30 days of summer break of doctor who

30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 13: What is your favorite/scariest Moffatism?

Reboot Seasons One Through Four Never Happened

This is a biggie. With the 11th Doctor, we don’t see any mentioning really of events from the RTD era with the exception of River Song (But oh wait, who wrote the Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, oh yeah, Moffat). Sure you shouldn’t over play old worn out story arcs, but at the same time you shouldn’t act like they don’t exist. The 11th Doctor’s behavior doesn’t in any way reflect the actions of his 9/10 predecessors. 10 reflected 9 in the beginning but then slowly changed into his own doctor. You get none of that from 11. He is loud and annoying and unlike any of the previous doctors. If the time war really bothered him, he sure isn’t showing it. 

It was awesome when RTD brought back the classic dales and cybermen, and everyone loved the little nods to the classic series. Moffat seems to be trying, with the appearance of the Great Intelligence and the Zygons, but I feel like he should mention the RTD era a few times. He has the weeping angels and a hologram. RTD brought back iconic villains and one of the most loved companions from the classic series, Sarah Jane Smith. While I know she is no longer a viable option, why can’t Jack or Martha show up? Doesn’t the Doctor still have Martha’s phone? Why can’t she call him up one more time? Whatculture.com phrased it well, “But when the universe begins to feel so far removed from the canon of the Doctors we have known and loved before, all us angry fans will have a common enemy: the current Doctor; in this case, Matt Smith’s smarmy sullen Eleven, who treats Amy like Rose 2.0, and who leaves us all wondering if he has some sort of prolonged regeneration amnesia.”

Everyone knows that Leonard McCoy is a grumpy doctor, but that’s really only true when the thermometer plummets downwards in the winter. In the damp heat of summer, he’s got a spring in his step and a whistled tune on his lips.

The first day of June breaks 30 degrees and Bones ruffles Jim’s hair on his way out the door with a bottle of water and a wrapped up sandwich. Jim later discovers he went on an actual picnic with an actual person who isn’t Jim who didn’t have to drag him out the door.

On the hottest day of the year, Jim sweats through his uniform and bitches about the heat while Bones grins and smacks him on the ass three separate times that day. Jim is confused, but not overly concerned. He’s getting used to it.

When the heat lasts well into October and they eat Jim’s Halloween candy in shorts and t-shirts on the steps of their building, Jim realizes he’s grown accustomed to Bones’ constant smile and suggestions of plans.

On the first day the temperature drops below 15 in November, Bones curls up against Jim’s chest and makes it clear he’s not leaving his personal space heater anytime soon. Jim thinks it’s funny how much Bones loves the heat.

Several months later, when the cold is still lingering and so is Bones, Jim realizes that Bones isn’t only in love with the heat.

30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who: Day Sixteen

Day sixteen: Which episode or scene made you feel all the feels?

Sadly, there have been several scenes in the show’s run that made me have feels, but two stand out in mind.

From New Who, we got Doomsday. It’s an obvious choice, but it was the only scene from the new series that I legitimately cried at. The good-bye at Bad Wolf Bay was truly heart-breaking from both sides. I don’t know who had it worse: Rose or the Doctor.

From Classic Who, we got Earthshock. Also an obvious choice, but a companion dies! (Of course, there’s been other episodes in the past where this happened, but this one was the worst to me.) Adric wasn’t my favorite companion in the TARDIS at the time, but it was the worst way he could have possibly gone. As he said, we never knew if he was right, and the silence at the end credits was what set me over the edge to crying.


Day 27: What scene makes you hide behind the sofa?