30 days of roswell

30 Days of Roswell

Day 26: Your favorite couple scene

When Liz sees Max isn’t dead after all in Chant Down Babylon, and when in the same episode Max is again ready to die to save Liz. How Liz’s kiss wakes Max up and they leave the scene together with the beautiful background music. Yeah, it’s somewhat corny but also really captures the love Max and Liz share better than anything else. They are not even a couple at this point but their love has not disappeared or lessened one bit. It’s stronger than anything, stronger than even death itself. It’s beautiful. 

30 Days of Roswell

25. Your favorite Crashdown scene

The dancing scene in the beginning of 2.2. I love that for once they are normal teenagers having fun, just dancing, laughing, and flirting. I’m not into this kind of music but I really like the song (of the DVDs),  Isabel is gorgeous, Maria and Michael cute… And then Max makes his dramatic entrance and everything is all messed up again. I love the contrast between these two worlds: what normal people have and what these poor characters have to go through.