30 followers celebration

Okay, This Was a Big Surprise!

“Well, this was a bit of a surprise. I was busy doing stuff, and when I went to post my previous post, I was met with the number ‘20′ under Followers.”

“My reaction to such a sight was something like this…”

“And no, I’m not disgusted by it, I’m actually elated!”

“Seeing @ask-trixie-the-star start following this blog has allowed us to reach the 20-Follower Milestone! In just only 2 months! That’s amazing!”

“The special gift isn’t ready for this occasion yet, but I promise I will deliver. In the meantime, this is call for celebration!”

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“Thank you all for staying loyal followers, and welcome any new followers to the blog. We’ve come this far, and it’s quite the honor to be the Milestone-Breaking Follower.”

“Now, let’s reach for 30 Followers!”


My mind is blown.

I just finished the 850 follower celebration!! I went to see how far we were from 950 for another celebration and WHAT THE FUCK?! 

Time for a party! Here’s what’s going to happen!


Any TOS/AOS character. No anons please - this is to celebrate the 1002 people who are following me. If you are one of those 1002 and don’t want people seeing your name, just say so in your request, and I will handily make it so your name doesn’t show up.

I’m going to open this up to as many as are submitted by NOON Friday, May 12, PACIFIC TIME, regardless of whether it is 3 or 30. 

The Nanny Ch. 9

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Ice Cream

Warnings: Pure, unadulterated fluff… (I make no apologies for this)

Author’s Note: I now have 30 followers! To celebrate, I decided to post this early. Thank you, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the story so far and will continue to follow along. The ask box is open, as always.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Suggested Listening: Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan

Chapter Masterlist

You’d been in Seoul for a little more than a month before you felt comfortable enough to take Yeon Jun on a little outing. While he’d been napping, you had used the internet to research possible places that the two of you could go. Since it would be the first time, you wanted something fairly close by and something that wouldn’t take too terribly long. The idea was to start small, see how it went, and possibly work your way up to longer activities like maybe a museum or playground.

Scanning the page on your laptop, you finally managed to find what you were looking for. ’Ice cream… yeah, I can manage that.’ you thought. The ice cream shop was only a couple blocks from the villa and the two of you could easily walk there and back.

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Top 5 Groups with Most Music Show Wins in 2016 (Male) 

#1 EXO - 17

#2 BTS - 10

#3 GOT7 & VIXX - 9

#4 CNBLUE - 6

2016 Top 30 Most Followed Korean Celebrities & KPOP Idols on Instagram 

1. G-Dragon - 11.8m
2. Chanyeol - 9.1m
3. Taeyeon - 8.5m
4. Sehun - 8.4m
5. Baekhyun - 8.2m
6. Lee Jong Suk - 6.8m
7. TOP - 6.4m
8. Taeyang - 6m
9. Park Shin Hye - 5.7m

10. Lay - 5.6m
11. Seungri - 5.4m
12. Jessica - 5.28m  
13. CL - 5.2m
14. Suzy - 5.18m
15. Yoona - 5.11m
16. Dara - 5m
17. Jackson - 4.74m
18. Hyuna - 4.73m
19. Tiffany - 4.59m
20. Krystal - 4.55m

21. Nam Joo Hyuk - 4.43m
22. Yuri - 4.23m
23. Amber - 4.02m
24. Lee Sung Kyung - 4m
25. Sooyoung - 3.89m
26. Sunny - 3.88m
27. Siwon - 3.84m
28. Lee Min Ho - 3.81m
29. Seohyun - 3.78m
30. Hyoyeon - 3.72m

HAPPY 30,000 FOLLOWERS!!! I have three gifts for you all! :D

We’ve reached it!! WoooHoooO~

Remember our 30 K FOLLOWER CELEBRATION??? I will release THREE MORE HINTS! Here they are:

hmmm~ have you guessed the idea of the event yet?


This is our way to THANK YOU ALL for everything you’ve done for us!

~Admin Mercydel

30 followers, art contest!!

For my 30 followers celebration I thot I cold do an art contest! It’s also for holoween and it ends on Oct,31
The only rules are:
Keep it kid friendly
And make it holoween like
You have to be following me or just like and reblog these post The winner well get an art of there oc or if you don’t have one just tell me what you want to draw!! Food luck!