30 days of sass

30 Day OTP Challenge Day Twenty-Five: Gazing into each other’s eyes

Note: Sass, Flash back to when they first got together and FLUFF

Words: 950

You were annoyed, no you were pissed off to say the least as you walked into the cell room that contained the criminal in question Loki. You walked in after Nick explained to you how to act around Loki forcing yourself not to roll your eyes. “He’s a God remember that please.” He said as you nod walking in as the door seals shut behind you. “Well well, what do we have here?” Loki’s smooth voice asked as you sat down in front of the cell with a bored expression. “You know who I am Loki, this isn’t the first time I’ve been in here.” You answered flatly as he chuckled.

“I quite enjoy your presence, such an interesting mortal. You don’t care that I could kill you in an instant.” He whispered as he stalks over to the glass to stand in front of you. He looks down from your place on the metal floor as you quirked an eyebrow before chuckling. “Because you don’t scare me.” You said standing up looking at him. “And why is that my dear?” He asked making you roll your eyes. “Because, you’re nothing. You aren’t a king, or a ruler. You. Are. Nothing.” You said as his eyes darkened at your words before you stepped back one step.

“Careful there my dear. Your words could be your downfall.” He spat in a dark voice that made something in your stomach twist. “Oh like yours were? How you are burden with a glorious purpose?” You asked smirking. Something about seeing the anger spread across his face spurred something inside of you. Loki placed a hand onto the glass before suddenly he started to laugh, but it wasn’t anything like you’ve heard before. It was a genuine laugh that took you by surprise when he looked up to see your shocked expression.

“Oh my… I understand now, you like getting me anger. You like thinking that your words affect me, and maybe they do my dear… but maybe in a different way than you think.” He whispered as he grins. “I thought I just liked your personality because of how you retaliate against me, but it’s much more than that.” He whispered as his eyes locked onto yours. It felt like you were in a trance with no way out of it as you stood froze in time staring at his eyes. You noticed the glitter of happiness, and something else swirling in the depths of his irises making you swallow thickly.

“And how is it much more?” You asked trying to keep your voice level, but it was trembling as he slowly licked his lips. You wondered briefly what it would feel like to have his lips on your own before you immediately shook that thought away. “Because maybe I find something in you that I don’t see in anyone else.” He mumbled as your eyes flickered up to his once more. “I don’t know how I feel about it either.” He said as you were captivated by his eyes when you stepped back again from the cell. You could feel something stabbing your chest like an aching pain.

Suddenly you realized that was what Loki was feeling as you felt tears burn your eyes causing his eyes to widened. “I-I’m sorry.” You stuttered as he frowned. “For what?” He asked feeling his own voice tighten at your broken expression. “I hadn’t… I didn’t… I’m sorry that you were lied to.” You whispered as Loki stepped back from the glass when you wanted nothing more than to hug him tightly. You clicked open the door as Loki’s eyes widened looking to the door before you opened it stepping inside. “S-Stop. You’ll get in trouble.” He said stepping back away from you.

“I don’t care.” You whispered walking towards him as he swallowed. “I could escape.” He said. “You’d have done it by now.” You countered as he froze before you pushed him against the wall. Your eyes were boring into his own before you leaned forward pressing your lips to his own as he immediately ceased you into his arms. It took your breath away at the passionate kiss before he pulled away frowning as he looked at you. “I don’t understand this feeling, but… I want to explore it… Will you explore it with me?” He asked softly. “Yes.” You whispered to him.

A smile spread across his face, it wasn’t a sinister smile, nor was it sarcastic. It was a real smile as you cupped his face gently as his hands placed themselves onto your hips. It didn’t matter in that moment that he was a murderer, or that he tried to enslave the human race, nor the fact that he hated mortals. What mattered was that you and him were equal standing here when you both realized how much you had been staring into each other’s eyes. “You have the most beautiful shade of color.” Loki whispered making your face heat up as he chuckled.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he quite liked that you were flustered easily and the thought of it being because of him. “I want to kiss you again.” He declared as you looked at him. “Then take it. You are a king after all.” You grinned, despite what you had said earlier causing him to grin back at you. He pulled you into another passionately kiss as both of your eyes fluttered closed. “Agent (L/N), I informed you to watch the prisoner. Not make out with him.” Nick’s voice boomed over the speaker as you jerked away. Oh you were so in trouble, but you know what you just didn’t bring yourself to care.

