30 days of merlin challenge

My 30 Days of Merlin Challenge :)

I have made my own 30 day Merlin challenge which I will start from today :)  Saturdays already feel so empty without Merlin :(  So I made myself this challenge to do for the next 30 days.  

30 Days of Merlin

1. Favourite Male character

2. Favourite Female character

3. Favourite Merlin scene

4. Favourite Arthur scene

5.  Favourite villain

6. Favourite spell

7. Favourite Kilgarrah quote

8. Most heartbreaking scene

9. Funniest scene

10. Least favourite episode

11. Biggest wish to happen

12. Favourite Morgana scene

13. Favourite Gaius scene

14. Favourite Gwen scene

15. Most shocking moment

16. Least favourite character

17. Favourite series

18. Favourite location

19. Funniest Merlin and Arthur scene

20. Favourite friendship outside Merlin and Arthur

21. Best of the Knights

22. Favourite series 1 moment

23. Favourite series 2 moment

24. Favourite series 3 moment

25. Favourite series 4 moment

26. Favourite shot 

27. Favourite music

28. Most annoying Arthur being a prat scene

29. Moment I would have changed

30. Two Sides of the Same Coin - What Merlin and Arthurs friendship means to me

Let the challenge begin! :)

30 Days of Merlin

2. Favourite Female Character

Morgana.  This was a hard choice because I really loved Nimueh.  I loved how she felt betrayed by Uther, that she did not intend Igraine to die just that a life had to be taken for the deal he made in order to have a son and also she made such an impact in the first series and her powers were strong she was a very exciting character.  I also love Hunith and how she was brave and loved her son so much, saw how important his life was with Arthur and the fact she called them two sides of the same coin like Kilgarrah made me so happy!! But I have chosen Morgana because I feel that her journey is the most tragic and emotional.  She seemed to have everything in the beginning.  A beautiful young lady, popular and close to Arthur she had a kind heart.  But underneath that she had a terrifying secret.  Visions haunted her at night, some came true such as Arthurs fatal wound by the Questing Beast and this scared her because she could not explain it nor did she have anyone to turn to.  When she developed other powers and believed she had magic, Morgana had no-one to turn to again and she was so afraid.  Afraid because Uther would have her executed if he knew she had magic.  She tried to confide in Merlin but he couldn’t tell her the whole truth that he also had magic, even though he tried to comfort her it was not enough.  Morgana was alone.  And what I find really tragic is that in the end, it is her fear that has made her into who she is, her loneliness and even though she had Morgause for a while (who obviously taught her magic and in some way probably corrupted her even more) Morganas heart turned black because her ability to use magic meant so many years of her life she lived in fear with no-one who understood, and fear turned to revenge and darkness.  Her magic is strong now and she has a clear purpose which even though it is terrible, she will do whatever she can to get what she wants and I like that about her because she sees things through.  But another reason why I love Morgana as a character is that in the end, she redeems herself.  She helps save Arthur when he is wounded.  And I hope that we see her journey to redemption and that Morgana can be saved.

30 Days of Merlin

1. Favourite Male character 

Merlin :)  You might think its the easy choice, the obvious choice because Merlin is the underdog, the likeable character that is funny and sweet and loyal and a great friend!  But Merlin isn’t my favourite character from just this show.  He is my favourite character of any show I have watched and I will try to explain why I love Merlin :)

We all know the name Merlin.  We all know who he is: The Greatest Warlock of all time.  But to see his journey as a young man has made Merlin a richer more complex character. He is an intriguing young man, known by many names including Emrys.  He has an extraordinary destiny and extraordinary power and yet it has never corrupted him.  He is brave and loyal, kind and unselfish and even faced with his own many heartbreaks such as losing his father after barely getting to know him, losing Freya, the girl he loves, and his constant struggle to hide his secret and protect Arthur, Merlin has never once turned bitter or angry.  Yes he has shown anger and on a number of occasions has vented his frustrations to poor Gaius! But Merlin will always get back up, fight and be strong because he knows in his heart how important it is to fulfill his destiny and to fight for his dream that one day he will be free to use magic.  He never gives up on Arthur even at his darkest moments and he will protect him to his dying breath.  Despite Merlins own dreams, he puts them aside for Arthur and there is no-one more loyal to Arthur than Merlin.  He has also increasingly shown wisdom, the wisdom that is guiding the greatest King to have ever lived and Merlin has such a beautiful spirit, he is part of nature, part of magic.  He is powerful but he will use his power for good and strive to do whatever he can to protect Arthur and Camelot.  And it is ultimately Merlins unselfish nature which I find I love most about him.  He has been through so much himself, so much pain which he can barely share with anyone except Gaius and it must hurt so much to not truly be free to be yourself.  Yet Merlin maintains a lively spirit, a humour and a kind heart to those around him and it is in these simple qualities where Merlins true power lies.