30 days, 30 photos


yeah here’s the video that had been rendering for like two millenias 

I filmed this whole thing with my phone and edited it with the program that I illegally cracked just for the purpose of editing this hope you enjoy it 

30 Day Project: Day 1

For the next 30 days, I’ve decided to spend some time highlighting the people who have made things on this website great, as well as doing some doodles again, and maybe just sharing some reasons I’m grateful (in life in general, not just on tumblr). 

So today, I’m offering you a thing. I love to write letters, and have a few friends who I write to on a regular basis. If you’d like some mail from me and don’t mind sending me your address, please do and I’ll send a letter your way. Someone else did this recently and I absolutely love this idea. (Obviously if you don’t feel comfortable, please don’t give out your address–I completely understand). 

But, I think it’s just a lovely idea. No need to reply. I’ll send you a doodle if you like, as well. (A new one, an original (haha - an original) from the archives of when I first started doing them - just check the tag ‘my precious artwork’ and pick one). :)