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Spamano Week [Day 1, Dresses]

SPAMANO WEEK (just to let you know, I am not answering any story asks during this week for all my time will be put on this week, but make sure to send me how you like my stories! Thank you -Germany Sass)


July 30 / Day 1: Dresses (Canonverse) (it’s Drag queen guys, thank @yochan and @short-and-really-angry @spamanoweek2016 (??) for this, Romano has a teensy little very minimal secret, and when Spain finds his makeup he might have to come clean)


Spain liked to pride himself in being very good at picking out when people were lying to his face. So when his boyfriend tells him he can’t go to dinner for the third time this week, because of other commitments, he was suspicious.

Don’t get him wrong! He trusted Romano with all his heart, but he knew there was something he wasn’t telling him. After an hour of trying to pry the answer out, he got nothing but a salty ‘leave me alone’.

Other commitments was a big word for Romano, what could be more important than dinner! At! His! Favorite! Restaurant!!!

“Romano, love?” He called opening the door to the Italian Villa/Mansion thingy. Tonight the love of his existence was out doing his other commitments (add sarcasm here) and lil Italy was doing something with Germany.

He tuned out really what was going on, because when Italy talked about business he got really expressive and the whole time he was just dodging the flying hands. Immigration was a key word so he just assumed it had to do with some vague immigration-thingy-o-bobber.

The house was silent and that was a new one, usually the kitchen was filled with sunlight while pans were clicked around and Italy was doing evil telephone calls, but now Spain could hear the clacking of his shoes. Subtly, he hung up his coat and tested the dust on Stalin’s bust under the chandelier of the foyer, no dust, Romano was fresh here.

The testy rat must of left for his other commitments just an hour ago, so if he was right, he should have just about ten minutes to search for anything that might be taking up his time.

Examples would be, a book (book club?), paper work (business?), a picture of another man (an affair????). “Now you’re just being silly,” Spain told himself, peeking into the living room, “Romano loves you, why would he pull an affair?”

Everything bad came to his mind and he had to tell himself to shut up. Romano loved him, no he still loves him, dearly! He’s allowed to do something without Spain, but leaving it vague was not what he liked to hear. He wasn’t controlling, just protective.

There was a pool slowly filling in his stomach and God it made him feel heavy. Spain didn’t even want to test the black sludge of the word, divorce. He climbed the stairs getting to the second level of the mansion.

The hallway was long with gold walls and red carpet, it sort of screamed that the Italy brothers could afford the best Gucci. Or maybe Romano using his credit card for that.

At the end of the hallway was a door slightly ajar… that’s Romano’s room. Spain knew that all too well from many, many saucy nights, but now the room looked threatening. He closed his eyes as he stepped down the hallway and pushed the door opened.

The room was perfect, nothing out of the place, far too perfect. Stepping in, he closed the door behind him and stood back, the window was closed (that was an X, Romano had the windows open all the time), the big comfy cream bed was made (even the stuff animal he gave him was sitting in the middle, take your judging eyes off me Mr. Fluffy) the vanity had a substance on. It was powdery.

Spain tried to ignore the gasping voice in his head (drugs????), no, Romano was a good boy and the powdery had a darker color. Opening the side drawer he found a vague flowery bag. When he picked it up it was heavy, the contents clicking together. Setting it on the vanity he looked into his reflection and opened the bag.

“What in the world are you doing in my room!”

This was when Spain had the biggest heart attack in the world. He turned around to find Romano standing at the door with his hand on his hip like an angry mom. Like the flowery bag was a hot pan, Antonio dropped it on the vanity and tried to cover it up with his body.

“Why are you snooping in my vanity?” Romano decided to change the question.

“What are you hiding in the bag, Romano!” Spain snapped back.

With delirious eyes, he watched as his boyfriend smile and motion for him to check himself. Like a mad bull, he opened the bag and was greeted with…

Makeup? There were different powders, concealer, eye shadows, even something that looked similar to a pencil. Lifting up the glass bottle of foundation and a tiny jar of cream he set it down, “is this yours?”

“No it’s my girlfriend’s,” Romano sneered sarcastically as he stood beside Antonio to put it away, “and I’d like it if you don’t mess with my shit, it’s expensive.”

Staring at his face a little harder he noticed that Romano’s face was the same freckled goodness it always been, “if it’s expensive why aren’t you wearing it.”

With a sniffle of adorable snorts, he looked up between his thick eyelashes to give him a smile, “I only wear it sometimes, because it is expensive, now why are you snooping in my house.”

A shy blush filled his cheeks as Spain went rigid, scratching the back of his neck as he laughed nervously, “I was worried, you know how I get, this is the third time you missed our dinner,” the last part he mumbled quietly.

Their dinners were a corner stone of their relationship, everything was put down during those hours of prepping, eating, and cleaning.

