30 days personal challenge


I know monthly challenges don’t fix anything but I really enjoy doing them as I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I finish and even if I don’t get to do a proper workout on certain days I still feel like I’ve achieved something, this month I’ve chosen a few different ones ^ plus of course the 30 day abs and 30 day squats beginner level 2
wish me luck and feel free to join me!

Early Voltage Fandom Dashboard:
- ask-the-chef askblog
- about 10 whole posts in the pirates in love tag
- a whole lot of screenshots about Prince Joshua’s famous “you can only say yes or yes” scene
- my sweet bodyguard GREE
- actually any GREE game
- posts about waiting MONTHS for the next story to come out
- the 15/30 days of voltage challenge
- everyone freaking out over the new GUI in my sweet bodyguard
- add some more because I’m sure there are more but 2012 is a blur


Day 7 - Favourite Gaming Couple

Jin Kazama x Ling Xiaoyu

Ugh, why are they so damn perfect for each other? Even after all the evil stuff Jin did in Tekken 6, Xiaoyu is one of the only characters to still believe in him and want to help him! I mean It’s obvious that Xiaoyu is in love with him, and I think Jin secretly likes her too, I just wish the creators would just hurry up and make it canon already after all these teaser scenes :’(

30 Day Video Game Challenge


Day 7 - Your Anime Crush


I mean, come on, how can you not have a crush on him? I’m not even quite sure what it is about Vegeta that makes him so damn attractive… He just sorta…is, and I’m not alone on this, Vegeta has quite the fanbase :3 Just ughhh look at him!

30 Day Anime Challenge

30 Days Idol Challenge - Bonus Day 30 – Personal Challenge Favourite

Day Thirty of @devikafernando creation, and the Sixtieth (60th! Or a Diamond Jubilee!) Day since we three started on this journey, is “Personal Challenge Favourite”

Below is one favourite choice of mine, from each my own posts, from these last 29 Bonus Days.

Thank you for sticking with us for the incredible, unexpected, second go’round!

Day 1 - Reading

Day 2 - Writing

Day 3 - Swimming

Day 4 - In Blue

Day 5 - In Brown

Day 6 - Being Funny

Day 7 - Being Serious

Day 8 - In White

Day 9 - In Green

Day 10 - & Awards

My remaining days under the cut!

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Haikyuu!! 30 day challenge

↳ Day 2: Favorite friendship:

x Bokuto Koutarou and Akaashi Keiji 

“Well then. Don’t think or worry about anything… Just spike some crosses. As long as it feels good. We’ll be sure to clear a path for you”


30 Day Nitro+CHiRAL Challenge - Day 1: First Game

DRAMAtical Murder - I first played DMMd in October 2013, a decision which maybe I have come to regret having played all of the N+C VNs 5 months later, these things eat your life.

Send me a number and I'll write a drabble about my muse's past
  1. (childhood) A great day turns terrible in a matter of moments.
  2. (childhood) A good memory about family or friends.
  3. (childhood) A harsh lesson is learned.
  4. (childhood) Meeting a stranger.
  5. (childhood) The loss of someone or something important.
  6. (young adulthood) A new perspective on the world is gained.
  7. (young adulthood) Reality hits hard and hurts terribly.
  8. (young adulthood) Love, lust, or infatuation.
  9. (young adulthood) An awful, stupid mistake.
  10. (young adulthood) Getting into trouble.
  11. (adulthood) What is ‘family’ to them?
  12. (adulthood) How far have they come?
  13. (adulthood) How far do they personally believe they have to go?
  14. (adulthood) The understanding of another person is achieved.
  15. (adulthood) Will it ever be time to settle?
  16. What does 'trust’ mean?
  17. The farthest distance traveled.
  18. Isolation (self-imposed, even if brief).
  19. Isolation (due to circumstances outside of control, even if brief).
  20. Beliefs are shaken.
  21. Knowledge is shared.
  22. Does 'honesty’ matter?
  23. Value is found in something previously deemed worthless.
  24. A question is asked, either aloud or silently. “What made you this way?”
  25. A serious lie is told.
  26. They have to hide. Quickly.
  27. A personal project is undertaken.
  28. Rules are bent for the greater good.
  29. “Explain yourself.”
  30. Someone dies.

Hey all,

What are your favorite witchy challenges, like the “30-days-of-witchcraft” things?

I’ve been interested in starting one for a while, and it’d be a fun way to share things about me, and get to know y’all better too!

But my search talents are failing me, because tumblr search is a nightmare, so…any suggestions of good ones?

30 days U-KISS challenge!

Day 3: Your OTP?

Vinseop!! The cutest couple ever >w< I love everything about this couple

How happy they look just holding hands

Or when they’re hugging each other…

Or just looking at each other and talking…

How they dance and flirt…

How Kevin loves to whisper in Kiseop’s ear…

How Kiseop inappropriately touches Kevin…

Or how he make Kevin nervous…

How Kiseop’s tried, more than once, to kissed Kevin.

He even admited that they’d kissed ^^

They love play in bed together

The jealousy, especially Kevin’s…

And of course the twitter’s talks…

I just love this couple and ship them in every single way, not just in a romantic way but also as really good friends. They love each other there’s no doubt about that ^^

gif’s Cr.: to the owners

30 Day OTP Challenge: 19 and 20: In formal wear - dancing

Is Ace sweaty or just nervous? Is he looking at his feet so he won’t trip on Sabo’s or looking at Sabo’s lips? No I don’t know

Dia you shouldn’t cheat and put two days together! Gehh let me be. I should’ve ended this challenge some days ago, but life’s been so… weird