30 days of waiting left

30 Day Satan and Me fandom Challenge

Day 1- Favorite male character

Day 2- Favorite female character

Day 3- Favorite thing about the series

Day 4- Least favorite thing about the series

Day 5- Favorite ship

Day 6- Person who has the best piercings

Day 7- Favorite quote

Day 8- Character that just does not deserve the shit they go through

Day 9- Character that deserves way more shit to go through

Day 10- Favorite non-supernatural character

Day 11- Least favorite character

Day 12- A scene that makes you sad

Day 13- A scene that makes you laugh

Day 14- The first characters you shipped

Day 15- Favorite update

Day 16- Most surprising moment of the series

Day 17- Most ridiculous moment of the series

Day 18- Character you relate to most

Day 19- Character you’d want to be best friends with

Day 20- Dream cast for a movie/TV series

Day 21- A character you grew to love

Day 22- A character you don’t love anymore

Day 23- Least favorite plot line, arc, or scene

Day 24- Overall favorite scene

Day 25- A minor character you love

Day 26- A song that reminds you of the series or its characters

Day 27- Most precious cinnamon roll

Day 28- Most precious sinnamon roll

Day 29- Something you wish was in the comic but wasn’t

Day 30- How did you get into the series