There was a flash of hurt pass Romano’s eyes as his cockiness fell, “I’m sorry, babe,” Spain almost rolled his eyes as the pet name was just thrown in. He hated it when Romano knew he was wrong and he did things that purposely pissed him the hell off and he just thinks he can get off with a shy I love you and a baby.

“Romano, really, I think I’m done with you at the moment,” he sighed rolling his eyes ignoring the squeak of finally getting a hit in.

“On Friday I do drag.”

“You do what?”

“Like you know, drag racing, being a drag queen!”

“Yeah I know, but why on Friday!! That’s our date night!”

Romano just stared him like he grew three heads, “god, I should of known. I was afraid to tell you, because I thought you were going to call me weird.”

“Weird? I’m heart broken you don’t trust me enough!” Spain countered as he embraced his boyfriend tightly, Romano easily finding his place with his head tucked into the other’s neck and the feeling of being weightless, “I don’t think you’re weird, it’s probably cool and stuff.”

Romano let out a muffled laugh into his chest and gave him a weak shove, “you’re an absolute asshole.”

“Why aren’t you'know, dragging right now?” He didn’t really know the correct term (dragging? Queening? Slaying?) so he just kept to dragging.

“Well I would, but I got an alarm system on the house and I was alerted that some snoopy boyfriend was going through my make up.”

A wave of guilt filtered over Antonio as he awkwardly scratched his scalp, “sorry babe,” he leant down to press a kiss to Lovino’s lip, he tasted like cherry (lipstick?), they broke with a breath, Lovino leaning in on his chest to rub their noses and press their foreheads together.

“I forgive you, love you.”

“And I love you,” he pressed another kiss to the crease of the cherry tasting lips and stepped back to loot through the make up, “now show me what I should say so I don’t look obscenely awkward if I want to support and love you.”

“You’re such a goddamn nerd!”


After picking up some of the things Romano left at the house, he brought him to a bar. It was clean, one of those special Italian bars with a big stage. A gaggle of boys greeted Romano, asking about the break in and if his house was okay, with he put it off with a hand and introduced Antonio.

“They are my drag sisters, guys this is my clueless boyfriend.”

He felt a hand touch his shoulder, feeling up his bicep, “he is quite fit,” one of Romano’s friends smiled.

“He’s mine, by the way,” Romano snapped pulling his away from his friends, “we are getting married in June,” he bluffed.

“Sure,” Spain snickered ruffling the younger’s hair. Romano was very possessive of things that were his, kind of like a big child.

They talked for a little bit about the thing Romano missed, something about some killer stage show and they left to the back room. Spain sat on a little stool as he watched Romano apply make up to his face, it was almost perfect the way as the nude tinted brush slid across his smooth cheek, or how he swept a beautiful purple that made his green eyes pop.

Sliding his curls into a wig cap and applied a straight brown wig, he swept the long locks over his shoulder as he fixed it to be cleaner on his face, “and for the finishing touch.” He smiled and from a bright pink trunk he held up a fancy red dress. “It reminded me of you, those tango dresses,” even with the layers of make up, Spain could still pick up the shy blush as he stepped behind a screen paneling and applying the fake wear (‘the butt, the boobs, and all in between!’ Romano chimed as he slapped on his wear)

“It’s very pretty!” Antonio cheered, the burgundy dress swished out, a skeleton on the inside kept it in shape with pretty bows lining the side. The top was cut low showing off the fake breasts that didn’t really look that fake.

Doing a spin, the dressed flared in style as he showed off the different looks, “of course, I usually don’t wear this dress, I think I bought it just for you.”

Spain’s heart swelled as he stepped off his tiny boyfriend stool to embrace his lovely, beautiful, 10/10 boyfriend (and everything in between). He was just glad it wasn’t an affair, having a Hannah Montana like boyfriend who was sexy Italian representative by day, drag queen by night seemed like a better play.

30 Days of BTS - Day 27 Most Underrated Member


How do people not realize how great Jin is?

He’s incredibly handsome, just ask him lol.

He looks especially good in all black.

He takes care of the other members of BTS.

And he just does what he likes.

And sometimes that’s a bit odd, but hey he’s grown.

Well… kinda.

*credits to the owners

30 day OTP Challenge Day Seven: Cosplaying

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Note: Fluff! Dressing up! Sass!


“Please! Loki!” You whined pursuing your love who was gritting his teeth. “For the last time I said no! I am not going to indulge myself with what you mortals call Halloween. Why can’t you speak with someone else about it?” He demanded as your expression fell as you lowered the long navy blue trench coat. “Because I wanted to dress up with you.” You mumbled tearing up as he bit his lower lip watching you. “But why?” He asked in a slightly annoyed tone as you glared. “Oh I don’t know, maybe because you’re my love?” You asked huffing as he glared back.

