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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 20: Hiccstrid Becoming Canon

8 days left, y'all.

alright. i can fantasize kisses and hugs and comforting scenes and awkward confessions and blurting out “i love you”, but Dreamworks, i legit do not care how you make it canon. just-

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Akatsuki no Yona 30 Day Challenge - Day 11: Favorite Pairing

Day #11 of 30: Favorite Pairing – Hak & Yona


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  • Hak has been in love with Yona since they were little kids and was willing to give up his happiness if it meant that the two people he loved the most could be happy :’)
  • He gives up his status as General, and leaves his village to protect his people and her, hoping that she can live with the people of the Wind in peace.
  • He is willing to die for her if need be in order to protect her.
  • He is a total tease, in order to see Yona flustered, he loves to pick on her – did no one teach Yona that if a guy picks on you then that means he likes you ;)
  • He is very protective of her, but he isn’t going to hold her back from something she wants to do even if it is dangerous to her because he wants to see what she is capable of.
  • He loves her unconditionally. He doesn’t expect her to love him the same way he loves her.
  • He stops himself multiple times from kissing her on the lips and when she tells him to stop doing weird things to her, he does. He doesn’t want to force his feeling on her because she has bigger things to worry about
  • He hates Su-won not for what he did to him, but for hurting Yona.


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  • In regards to Yona, she chose to become stronger not for her own sake but to protect Hak, this coming from a girl who once said that Hak was her servant.
  • Yona wanted to be closer to Hak by learning how to fight because a part of her feels like he is so far away from her.
  • Yona worries about Hak’s well-being both mentally and physically.
  • She has come to understand that the one most hurt by Su-won wasn’t her but Hak and she wishes to ease his suffering.

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  • When she discovers that she loves him, her thoughts which were already very Hak focused, start paying attention to Hak as a man and her desires of wanting to be close to him grows as she is now initiating the physical contact *cough* kiss.
  • Yona wants to set Hak free from shackles that her father put him under when she can finally protect herself but parts of her don’t want to let go of him as she has shown on various occurrences that she is jealous when he gives other woman attention and when they give him attention but she doesn’t want to chain him to her no matter how badly she wants to.
  • She wants him to be proud of her and loves it when she sees him smile (GURRL, YOU AND ME BOTH!)

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