30 days of sass

30 Days of BTS - Day 27 Most Underrated Member


How do people not realize how great Jin is?

He’s incredibly handsome, just ask him lol.

He looks especially good in all black.

He takes care of the other members of BTS.

And he just does what he likes.

And sometimes that’s a bit odd, but hey he’s grown.

Well… kinda.

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TMNT-30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Your Favourite Raphael Moment

Raph had so much sass in the 1987 series and he was badass in the 2007 film but some of my favourite moments of Raphael have to come from the 2012 series. Here are some of my personal favourites. If I had to pick an absolute favourite, I would have to pick the bottom GIF moment cause I can watch it again and again and still laugh! I just love Leo’s and Donnie’s reactions!