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30 day AU challenge: 27. Hospital / Vet

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“You know Eggsy, for an owner of a perfectly healthy dog, you and JB come here quite often”

“You are right… Do you do house calls? Over a glass of wine maybe?”

I know, I’m cheating yet again but I just thought this idea was cute so no regrets!


day 3: bias eating

he just eats so well ♥︎

Betrayed - Jaebum (Day 30/100)

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Prompt: Betrayed
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Prince!AU and Assassin!AU

Word Count: 1000

You cussed under your breath as you walked over to the palace. Lately there had been much tension between nearby kingdoms and threats have been made. No blood had been spilt yet, but it was only a matter of time.

There was, however, a muchbigger problem at hand.

You covered up your face with your signature scarf so nobody would know who you were as you crept inside the palace and made your way over to the Jaebum’s quarters. Once you were there, you made a signature knock at the door and waited.

Soon, the guards walked out of the door and headed down the hall, leaving the door unguarded. You hastily walked over and slipped through the door, closing it quietly behind you.

“Y/N, you’re back earlier than I expected,” the prince said with a smirk on his face. However, the moment you turned to face him, his smirk vanished and he furrowed his brow. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a deadly whisper, his mood changing dramatically.

“My lord, I have some bad news,” you stated with a serious face. Jaebum narrowed his eyes and motioned for you to continue. “I believe we have a betrayer in our midst,” you stated, bluntly.

You followed Jaebum’s movements closely as the prince’s face flashed surprise, then confusion, then anger, and then finally on stoic once more.

“A spy?” he asked, already knowing the answer. You nodded shortly and put a hand on your sword.

“Yes,” you stated. “I believe the spy is from one of the nearby Kingdoms.”

“Why do you think someone is betraying us?” Jaebum asked, his voice showing no emotion.

“My lord, yesterday at the council meeting we came up with a number of plans for our country and its citizens. However, my contact in another Kingdom just came to me a few days ago saying that the nearby Kingdom of Aluria would be implementing a plan to counteract our own,” you explained. Jaebum listened intently and once again, motioned for you to continue.

“There’s something else…” you began, but then trailed off. This time, Jaebum looked at you with a questioning look.

“What is it?” he asked. When you didn’t respond, he stood up from his chair and looked down at you. “Y/N, I know we’ve gotten closer over these past months that I have made you my secret personal guard. However…” he started, walking over to you and stopping just in front of you so that he was inches away. “…don’t make the mistake in thinking we are equals,” he whispered, his voice powerful and commanding. “I am your prince and I demand that you tell me the happenings in my own country,”

You looked away from him, not daring to meet his eyes as you sighed deeply.

“I…I have another contact in Aluria as well,” you said, swallowing hard. “An old acquaintance that used to pay very well for my services,” you stated, glancing up at Jaebum so that he knew you were talking about your identity as an assassin. When he made no motion to stop you, you continued with your story.

“He said that there was someone here in our Kingdom that had heard of my abilities and wanted to hire me to assassinate someone,” you told him. Jaebum took a step back and stared above you at the painting of his father on the wall.

“And who was it that they wanted you to assassinate?” Jaebum whispered, the anger now clear in his voice. You hesitated briefly, knowing that it would hurt Jaebum to know the truth, but you couldn’t like to him. He was your prince.

“You, my lord,” you stated, softly. Jaebum was turned away from you, intensely focused on the painting of his father so that you could not see his face.

“And what are you going to do?” Jaebum asked, his voice barely audible. You stared at his back as you thought deeply about what your next decision would be.

“Well? What will you do?” Jaebum shouted, spinning around to face you. You could see his eyes light up with fire and anger, but there was also something else within them. You could tell he was hurt that someone in his own guard would want him dead. You couldn’t begin to fathom the life of a prince, but you could imagine how difficult loyalty was to find.

And that was when you made your decision.

You closed your eyes for a moment before shooting them back open and glaring at Jaebum. You took a step towards him and he __ took a step back. You unsheathed your sword and held it up for a moment, letting the light from the candles illuminate the silver blade.

You dropped down to one knee in front of Jaebum and held out your sword to him.

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do,” you stated. “I’m going to go to Aluria and find my contact and force him to give me the location of the man who wants me to assassinate you. Then I will hunt that man down and make him pay for even considering to betray you,” you spat, angrily. A second passed before you spoke up once more.

“Because I am loyal to you, my prince,” you stated, honestly

There was another moment of silence before Jaebum reached down and touched the hilt of your sword gently. You glanced at him as he bent down next to you. His eyes no longer held anger or hurt, but instead relief and thankfulness.

“Then as your prince, I command you to track down this betrayer and bring him to me,” Jaebum said, nodding at you as you both stood back up. In the candlelight you took in the prince’s beauty and steadied your heart, bowing as you turned to leave.

“Oh, and Y/N?” Jaebum exclaimed from the throne in which he had sat back down. You turned back to face him, eyebrows raised in anticipation.

“Thank you for your loyalty.”