30 days of les mis

the more i think about my age/birthday headcanons for les amis, the more I think it makes sense for Prouvaire to be more or less around Bahorel’s age and just as ambigous about what he’s done before/whether he’s immortal or not. like, the two weird older siblings of les amis. they’ve seen things. does jehan still even go to school? what does he do. how did he even meet john keats. and byron. etc, etc.

30 Day OTP Challenge: exR - Day Three: Pick-up Lines

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Grantaire hands the cup over to the cute blonde with a smile. ‘I’m sorry about Marius, he’s just… he doesn’t know how to flirt and instead makes weird noises before he runs away.' 

The young woman lets out a chuckle in reply, shaking her head as she adds a sachet of sweetener to the saucer that the large mug sits on. 'No, don’t worry about it. I found it rather cute.' 

She digs into her satchel bag that’s slung over her shoulder and pulls out a pen and a piece of paper. She then jots something down and Grantaire watches her with a small frown. 'Tell him that talking through text may be easier at first, and if he is interested… here is my number.' 

She hands Grantaire the piece of paper which has her number scrawled beneath her name; Cosette

'Oh my God, seriously? This is your real number?’ Grantaire questions as he stares at Cosette with a sceptic frown on his face. He runs his free hand through his hair, ruffling his black curls as Cosette nods her head in reply. 

Wow,’ Grantaire lets out a low whistle before he chuckles, vaguely aware of the bell above the door chiming, signalling that someone has entered the coffee shop. 'I never thought I’d see the day I’d be craving Marius Pontmercy’s flirting techniques!' 

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The next installment of the 30 DAY CHARACTER OUTFIT CHALLENGE featuring the ever-gorgeous genderfluid Jean Prouvaire. Today we have:

7. In very cold weather

8. In very hot weather

9.  Pajamas/sleepwear

Winter Jehan is a snowbunny. c: Summer Jehan shaves their bottom layer of hair because they have a lot of it and it is not pleasant. :c Sleepytime Jehan is a bunny again c:


30 Day OTP Challenge: exR - Day Four: Anniversary

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6th June 2012. 

The flashbacks started a few weeks ago and no matter how hard he tried, Grantaire couldn’t stop them. They had started as nothing more than the odd nightmare. A flash of gold; then a golden god talking fiercely about the future of Paris; next the harsh words exchanged between someone Grantaire used to be and this golden Apollo. 

He could deal with that. He could deal with the odd nightmare that left him breathless and craving wine when he woke up… even though he had never liked the taste of wine before. 

But then yesterday all that changed. He had been walking to class one moment, then he blinked and he was at a barricade. Men were running about on either side of him, calling for wood, furniture, anything to help build the barricade. 

See the people unite. Someone declared and Grantaire raised a bottle to his lips and retorted, I pray you’re right. 

He sauntered away and didn’t hear anything else but didn’t need to, for the scene around him was beginning to fade, turning to fog and blurring at the edges.

Then when he opened his eyes nurses and doctors were standing over him, checking his pulse and the monitor he was attached to. They told him that he had collapsed and hurt his head - that he had a concussion from banging it against the concrete sidewalk. 

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30 Days of Art Improvement Challenge

Day 15 - Halfway there! Draw three ‘action’ scenes with different compositions in each. Quick sketches are fine, just make them interesting and understandable! Bonus points if it’s the same scene, but different composition.


two barricade sketches and one Bahorel boxing cause why not 


If you make it through this entire video I will give you five thousand dollars