30 days of william

Skam 30 day challenge

Day 8- Favorite scene

I couldn’t choose one. I’ll make Top 15 Fav scenes (actually I wanted to do it 10 but freak! It was more than 10 damn I love every piece of this show ) (wink wink) 

15- That time Eva found out that Jonas went down on a girl and Jonas walking slow-motion (this one was so funny lolololol)

14- Penetrators entering the schoolyard in a soooooo cool way

13- Magnus talking about his mom (PRECIOUS BEAN)

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12- The scene where Iben hit Eva and there was a fight (I know I shouldn’t find this funny but that punch was hilarious and Girl Squad’s reaction was amazing ♥I mean look at their faces) (noora :DD)

11- Scene where William make Noora sleeps and write an article for her because she was just so exhausted (I don’t even know why people doesn’t like William?? He wasn’t the best person in the universe but I don’t think he is THAT much hateable?? He was/is in love with Noora for real. )

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10- Isak and Even, cafe and elevator scene ♥

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as everyone knows this is my favorite evak kiss.. 

9- Literally every scene where Sana talks

like this

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or this

8- Eva talking with Jonas about “who she is” 

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7- Even entering the schoolyard (like how the fuck this shit still hit me like a truck every freaking time???)

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6- Noora dragging William’s ignorant ass (and I can add other scenes like where she dragged Vilde who called Eva slut.Or that time when she dragged NICO, THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN THE WORLD .  GO GIRL!!) 

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5- Eskild dragging Isak’s ignorant ass ( This was a really great speech. ICONIC)

4- Isak coming out to Jonas (after that long ass hiatus and that painful clips this moment was like breathing again..so..number 4)

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3- Isak coming out to his mom and his mom’s respond ♥ (it was so beautiful and heart warming. I literally cried with him.)

2- Du er ikke alene ( Of course this iconic scene. “o helga natt” was a masterpiece and I still can’t watch it without crying. M A S T E R P I E C E)

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1- E-bOX GIVE ME THE BEAT (I’m not even sorry. I know there has been lots of other beautiful, instructive things but I can’t help but love this scene with my whole heart. It was just so pure. They were like exactly they were. No games. No actings. Two strangers open up to other one in a so fucking pure way… How can I resist this?? I can’t.. I couldn’t..)

and bonus: ISAK I’M SO DORK VALTERSEN COULDN’T CLIMB A fucking WINDOW.. (my favest fave♥)

The Curse on the U. S. Presidents (not clickbait)

In the War of 1812, many Native American tribes sided with the British, including the Shawnee, led by Chief Tecumseh.
American General William Henry Harrison helped lead the nation to victory, but at the cost of thousands of Native American lives… including Chief Tecumseh.
Right before he died, Tecumseh put a curse on Harrison.
He, and all future presidents elected in a year ending with a zero (0), will die in office.
Harrison didn’t believe it of course, but get this:

1840: William Henry Harrison dies of pneumonia only 30 days into his presidency
1860: Abraham Lincoln is assassinated in Ford’s Theater during his second term
1880: Andrew Garfield is assassinated at a train station
1900: William McKinley is assassinated in the Temple of Music during his second term
1920: Warren Harding dies of a heart attack in San Francisco
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt dies of a brain hemmorage during his fourth term
1960: John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas
1980: Ronald Reagan is shot… but not killed, breaking the curse

Weird, right?

Day 3 of 30 Days of TWD Lovin. To you big brother. A special human being, brimming with light, talent, humor and dignity. If only we could’ve shared more space in the story. I imagine being there with you would change my craft forever. I’ll settle with the hope that we’ll get another chance one day. Until then, we’ll keep having those deeply engaging convos we always have, those rich laughs we always share, and those smiles we keep for each other. ❤️ I love you.
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30 Days Paramore Challenge

Hey everyone! We all know that Paramore are on vacation and there currently isn’t a lot of news about them, so me and Zach make this challenge to make things a little fun around here while they take some time off! You can tag your posts with #30dayspmore!
Have fun!

1. Your favorite Paramore photos.
2. Your favorite Paramore lyrics.
3. Your favorite Paramore music video.
4. An interview that makes you laugh.
5. Your favorite Paramore era.
6. Your favorite concert.
7. Your favorite Paramore album.
8. A Jeremy & Taylor hair appreciation post.
9. Your favorite performance done by Paramore.
10.Your favorite red carpet appearance featuring Paramore.
11.Your favorite colors + Paramore.
12. A Paramore song that doesn’t have a music video (yet).
13. Your favorite Paramore photo shoot.
14. Paramore + the instruments they play.
15. Your favorite Hayley hairstyle.
16. Paramore performing in your favorite country.
17. Your favorite quotes from the members of Paramore.
18. An underrated or unreleased Paramore song appreciation post.
19. A short post on the history of the band.
20. Paramore with another band/artist.
21. Your favorite Paramore meet & greet.
22. A favorite picture of the band with another artist you like.
23. Some of your favorite pictures of Hayley.
24. Some of your favorite pictures of Jeremy.
25. Some of your favorite pictures of Taylor.
26. Your favorite outfit from one of the band members.
27. An appreciation post for all of Jeremy’s bowties.
28. Your favorite song covered by Paramore.
29. The reason why you love Paramore.
30. If you were to ask Paramore any question, what would it be?

Updated Queue!

Ok guys thanks for being so understanding about the break! I’m working as fast as I can, but I’m afraid I might have to close the requests for a bit. Get them in now if you have them. I’ll let you know when I close them! Anyway… happier topics! Here’s the updated queue!

Today (what isn’t posted today I’ll add on to tomorrow)- Tyler Seguin- picks on insecurities accidentally

               Andre Burakovsky- broken up but dance at a party

              Miles Wood- smut

              Tom Wilson- DWTS jealousy

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