30 days of phantom


Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge 

Day 30: Favorite thing about the story

I love the romanticism in the ALW musical, the dark gothic romance. 

I also love the somewhat redemption the Phantom gets, the whole story of someone who was never shown compassion becomes hardened and evil and in the end manages to redeem himself when Christine shows kindness to him.

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30 Day Theatre Challenge: Day 7

Favorite Duet

The Point of No Return from The Phantom of the Opera is one of my all time favorite duets. Erik and Christine’s passion is this song is so intense, and the choreography, and the lyrics, and the pure wonderful-ness. It’s perfect. I love Broadway versions, but Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum hold a special place in my heart. <3


Day 03- Cartoon that you miss

Avatar: The Last Airbender- See Day 1

Teen Titans- Such a great show, had grit and darkness but also inserted the perfect comedic moments. 

Jimmy Neutron- Such a fun show just like so fun.

Danny Phantom- Really enjoyed the character development of Danny over the series.

Xmen Evolution- Really underrated show with a great story that kept you on your toes even if you knew the xmen universe. Also characters were very relatable because you know they were growing up teens.

DragonBall Z- This doesn’t even need to be explained.

I’m doing 30 Days of Phantom because… well, it’s long overdue, haha. And despite not being a part of the big “phandom” on tumblr (too shy to talk to anyone, haha) I do follow a million and a half Phantom blogs and love the books and the show and just.. sjfkhgakl.

So- day one is the first I heard of Phantom. I was ten years old in my grandma’s car, and she asked if she could put on music from a show that she had seen with her friends over the weekend. I said sure, whatever- I was into Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne when I was ten, I had no interest in musical theatre. Until the title song started playing. And from that car ride on, I swear, my life was never the same. It was an experience that opened my eyes to not only the world of theatre, but the world of the arts in general. I’m a photography major now; the arts have literally become my life, and I honestly don’t think that would be the case without having heard Phantom. I carried around George Perry’s The Complete Phantom of the Opera through sixth and part of seventh grade, until it was replaced by Leroux and Kay’s novels. It got me a reputation as a complete freak in middle school, but it was worth it, and I loved it.

The Phantom Of The Opera
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Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge

Day 8: Favorite song from the ALW production.

The title song, it was close between this and Music of the Night but, I just love the title song. It’s an 80’s rock opera song! Synthesizers and 80’s drums!? UMMMM YES!

I forgot again… BUT I WILL FINISH.

Day 11- Favorite sung line from Act II

This depends really heavily upon the actor. In the 25th, my favorite line is “Swear to me never to tell, the secret you know of the angel in Hell”. Ramin’s delivery is just really convincing, I think. He just chose to focus on this part, and I never really liked it or thought about it until I heard him do it. I have some mixed feelings about Ramin’s performance, but I really did love that part.

Day Five- my favorite part of the stage version is Wandering Child. There are so many good things- it’s one of the few scenes where we see Raoul and the Phantom interact, which I love, and the music is beautiful. I was so disappointed when I went this April and saw that they had cut out Raoul’s part. Not okay. I was sitting next to my friend who had never seen it before, and I made a couple little noises like kssshhhhpb and he was like what -_-
When I was young and saw it for the first time, I remember being in shock and awe over the pyrotechnics. And that’s a big part of what theatre is about, I think- being in total awe over what you’re seeing happen onstage.