30 days of season 5

Day 3: If I really have to choose just one, then it’s probably season 5. Team Free Will. The Apocalypse. The Horsemen. Lucifer. It had some of the best episodes of the whole show and especially the second half of the season just never stopped delivering one amazing episode after the other!

(I also love season 2+8+11… I notice a pattern of every third season, so I guess if SPN still goes on for a while then season 14 should be my next favorite ^^)

30 Day GoT drawing challenge

Day 11 Stark Sisters Sansa and Arya - This is like a bit further in the future, where in my mind Sansa takes up being the heir to Riverrun because I like to think Bran or Jon is king of the North and lets face it she’s the one that maybe is less Stark like. Because you know she’s been, Lannister, Arryn, almost Martell … Baelish Of course not by choice but still. But I feel as if she becomes an amazing bureaucrat with her seat in power. 

And Arya just does her own thing, helping her siblings and friends. Sort of off the books person of hire. The Starks hidden weapon as it were! 

Basically I really want all the Starks to have the last laugh in the end and basically have influence everywhere!

Sansa - River lands and the vale

Jon - the Wall

Bran - The North

Arya - Bravos (other places in Essos)

Rickon - The Wildling tribes

And for good measure

Tyrion - Casterly Rock

Daenarys - Queen of the South? Or Essos I’m not sure

This took SOOOOO LONG because I purposely wanted to think about colour and all that and I took a real long time with the line art D:

The Woes Of The "Flustered" Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon might be a destroyer of tanks and walkers worst nightmare BUT when it comes to social situations or emotional processing for that matter, I think it’s safe to say that he is still learning to navigate his own way through that territory. 

That being said Daryl doesnt necessarily act on his awkwardness with everybody and when confronted with ‘unknown’ settings his primary response is usually standoffish and even borderline menacing. When he is with people he’s very familiar with, the awkwardness is usually covered up and then expressed through humorous one-liners and at times even gruff dismissal. Agitation and intense staring contests intimidate the issue or person that is bringing up the awkward and often end up with Daryl physically walking away from the situation. 

Then we have CAROL…and things are predictably different with her.


Daryl certainly jokes around with Carol the most and we already know the angst and vulnerability that can come through their interactions BUT the thing that is unique to their dynamic and something that is mostly absent in Daryl’s other ‘relationships’ , is the way his awkwardness comes out when things are broken down to just the two of them. 

Instead of bravado or posturing to cover up the uncomfortableness certain exchanges have on him, Carol affects Daryl in a way that at times can bring out shyness, nervousness and even a touch of humorous double-takes, which seem to amuse and delight her greatly. 

Carol Peletier has the ability to FLUSTER and confuse the mighty Daryl Dixon AND to date she is the only one we know off that has that ability and the only one that can get away with it. 

She makes him nervous, she makes him blush and around her this skilled badass warrior has been known to drop water jugs and even be 'bashful’ in a very nerve wracking way! 

He knows Carol through and through but she makes him feel things that confuse him, surprise him and scare him in a much more terrifying way than say…a herd of walkers. 

To put it bluntly he can sometimes look like shy-flirty boy desperately trying to figure out girl-talk and why it makes him feel so much 'softer’ than usual. After all Daryl Dixon acting like a school-boy with a crush is most definitely not an everyday occurrence BUT it certainly isn’t a recent development either. 

Let’s see; 

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