about a lose-lose for a character who doesn’t deserve that…

- No closure for Alaric and no explanation of why Jo had to die except for a line about Kai not wanting twins to threaten his power (not that we were told how Kai knew they were twins…).  Not one of the dozen vampires in the room ran to Jo to give her their blood while she was clearly still alive.

- For those of you keeping score at home, Alaric is now only ¼ on living love interests.  

- That Delena dance was just ridiculous. 

- If you were going to waste 30 minutes on just having characters say goodbye to Elena, couldn’t you have made the finale 2 hours long so things that mattered could have happened?

- Dear Tyler - sorry you were stabbed in the abdomen with a huge shard of glass, were forced to kill the woman you loved, are back to being a werewolf that has to turn painfully every full moon, and got less than 5 minutes of screen time on your last ever episode.  Sucks, man.

- Does anyone care about Lily or Enzo?  I used to love Enzo and now it just seems like they’re sticking him onto any plotline that has a vacancy… Enzo is not a post it note.  

- What was with the time jump?  Are Caroline and Stefan together?  Is Bonnie making Damon pancakes?  Are Alaric and Jeremy teaming up to kill vampires across America because their love interests can’t seem to stay alive?

- They left Mystic Falls in the hands of Matt Donovan and expected it to turn out well.


so, i just wasted 30 minutes of my life making this dumb video. please enjoy!