30 days: yj


Based off of @melyaliz 30 Days of OC Soulmates #9 Being next to soulmate heals injuries, mixed with the prompt (Person B always referring to Person A by their surname out of politeness/professionalism. Both accept it as a norm, until suddenly Person A is hurt, and unconscious. Frantic Person B starts yelling at the to wake, slipping into whispering A’s first name. Despite being barley able to speak or keep their eyes open, an overjoyed Person A whispers back “YOu finally called me by my first name…!)

Word Count: 581

Tagging: @batlog @yoshithedrawing @staringatademigod @insideoflit

A/N I feel like this could have come out a lot better but i wasn’t really in a good mood when i wrote this so sorry its a bit crappy.

“Miss Wayne do you have your mission report ready?” Kaldur asked as he spotted her walking in the hallway.

“I was just on my way to take it to you.” Said Annabella with a smile as she held up a folder.

Ever since Batman allowed her to reveal her identity to the team everyone called her by her name. Everyone except Kaldur who insisted on calling her by her surname to keep things professional. She tried to convince him that calling her by her first name was okay but he wouldn’t budge and so she got use to it.

“Thank you.” He said as he took the folder. “I was also wondering if you would like to help me plan for the next mission.”

“Of course, always happy to help.”

They made their way to the briefing room. Kaldur pulled up the plans and began explaining.

“So what do you think Miss Wayne?”

“Hmm I like it. But there’s a couple things I would like to change, if you don’t mind.”

“By all means go ahead Miss Wayne.”

And together they began working on the plans.

By the next evening the team was at the facility they were going to infiltrate. The plan was working perfectly and they were almost out in the clear when things went south.

“Guys whoever gets to the bio-ship first get the medical supplies ready, specifically for burns.” Said Connor through the mind link.

“What happened?” Artemis asked.

“Shadow took a hit meant for Miss Martian… it’s bad.”

“I’m here, get her here as fast as possible.” Kaldur ordered as he started to prep the stuff.

Shortly after the team filed in. Connor came in carrying an unconscious Shadow, her abdomen appearing to be scorched. He quickly laid her on the table that formed. Megan quickly hovered to her chair with her hand covering her mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Is she..?” Wallah began to ask as Nightwing and Aqualad began to work on her.

“No her heart’s still beating but it’s faint.” Said Connor as he went to stand my Megan and rubbed her shoulder as she piloted the bio-ship.

“Come on sis hang in there.” Nightwing whispered.

Kaldurs heart felt as if it was beating out of his chest as he stared at Annabella’s limp body. He wasn’t sure if they would be able to help her, the hit was meant for Miss Martian, who knew what kind of damage it could’ve done to her. No caring anymore he stroked her cheek.

“Please stay with me.” His voice cracked and dropped to a whisper. “Please Annabella just hold on.”

“What the?” Nightwing whispered as her wound slowly started to heal, everyone stared in awe at the fact that Annabella and Kaldur were soulmates.

“You finally called me by my first name…!” She whispered with so much joy as her eyes slowly opened.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at her words and Kaldur smiled as he stroked her cheek again. Slowly but surely the wound disappeared. As soon as the landed Megan rushed over and hugged Annabella.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” She whispered.

“Please I’d do anything for you guys.” Annabella said as she hugged her back as she pulled back and felt an arm wrap around her. She smiled up at Kaldur. “Looks like we have a lot of catching up to do don’t we soulmate.”

“It looks like we do.” Said Kaldur as he helped her off the ship.