30 days of lbd

I struggled with this one briefly, because like the rest of the fandom, I was very quickly and recently swept up in a wave of GIGI IS OUR QUEEN, and have not dropped that, don’t worry. But when sitting down and really thinking out the entire series, I have to say that my favorite female character remains Jane Bennet. She is so sweet, kind, loving - as Lizzie describes her in one of the earliest episodes (2, I believe) she is “practically perfect in every way.” THIS MEANS JANE IS MARY POPPINS. I mean, really, how can she NOT be my favorite character? Jane has the best clothing in the series, the cutest hair, and some serious ability to make me cry. I miss her so very much because she hasn’t been in the more recent episodes and I really want a new episode with Jane in it soooon. And hopefully it’ll be a happy one. I get so angry with Bing because he’s so silly and impressionable and really, let’s be real here, how could one doubt Jane? Even with Darcy’s influence? LOOK AT HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WHEN SHE IS WITH HIM. 

Anyway. The moral of the story is, I love Jane, I love the way LBD has adapted her character from the book, Laura Spencer is a beautiful genius, and I cannot wait for the day when Jane can once again manage to say the word “snickerdoodles.” 

#2: Favorite Female Character?

So much of what made LBD special was its nuanced and sympathetic female characters. These characters managed to cover each of the classic female archetypes (sweet, flirt, driven, etc.) but just like people in the real world, they are all multidimensional people who don’t always do what you expect or react the way you anticipate them to.

Mary Kate Wiles’s Lydia was truly fantastic much to the credit of that ridiculously talented actress. (Put her in ALL THE THINGS!!! Especially the next Elijah Wood project (you’re welcome MK 😉)) She made me care about Lydia in a way I didn’t think possible. Unlike all the other Lydias before her, LBD’s Lydia refused to be written off as a mere plot device or annoyance. She is a complex person, damn it, and you are gonna notice her!

All that being said, I would have to say Lizzie is my favorite character in LBD. I love how willing Ashley Clements and the writing team were to show Lizzie, not as the practically perfect, if slightly judgmental, ideal heroine, but as a real 24 year-old woman with all the failings and insecurities that come with that. There are moments in this adaptation where Lizzie is judgmental to the point of rudeness and it isn’t easy to like her, but that’s where AC’s Lucille Ball-esque talent for comedy comes in handy. In spite of all her flaws, or maybe because of them, we love Lizzie and root for her as she grows as a person and takes risks both professionally and personally. Jane Austen wrote one of the most relatable heroines ever written (hence her staying power) but LBD took that to a whole new level and created a Lizzie that I not only identified with, but that inspired me to take some risks in my own life.

30 Days of LBD: Day 30: Another book you’d want to see an adaptation of?

No offense to the Disney version (because I love it, separate from the books), but I think a web-com version of The Princess Diaries would be epic and awesome. It would be a chance to do the series in a way that is more faithful to the source material. Plus, as the source material is an actual diary, it would translate well to this kind of adaptation!

If not The Princess Diaries, I think an interesting one would be The Great Gatsby.


lizzie bennet diaries thirty days challenge - day 10: how involved are you in the interactive side?

I’ll be honest. I’m hardly ever there when it comes to trying to interacting with the characters via transmedia stuff. I’m painfully shy and didn’t really think my input for it was all too important anyway. Even though I can proudly say I followed LBD since the beginning of the series - when Hank announced it on Vlogbrothers, I wasn’t too keen on tweeting the characters or going on Tumblr to spazz about it at first. Heck, I had never posted comments in the videos. Ever. It’s not that I feel left out, but it’s because I thought I really didn’t have anything to contribute. So I kept to myself. This pretty much changed when my feels for the show couldn’t take it anymore and I made a Tumblr. So here I am endlessly making graphics of it! Yay!

Sorry that this was long. I just have a lot of feelings.

Oh Ricky…I love you so much. 

So. My friends and I have always had sort of a weird obsession with Mr. Collins - I think it’s because I find him so ridiculous, and he makes me cringe on every level. In every adaptation of Pride & Prejudice I have seen, I have loved looking for Mr. Collins, laughing at the actor, wondering how anyone could possibly behave the way he did. He was always so incredibly bizarre and self-absorbed, but not in exactly a dickhead way more in an oblivious way… but he did mean well, in his own messed up way. 

I never would have listed him as my FAVORITE. Usually that is reserved for Darcy or Bingley, depending on the adaptation. But Max’s adorable acting and the perfection of the way this character is written have both blown everyone else out of the water, and I love him dearly for it. There’s something so puppy-dog-like about this Mr. Collins, so sweet and unassuming - he is the least malicious and the least boring of all the Collins’ I have seen. And the way they adapted his character for the modern world has been pretty awesome to watch, because he’s made choices that were unexpected but that fit perfectly into this modern world they’re inhabiting, and he’s just so dorky and oblivious and I just wanna be like, “Awww, Ricky….” and he’s just the best. 

I just really like him, ok?