30 days of shipping memes


Day 08: A Pairing with the Most Baggage?

Oh dear god, that honor goes to Taylor and Ryan. I mean, nothing says let’s be together than the death of your first love right? I think it’s pretty easy to pass off these two. They got together in the final season of the The O.C. They were together for about eight or nine episodes (5-13). It’s not a lot when you think about it. Especially considering a lot of people had hated Taylor from Season 3. But I think you have to give Townwood a lot of credit. You see, I started watching The O.C. from season 4, I saw a bunch of episodes before I decided to start watching from the beginning, so by that point I had already fallen for Ryan/Taylor and I thought I was going to hate Marissa. That actually changed. I tended to go with the flow when it came to Ryan, I shipped him with everyone, only my OTP with him was always going to be with Taylor because they always made me smile no matter what. The thing is that the fandom generally tends to see Taylor as a replacement for Marissa, but I digress. I think Taylor was necessary. I mean did everyone expect Ryan to sit around moping the entire season? Ple-fucking-ase. Marissa may have been his first love and I will whole heartedly accept that. But they were never really meant to be. I mean when she dies, he loves her, but they aren’t together and it doesn’t even look like they’re going to get back together ever. If anything Ryan felt guilty and pissed as hell and they continued that theme for four episodes, but then he needed to move on. He needed to see that there was more to life and because Marissa wasn’t there, he didn’t need to miss out. Same with Summer, she needed to realize that there were always going to be friends in her life, even if Marissa wasn’t going to be there. I think that Ryan and Taylor could have made it in the long run. They compliment each other. Ryan mellows Taylor out and helps her realize that she doesn’t need someone to constantly reassure that they love her, that all she needs to do is trust her heart. And Taylor helps Ryan see that he can’t always bottle up his feelings, he needs to face them, even if it’s difficult. Even though it's ambiguous, I like to think that Ryan and Taylor made it in the end. That they got married and had children and were happy together. I like to think that despite all their baggage they had when they started out together (Dead first loves, french ex-husbands, amongst others), they loved each other enough to work through it all. 

Day 19 - Crack pair: Draw any two characters that would never interact romantically.  Solas (Fen’Harel) x Zevran   (30 day OC meme)  

SSOooo.. i attempt to go back and finish the 30 day OC meme.. it’s been a while.. 

I pondered about this for a long time, and I really liked this idea of Fen’Harel meeting Zevran while he was in the fade (in DA:O) and perhaps almost had a good time there..  which I drew a while back (recycled that art here in the form of thought bubble / flashback)


Day 02: What was your first ship?

This is definitely embarrassing, and keep in mind that I didn’t really know what a ship was until this point. All I knew was that I was insanely in love with Rugrats, I had a huge crush on Tommy, and I thought he was cute with Kimi. It wasn’t until I recently researched All Grown Up and found out that they both had a crush on each other (which is heavily hinted at in the show but never actually explored to my knowledge). I whole-heartedly ship the two because, come on they are so cute. As far as other ships, I guess I shipped some disney princess with their princes, but nothing that wasn’t to be expected from a little girl. Tommy and Kimi was the only one that I would classify as a true ship. 


Day 07: The Most Heartbreaking Scene?

Is there any ship in the world that exists that’s more heartbreaking that Robin and Marian? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. It’s just that when it comes to Robin and Marian, I have a lot of unresolved feelings, something that a lot of people can relate to. Robin and Marian were together for two seasons. And yet, I still cannot get enough of these two. I rewatch episodes and cry because they are just so freaking tragic. You see from the beginning Robin and Marian have a tumultuous relationship. It’s like Rolling in the Deep, they literally could have had it all. Robin and Marian were engaged before he went to the Holy Lands seeking glory, and then came back to find Marian “over him”. But when it seems like maybe their relationship is going to become more than just allies, Guy freaking Gisbourne comes into the picture. It’s tragic because we can totally understand what Marian is going through, she needs to protect her father and Robin is an outlaw, rejecting Guy because she’s still attached to Robin would be suicide. And we can understand what Robin is going through, because he loves Marian and she’s engaged to his enemy. The most heartbreaking scene is obviously Marian’s death. By this point Marian and Robin are together, they are engaged and completely in love. And right before her death Marian finally admits that she loves Robin and she’s going to marry him. See this is the defining moment in Marian’s life, because until that point she lives a life where she’s lying and cheating a man who may love her. A lot of people consider Marian horrible for being so cruel to Guy, but I think she was spot on. Should she be a little more considerate? Maybe, but I think that Guy really needed to hear it that blunt, because for two seasons he tricked himself into believing Marian’s lies, even though they stared him in the face. I mean, come on, he knew that the Nightwatchman was in leagues with Robin Hood, he should have realized when he found out that Marian was the Nightwatchman. I guess the only thing that made this moment bittersweet, was the fact that at least Robin and Marian were married before she died. That’s the only thing that slightly consoles me. 

ship meme : [day 14] Favorite book pairing  | Marco & Celia - The Night Circus

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers softly. The air between them is electric as he leans in, gently brushing his lips against her neck. In the next room, the guests complain about the sudden increase in temperature. Fans are drawn from colorful bags, fluttering like tropical birds.”  
 ―    Erin Morgenstern,          The Night Circus