30 days of naruto challenge


30 Day Character Challenge

Day 10 — A character who taught you something about real life

 Uzumaki Naruto [ Naruto ]


Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 27: Favorite Funny Moment - Anything with Kakashi and Gai!

Seriously, the way these two play off each other, with Kakashi’s usual calm and Gai’s over the top antics… which usually get Kakashi to act like a goofball too lol. I just love it whenever these two are on screen together, no matter if it’s meant to be funny or serious.

If I had to decide though, it would have to be when Kakashi is disguised as Sukea and freaks out when he sees Gai. I love how Gai seems to recognize his face… but not who he actually is. Leave it to the character that can’t remember faces to find Kakashi unmasked familiar… wait… if Gai finds Kakashi’s unmasked face familiar… does that mean Gai has seen Kakashi without his mask before?

Although, with the way Gai says “Kakashi,” and there’s a long pause before he continues, it’s almost like he was testing his reaction… and Kakashi gave himself away. Yeah, I think Gai did know who he was but was just messing with him lol or at least that’s what I want to believe.

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 9: Best Anime Villain

Okay for this one….It’s technically not one but…..

The Akatsuki!

What I really loved about them is that in the whole first part of Naruto they make ‘em out to be these very feared group but, in Shippuden, you realize that it’s a group made up of

A creepy stalker plant.

Some art fanboys. One who probably has a lot of fun masturbating

and another who took his obsession too far.

A pretty boy who is actually

an immortal sadist

and his partner who loves to sew.

Then you have L’Oreal guy

and his shark partner.

Pretty paper mache girl.

And punk guy who is actually

metal guy.

And, of course, this idiot

who turns out to be the brains behind it all (as well as the “dead” best friend).

They’re hyped to be this badass group but you start to love ‘em when you realize that they’re all actually kinda goofy. I loved that instead of making them all evil and sinister, they were actually given personalities. And all these personalities mixed in so well with one another’s. 

PS: I left out Orochimaru. I know I did, but it’s cuz I don’t like him. At all. And I don’t really consider him a part of the Akatsuki since he was basically the villain for all of Naruto. So, he’s doing his own thing.

Day 8: Favorite Anime Couple: CANON

My favorite anime couple that is canon are all of the Dragon Ball Z couples from Bardock x Gine all to Gohan x Videl,  and Naruto x Hinata~Naruhina!!!!

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Naruto 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Minor Character: Sakumo Hatake

This was a tough one, I was actually about ready to cross out minor and put supporting character instead, since by definition, a minor character is one that shows up once or twice and that’s it. While Naruto has plenty of those, none are memorable… but then I thought of a few characters that I’m curious about.

If there’s one minor character I want to know more about, it’s Sakumo Hatake. We know that he was an Elite Jounin greater than the Sannin, he used kenjutsu, abandoned an important mission to save his teammates, and his suicide messed Kakashi up big time… but we know nothing else about him.

But the one thing that really makes me want to know more is if he used summons like Kakashi’s ninken. Did he have wolf summons? seriously, is there anyone out there that heard his nickname, “White Fang of Konoha,” and didn’t immediately thing of Jack London’s novel about a wolf named White Fang? His hair color is reminiscent of Grey Wolves and his sleeve design is very native looking in my opinion. Put all these things together and you’ve got some wolfie head-canons.

Day 8

Idk if this is only supposed to be canon couples, but that would be boring so prepare for many ships to be set sale

Soma. They might not be cannon but they basically are. If soul eater were to ever come back with a new season and do a time skip, my dreams would literally come true. If only.

Hinata and Yui. They literally kill each other every time they are in each others vicinity, and yet they work so well. That one scene man. It gets me every time.

Korrasami. They’re just too cute.

Edwin. Both so stubborn, and so in lurve.

Okabe and Kurisu. Stubborn nerds who don’t want to admit they’re in love.

Unpopular opinion but look how many fucks I give. There was so much similarity between Sakura and Kushina, and you can’t tell me that kishimoto didn’t hint at sakura starting to feel the feels for naruto during the war. Also hinata is literally the most irrelevant thing ever.


30 Day Naruto Challenge - Day 17 Favourite Friendship

The friendship between Kakashi and Gai is gold. Love their light-hearted rivalry. Their friendship lasts a very long time too. 

To Kakashi “ The springtime of youth has yet to fade away! Don’t lose hope! We may not always be able to accomplish all the things we wish for … but if we only do the things we want to do, we’ll never start … just like my challenges to you. This is by no means just a show of bravery or courage. The green days of Konoha are over. The time has come to bceom the red beast.”


30 Day Naruto Challenge Day 23 - Favourite Summoning Animals

Kakashi’s ninken. For the record, their names are
from left to right: Pakkun, Bull, Urushi
                           Shiba, Bisuke
                           Akino, Uhei, Guruko.

They are all different with distinct personalities and skills but they work very nicely as a team. :) 


Day 3: Team Gai!

Challenge: 30 DAYS - NARUTO

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