30 directors on their epiphanies in the dark

The Film that Changed My Life: 30 Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark by Robert K. Elder

So I read this after realizing who was a part of this book and the subject itself. We all have those films that have touched us in a way unlike any other, that drive us to make, create, watch, critique the movies we love and can repeatidly go back too. The magic of film in essence. 

Robert chooses to have interviews with director’s of all kinds in this book. John Waters, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, Frank Oz, John Woo, Peter Bogdanovich, Danny Boyle, Pete Docter, George A. Romero to name a few…

A somewhat biased review, due to my passion for film (and now I have 3 Post-Its filled with films/directors) but it is excellently written and conducted interviews of masters of the industry, old and new. 

Highly recommend to anyone with a similar passion of studying film and to go into the industry.