30 feet deep

We’re good. We’re so good. People tend to look at eachother and begin to drown in their own inner loneliness because they feel like no one else knows. We’re all drowning in it, and we point at the others that aren’t sitting in 30 feet of water. We say things like their so lucky, they have it better than me. But then again, it only takes a little bit of water to drown and die; you don’t need to be 30 feet deep. We always feel that there is someone better, someone who has it better, and someone who will trump us all, but the reality is, is that we’re all good. We all want the same things at heart, and for that we are eternally good. We look in different ways, but we’re all looking for the same things. We are good because we disagree and we can’t always get along. We are good for that. We are good for our painful honesty, and it will never occur to the ones who think of themselves so bad. It’s a crime.