30 days of pixie

30 days of Pixie II

If you need any help to find photos or videos or songs, whatever, come to my ask cuz I’ll be pleased to help you guys :D


Day 1: Favorite song from the ‘Turn It Up’ album (standart or deluxe)

Day 2: Favorite hair style (live)

Day 3: Favorite personal video 

Day 4: Favorite demo song

Day 5: Favorite Red Carpet apparition

Day 6: Favorite music video

Day 7: Favorite single

Day 8: Favorite Tour outfit

Day 9: Favorite single cover (and song)

Day 10: Favorite festival outfit

Day 11: Favorite song collaboration

Day 12: Favorite apparition

Day 13: Favorite song live

Day 14: Favorite Red Carpet outfit

Day 15: Favorite cover song

Day 16: Favorite 'Vogue: Today I’m Wearing’ outfit

Day 17: Favorite unreleased song

Day 18: Favorite day outfit

Day 19: Favorite Pixie Tumblr blog

Day 20: Favorite live performance

Day 21: Least favorite song

Day 22: Favorite 'Pixie For Lipsy’ colection

Day 23: Least favorite outfit (ever)

Day 24: Favorite personal photo

Day 25: Favorite 'Pixie For Lipsy’ outfit

Day 26: Favorite hair style (daily)

Day 27: Favorite song from the 'Turn It Up Louder’ album

Day 28: Favorite song quote

Day 29: Favorite song from the 'Young Foolish Happy’ album (any version of the album)

Day 30: Favorite quote


Don’t forget:

1. It is essential to upload the songs, so others can hear it and share;

2. All the posts have to be tagged as '30 days of Pixie’ (bold) and the day, if you want to (like 'day 13’), so we can find them easier;

3. Put the song/video name on the post;

4. If the photo is an apparition or a concert, specify the place;

5. All the posts have to be like this: '30 days of Pixie - Day (#): (theme of the day)’ and below, names (songs, places) and comments.


This is totaly for fun and to show others cats what we love about our Queen.

Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate!

Have fun, enjoy and spread the word!

- Roberta, xo


30 days of Pixie - Day 6: Favorite music video

Pixie Lott - Boys & Girls

They’re just having fun, this video is awesome! and Pixie is and amazing dancer!

Mama Do
Pixie Lott
Mama Do

30 Days Of Pixie Lott

Day 28: A Pixie track your were surprised about when you first heard it.

Because it was the first song I heard from Pixie, the first time i heard her magical voice was on this amazing song, and yes, I get surprised when I first heard it, because I had never heard anything like that, it was… perfect. The beginning of something beautiful and crazy.

All About Tonight
Pixie Lott
All About Tonight

30 days of Pixie - Day 7: Favorite single

Pixie Lott - All About Tonight

Ok, this song is awesome, her 3rd #1 single, it was so cool the way they gave us little pieces of the video before it came out, how we all were excited for it, and the most awesome thing: Me, staying awake till 6am just to listen to the first play, in the UK, it was magical *-*


30 Days of Pixie
Day 3: Favorite personal video