30 days palette challenge

Dia 15 ¨Hacer algo juntos¨ / Day 15 ¨ Doing something together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth 

a Geno y a Goth les piden ayuda para decorar la sala del juicio de DanceTale para un baile,en eso llega Reaper buscando a su amado y luego llega Palette para ayudar a Gothy , claro que la ayuda de Palette solo provoca sonrojos al de abrigo blanco y Reaper solo momentos incómodos para Geno / Geno and Goth ask for help to decorate the room of the trial of DanceTale for a dance, in that Reaper arrives looking for a loved one and then comes Palette to help Gothy, of course that the help of Palette only provokes the white coat’s blush and Reaper only uncomfortable moments for Geno. (I don't know english :c sorry )

Bad Reaper Bad D:< poor Flowers :c 

Palette and Gothy Belong to @angexci and @nekophy ^^

Reaper belong to @renrink , Geno belong to @loverofpiggies and DanceTale belong to  @dancetale (?? D: 

Day 14¨Under an umbrella¨ /Dia 14 ¨Bajo un Paraguas¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Palette takes Goth to Waterfall to see the castle Confessing what he think about Gothy, then they meet the mysterious statue and they stay both listening to soft melody / Palette lleva a Goth a Waterfall para ver el castillo confesando lo que piensa sobre Gothy, despues se encuentran con la misteriosa estatua y los dos se quedan a escuchar su suave melodia

Comenzaron las clases y ya no tengo tiempo para dibujar :c

Palette and Goth belong to @angexci and @nekophy 


f!palette: sure, whatever you say, cupcake~

f!goth:DONT CALL ME CUPCAKE!…..    piggy 

30 day otp challenge 

ship fell!poth

day 1st- holding hands

30 day otp challenge by: @revolution-of-a-nightmare

original: https://revolution-of-a-nightmare.tumblr.com/post/161575972893/30-day-otp-art-challenge

fell!palette by @angexci

fell!goth by @nekophy

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for people starting in art?? Love your art !!

1. Surround urself with good art from others, art books, aesthetic pics for inspiration.
2. Search for palette/emoji/30 day challenges or art prompts for motivation.
3. Try to do draw as much as you can as frequently as u can.
4. Love n believe in urself n most especially ur art!
These r pretty generic but if ya wanna know specifics then just ask me or dm me if u like. HAVE FUNNNN!! 😆👌

Dia 12 ¨Besuquearse¨ / Day 12 ¨To kiss¨

30 Day OTP Challenge

Palette y Goth ven a una pareja besarse apasionadamente y como son unos niños muy curiosos intentan algo mas que solo un choque de dientes. / Palette and Goth see a couple kiss passionately and as they are very curious children try something more than just a clash of teeth.

Palette and Goth Belong to @angexci and @nekophy 

❤ Day 10 ¨ Give yourself something¨ / ❤ Dia 10 ¨Regalarse algo¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth

Palette le tenia un regalo a Goth que era un dibujo de ambos que habia hecho hace un tiempo, Goth encantado lo coloco en su escritorio para verlo todos los dias.   ❤ / ❤ Palette had a gift to Goth that was a drawing of both that he had done some time ago, Goth enchanted I place it in his desk to see it every day.

Oww So cute the two together ^^ 

Palette and Goth belong to @angexci and @nekophy  ❤

In the beginning of this year I made 30 days Palette Challenge. It didn’t get a lot of notes, but I still think it’s the only worthy thing I did this year in art. So for the next year I determined to try and finish 100 days Palette Challenge! I’ll probably do it later, maybe spring or summer, but I’m ready to start taking suggestions of what to draw from now!

What suggestions I’d love to take: characters from JRPG, adventure and fighting games (from 4th to 7th generations); Mecha (Front mission, Gundam Turn A, IBO, 08 MS team); Seinen manga (Naoki Urasawa, Hayashida Q, Takehiko Inoue), Vertigo Comics, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, popular characters in national costumes. Small edit: I could accept suggestions from popular fandoms (Yugioh, Voltron etc), but Palette Challenge should be a test for my skills, so I’d prefer more obscure fandoms and characters.

What suggestions I won’t take: OCs, NSFW requests, more than two characters per picture.

Please, leave your suggestions in comments or notes for this post, because I could lost it in Inbox. Is it ok?

Dia 9 ¨Jugar Juntos¨¨ / Day 9 ¨Play Together¨

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth  ❤

Palette y Goth pasan una buena tarde juntos…o quizas no tan buena para Goth quien no a podido ganarle a Palette / 
Palette and Goth spend a good afternoon together … or maybe not so good for Goth who could not beat Palette

Palette and Goth Belong to @angexci and @nekophy 


Warriors 30 day palette challenge day 9: Fave DF cat/villain in fuzzy or delicate lillin

“I hope you’re breathing your last breath,Marshal dear…”

Ahh this one was really fun to do!! I love Mapleshade,i just had to choose her!^^ i used delicate lillin cause the colors work so well with her original colors.

The mapleshade design i used is from the “marshal dear” MAP on youtube.^^

Day 2.  I didn’t strictly adhere to the colour palette this time, but …. its only an extra one.
I sort of gave up on shading this one. It just wasn’t happening. This is the first human I’ve drawn in absolutely ages, so I’m quite pleased with how he came out.

Anyway, have a melancholy, teenage Remus Lupin after the full moon wearing a baggy jumper having some hot chocolate. Or tea if you’re feeling particularly British.