30 in 30: 1981


February 9, 1981

Happy 36th Birthday precious snowflake !

Sirius in a leather jacket, hair loosely tied back and bracelets around his wrist. Remus in a thin jumper, battered converse and skinny jeans, holding Sirius’s hand while the other grips the steering wheel. The radio is on, a mix of indie and punk rock shaking the speakers of the muggle car Remus is 92% sure is stolen but is laughing too much to think about. The windows are down and the sunroof is open, mainly because James broke it the week before. But it doesn’t matter, not even when drops of rain begin to fall on Remus’s curly hair or when it makes Sirius’s eyeliner run, because nothing matters when they are hand in hand. Nothing matters when they are happy. And right then, both know they have never been happier.


Kunal Nayyar - British-Indian Actor Best Known For His Role As Dr. Raj Koothrappali On The Hit CBS Sitcom, The Big Bang Theory - Is 34 On April 30, 2015

Born:  April 30, 1981