30 days of the borgias

30 Days of The Borgias

Day 14 ~ Re-Write History: Something you wish never happened.

I wish Djem hadn’t died, especially not as soon as he did the series. We were just getting to know him and then suddenly he was dead. It was such a huge disappointment because he was one of the few characters outside of the Borgia family who I was able to get attached to quickly.

Forget Paolo (and historical accuracy). Djem should have lived and become the father of Lucrezia’s baby.


30 Days of the Borgias → Day 3: (3/3) Three favourite quotes

You can take my son, but do you see, here? I have the means to produce ten more sons, and they will hunt you down and send you to your grave

30 days of the Borgias

day four: favourite antagonist

CATERINA MOTHERFUCKING SFORZA. Do I even need to say anything else? I think she’s one of the strongest female TV characters I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but imagine her shouting Eva Green’s line from Camelot: “I will not be challenged! Gina McKee is amazing and she is very beautiful. (Anyone else noticed how she just gets more and more good looking by every episode? How does she do that?) I adore Caterina Sforza, I love how she played Cesare and how she pissed him off with rejecting the pope’s demands and if she’d get her hands on Juan, she would rip him in half. And she’s amazing and breathtaking and I’m in love with her and I scream with joy every time I see her turn in the promo for season 3.

30 days of the borgias

Day 01 > One Borgia

Day 02 > Two favorite characters

Day 03 > Three favorite quotes (season 1, season 2 & season 3)

Day 04 > Favorite episode

Day 05 > Least favorite character

Day 06 > Four favorite costumes

Day 07 > Favorite antagonist

Day 08 > A scene that made you laugh

Day 09 > Favorite season

Day 10 > A love scene

Day 11 > Favorite friendship

Day 12 > Your favorite parent

Day 13 > One OTP (one true pairing)

Day 14 > A sad scene

Day 15 > FREE DAY - Anything you’d like

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Day 17 > Two couples

Day 18 > Favorite painter

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Day 25 > Rewrite History: What is missing in the series?

Day 26 > Two actors

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Day 28 > An interview

Day 29 > Why you watch the borgias

Day 30 > How do you see the end of the series?

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30 Days of the Borgias → Day 6: (¾) Four favourite costumes


30 Days Of The Borgias ~ Day 02: Favourite Female Character = Lucrezia Borgia.

Lucrezia is my favourite character probably because of her development. Perhaps, if she had not been written as well, I would go with Giulia, but I love how she transforms and it all happens in front of our eyes. However, my favourite character in the whole show is Juan (as you may have guessed) so I do say that with difficulty and I am definitely Team Juan. I will explain tomorrow why! P.S- I don’t know what is with the graphic. I just felt like making one instead of a gif set.