“I don’t want to dress up.” He said. “End of discussion.” He nods like he won the battle as he turns walking towards the elevator to leave your apartment. He froze when he heard you sob as you threw down the coat, daring himself to turn around. His heart throbbed watching as you covered your face sobbing when he sighed closing his eyes. You were going to be the death of him when he suddenly strided over to you moving your hands away from your face. “Fine, I shall dress up with you for the party.” He said as your eyes lit up hugging him tightly.

“Thank you!” You giggle as he groaned for giving in so easily when you smiled to him. “You love me.” You said poking his face. “And it would seem it’s becoming a problem.” He huffs as you stick your tongue at him. “Go get dressed Loki, or should I say Sherlock.” You said smiling as his eye twitches taking the outfit from your hands. “No. Don’t do that.” He said as you closed your mouth, but you were still grinning at him. He started towards the bathroom with a scowl on his his face as he you giggle before going to get your own outfit on.

You came out to see Loki dressed up, he even made his hair short and curled like Sherlock as you grinned like an idiot. “My my, you clean up nice.” You teased as he turned to you when he chuckles at your fake facial hair. “Are you keeping the mustache?” He asked making a face. “Yes, I am.” You giggled grabbing his scarf pulling him forward to kiss him when he placed a hand over your lips. “I do not think this Sherlock and John would appreciate if we’d kiss.” He said grinning that bared his teeth as you made a noise of protest.

“There is Johnlock.” You said wiggling your eyebrows when he rolled his eyes as he started for the elevator. You blew a raspberry as you trudged behind him when the doors slid shut before it started taking you down towards the costume party. You had your arms crossed over your chest as you watched it ding at each floor when you felt hands on your coat’s collar. You looked to Loki who pulled you closer to him as his lips smashed against yours making you smile. You wrapped arms around his neck pulling him closer as he chuckles before pulling away.

“I always get what I want.” You comment as he places his hands onto your hips. “I won’t lie… You aren’t getting another kiss with that horrid thing that perches itself on your lip. That my darling is a promise.” He said before he stepped out of the elevator as you followed behind him taking his hand. “You said not a kiss, you never said we couldn’t hold hands.” You smirk as he looks down at you. “I guess you would be correct.” He smirked as he led you into the ballroom when you looked around smiling at all the different costumes of the people.

“Well you two look cute matching.” Tony comments stepping in front of you with Pepper who was dressed up as a doctor. “Why aren’t you wearing anything?” You asked quirking an eyebrow at Tony. “Oh my dear, any costume w would have hid this perfection.” Tony gestured to his face and body with a grin as you rolled your eyes. “Maybe it’d be perfection then.” You countered back as Loki chuckled when he led you away from Tony who gasped in offense. “I love when you lash out at others, playful or not.” He grins as you giggled leaning against him.

“You only like it, because I’m just saying what you’re thinking.” You said going over to the bar as you sat down looking at him. “You took the words right out of my mouth.” He said taking the seat next you. “So why did you think this Sherlock was the best choice for the God of Mischief?” He asked raising an eyebrow. “Because he hates everyone, thinks they’re incompetent, and thinks he’s hot shit.” You said as he growled softly. “Cute.” He comments as you laugh at his scowl. “Well I guess this Sherlock Holmes isn’t too bad. I could be Captain America.” He gestures.

You looked over almost covering your mouth as you tried not to giggle seeing him and Bucky dressed Superman and Batman. “Fitting.” You said as Loki chuckled looking back to you. “Can we leave? We were seen.” He said looking at you as you shook your head. “No, I want to spend this night with friends.” You said before ordering something to drink as you looked at him. “You aren’t allowed too much alcohol.” He said as you frown. “Why not?” You demanded. “Hm let me think, you are the worst person to have drunk. You try and strip every time.” He said.

Your eyes widened as you blushed profusely. “N-No I don’t!” You hiss softly. “You do my darling, and as fun as that sounds. I’d rather keep what lies under these garments to myself and myself only.” He said smirking as you swatted his hand. “Well if I get drunk we can leave faster.” You suggested drinking some of your champagne as you looked at him. He looked like he was debating whether or not to go through with it when he finally looked back at you. “Drink like your life depends on it.” He commanded as you laughed covering your mouth. He definitely was a Sherlock.

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TMNT-30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Your Favourite Raphael Moment

Raph had so much sass in the 1987 series and he was badass in the 2007 film but some of my favourite moments of Raphael have to come from the 2012 series. Here are some of my personal favourites. If I had to pick an absolute favourite, I would have to pick the bottom GIF moment cause I can watch it again and again and still laugh! I just love Leo’s and Donnie’s reactions!