30 days of terra nova

30 Days of Terra Nova - third favorite episode

1x07 ‘Nightfall'  - 22nd century people stuck 85 million years in the past but they have all the technology to make life easier. So far, so good. Until mother nature decides to blow it all to hell and now they have nothing but their instincts and skills (especially Skye’s subplot shows that quite nicely). The scenes between Taylor and Wash are (of course) my favourite, giving Wash especially more substance though I like the Skye’s and Jims’s scenes as well. The writers did a really good job of incooperating the Sixers (and finally a mean and big dinosaur!) into this episode and using the mysterious box they stole to push the main storyline. Meeting the main antagonist at the end and the revelation of his relationship with Taylor is the topping.

30 Days of Terra Nova - favorite season

One  - (I’m always tempted to say second because if you take a look at the fandom, you’ll see that the fans have practically written it all by themselves. And it’s awesome.) We’ve got a really strong and well written main storyline plus the subplots of the characters (and episodes) as well as the occasional dinosaur(s). They could have used some of the screen time for fleshing out other characters and plots instead of doing so much of the family!drama and unnecessary lovey-dovey stuff. BUT overall I really loved the whole season and each of the episodes, some more than others, and that doesn’t happen very often. Terra Nova’s first and only season is (and always will be) one of my all-time favorite tv shows.

30 Days of Terra Nova - favorite quote

You find yourself low on provisions and starving, you won’t be saying “ew”. You’ll be saying…mm-mm. - Wash (1x03 ‘Instinct’)

It was hard to choose because every episode has its quote of awesomeness but this one? Totally wins the contest. If everything else fails, go for the beetle grubs. xD They are like cupcakes with a slight taste of mother nature.