30 inch waist

Since leaving for break three weeks ago these runner jocks had now obviously gained weight. When they had started the trio was decked out with washboard stomachs, flat chests and chiseled thighs but beer and crap food combined with the lounging around for nearly a month was having a significant toll on their figures. Their abs had completely faded and in some cases developed into small pooches of fat that were only a few pounds away from a proper gut. Their chests had puffed out and started to sag slightly and they had varying shades of lovehandles going over board shorts bought when they all had 30 inch waists, not 33ish stuffed into 30s. Guy on the left has fared the worst with a definite belly settling onto his middle and pretty hefty lovehandles, he carry’s his weight obviously and round the middle. His friend in the middle has probably gotten away the most so far, with not as much going to his tummy and torso but he’s having the most problems with his jeans, his arse and thighs have exploded and with the last few pounds more has gone to his middle, it seems his sweet spot is over.

Gaining 15 pounds over the break wasn’t exactly going over well with his agent, but how could he resist all those treats? It wasn’t his fault he couldn’t maintain his 30 inch waist.


The first picture was taken around September- October last year. By then I had already lost around 30 pounds and weighed 250. Here I am a year later in the same shirt weighing in at 166 pounds. Please excuse the post club slight hangover makeup.

250 pounds
Waist- 44 inches
Hips- 43 inches
Thigh- 30 inches

166 pounds
Waist- 29 inches
Hips- 39 inches
Thigh- 22 inches

P.S I used to wear spandex/ shape wear under all my clothes to keep my fat sucked in.



so my baby is up for sale and I’ll probably cry about it (a lot), but it’s time. I don’t have the exact measurements of the dress currently (my mom has them) but if you inquire about the dress or ask I can give them to you after I get them from her.

MY measurements are:
30/32 inch bust
23/24 inch waist
30/32 hips
(my body fluctuates between those measurements all the time)
the dress is big on me and has removable ties in the bodice to make it tighter to fit my measurements SO THAT BEING SAID it can fit someone who is ¾ inches bigger than me in the waist and bust and possibly ½ inches in the hips/dropped waist.

minimal let out/let down
all crystals are in tact - none are missing
no tanner marks visible outside the dress, the inside is another story but it’s from my spray tans because I’m as pale as casper… can have a liner added inside for a small additional cost if that bothers you.

asking $1500 USD OBO

feel free to ask me as many questions as you would like ! :) dress is available immediately.

Hi, I’ve been a fan of yours for ages - checking your site every day for about a year. I’ve always wanted to submit a picture and be on your page but I’ve always been too thin. I’ve got a pretty active lifestyle so I don’t gain weight easily but recently after a 2 week holiday I found I’d gained 8 pounds which I can’t seem to shift and can’t fit in my 30 inch waist jeans anymore. I like it and am planning on gaining more. I really want to start a tumblr site but am not sure if I’m big enough. Anyway I really hope I make it on your page :)

(Submission) Hey, great to hear from you and thanks for the submission. Great to hear from a long time follower and perhaps a new source for reblogs :). You look fantastic and should definitely  make a tumblr if you’re thinking of continuing, if you look like that with only 8 extra pounds and there is more to come you’ve already got me as a follower. Excellent example of a skinny boy going to pudge. Please continue and guess what? You made it onto the page