30 days of wrestling challenge

New OTP, New 30 Day OTP Challenge?

Day 1: Holding Hands

This counts as hand holding, right?

[My plan is to experiment with my style this challenge. My goal with this one was to be quick, cause it is all ready late here, and I was all “Frick inking, frick detail. Let’s flat colour the sketch layer!” and ironically I think I like this more than my usual style which takes me hours.]

30 Days of Wrestling Challenge

Day 2: Favorite Female Wrestler

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Candice LeRae (gifset by wrestling-giffer)

Out of all the many choices these days, I have to say my favorite is Candice LeRae. She is a very talented lady, she’s very lovely and nice as well. She can wrestle with the girls and the boys as well. It’s been a joy to see her branch out into promotions across the country both in the World’s Cutest Tag Team and on her own. She’s also just a super cool, nerdy person in real life and she likes to bake. What’s not to love?

30 Days of Wrestling Challenge

Day 21: Favorite Gimmick Match

Believer’s Backlash - Lucha Underground

From Ultima Lucha part 1, this definitely took the spot of my favorite gimmick match. Not only did it include one of my favorite luchadors in Drago, but it incorporates an incredibly unique element by involving the fans, the believers in the temple. This is basically a strap match, in which instead of other wrestlers, the believers have the straps and belts. Here is the full episode of Ultima Lucha part 1, you won’t be disappointed.