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batfam + childhood friend s/o turned hero?

A/N: Thank you for such the creative prompt! Seriously this was so fun! I really liked the Jason one! This is really really really long, so sorry about that!


  • It’s a simple hero team-up. Dick does it all the time. No biggie.
  • A villain from your city had their way over to Bludhaven to expand their ‘empire’ and it just makes sense that you two would team up. Crime fighting is way more fun in pairs and teams.
  • At first, he doesn’t even think about who you might be under that mask. It never crosses his mind once, but then when he lets out one of his one-liners and he hears your laugh and he just knows.
  • He’d know that laugh anywhere.
  • For a second he battles himself. ‘Well, it’s a pretty common laugh’ It isn’t. He knows it. He knows by the curve of your lips and the way you raise your eyebrow. It’s you.
  • It’s all he can think about. When you two finally take down the villain, he watches your every move. Damn, you’ve grown. You’ve grown into someone badass and strong as hell, but you’re still the same.
  • He asks to celebrate, maybe take you back to his hideout or apartment for some takeout before you go.

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jul. 10, 2016 // 7.01pm

7/30 days of productivity; spent several hours in starbucks today, reading scientific papers and playing pokemon go. there’s a pokestop not 50 feet away and, because there are restaurants all around, there were so many lure modules omg. but i suck at battles. cant do it. im awful. oh well. i’ll catch pokemon to my heart’s content


On this day in music history: September 30, 1982 - “Nebraska”, the sixth album by Bruce Springsteen is released. Produced by Bruce Springsteen, it is recorded at Springsteen’s Bedroom in Colts Neck, NJ on January 3, 1982 and April 1982. Starting the 80’s with the huge success of “The River”, Bruce Springsteen then takes an unexpected turn. Writing dozens of new songs, they are influenced in part by Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History Of The United States”, and by the punk band Suicide. He asks his guitar tech Mike Batalan to set up some recording gear for him. Bruce records the songs in his bedroom at home. The majority are cut in one session, using a four-track Tascam cassette Portastudio and a pair of Shure SM57 mics. Mixed down to a boom box with a Gibson Echoplex to add reverb, the end result is a cycle of intimate, but powerful and dark songs. The tape is intended to serve as a demo for the E Street Band to learn, but fate has other plans. They record full arrangements of the songs in March of 1982, but Bruce feels they lack the impact of the demo. Springsteen re-records them solo in the studio, but feel that the remakes also miss the mark. He wants to release the demo, but there are several technical issues. The cassette is recorded at only 3 ¾ IPS (inches per second) rather than higher quality of studio tape running at 15 or 30 IPS. Phasing from improper azimuth alignment on the tape is also a problem. Springsteen asks engineer Toby Scott if it can be polished up enough to release. Transferring the cassette to ¼ two-track open reel tape and cleaning up the sound as much as possible, He takes the tape to several different mastering facilities to cut lacquers. Bob Ludwig, Stephen Marcussen, Dennis King and engineers at Sterling Sound and CBS all try, but initially can’t make an acceptable master. Using King’s mastering notes and with Ludwig using the EQ chain at his studio, the final lacquers are cut. At first, Columbia Records is not enthusiastic about the dark and spare album, but issue it as is at his behest. Though it’s only a modest seller, “Nebraska” receives major acclaim and is regarded as one of Bruce Springsteen’s most important works. No singles are issued in the US, but “Atlantic City” (#10 Mainstream Rock) and “Open All Night” (#22 Mainstream Rock) are released in Europe. Several of the songs on “Nebraska” are covered by other artists including Johnny Cash, and inspires the tribute album “Badlands - A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska”, featuring covers by Aimee Mann & Michael Penn, Son Volt, Los Lobos, and Hank Williams III. Originally issued on CD in 1985, it is remastered and reissued in 2014, also being reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP as part of the box set “Bruce Springsteen - The Album Collection Vol. 1”. The CD and LP are also issued as separately in 2015. “Nebraska” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


some mandarake tg merch sightings — a couple movie coasters and the promotional shikishi thing that came out for tg jack 👀✨

they also had an unopened 2016 daily calendar which was super nostalgic 😭

If i may be so bold

Its incredible how bad nintendo is at actually running a company and having a working UI and system but its somehow more incredible that its one of the best AAA video game companies because no other video game company can actually make fun or functional games (aside from blizzard and square enix who’re trying to juggle 30 different ips at once and having no idea what to do with them)