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30 Day Marvel Challenge - Day 2

Favorite Villain - Dottie Underwood

I think Dottie is my favorite because she is like Agent Carter’s evil twin. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll shoot you in the face. I love how her character is a foil for Peggy, but she still has a lot of depth and complexity on her own. She has the best crazy eyes, and not to mention she is every bit as trained, classy, and brilliant as Peggy. Plus, Bridget Regan is a dream. I really hope that if more seasons of Agent Carter come around, we get to see more of Dottie. 

30 Day Marvel Challenge - Day 30; MCU Quicksilver or X-Men Quicksilver?

Challenge is here made by @fandomimaginesuniverse

That’s a tough one because i love them both. So i will say the way i;m reading fics for them and it’s that i would want the MCU one as boyfriend and the X-Men one as best friend.

Thank you so much for creating it @fandomimaginesuniverse it was so fun to do and to see your answers.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: Favourite Side-kick

I’m not even sure if she really counts as a side-kick and in a universe that includes Falcon and War Machine as side-kicks it may seem as a ridiculous choice but I love Darcy. She’s hands down the funniest character in the MCU and one of my standouts in both Thor movies. She was right there in the thick of the action too in Dark World (kind of). I love that they gave her a love interest of her own in it as well, and in true Darcy fashion she was the definitely the dominant one in that relationship.