30 days of hugh

30 Bands in 30 Days
Deep Purple

Day: 25 (November 13)
Favorite song(s): Rat Bat Blue, Anya, Son of Alerik, Child in Time, Clearly Quite Absurd, Hush, Hey Joe, Mandrake Root, Burn, A Gypsy’s Kiss, Under the Gun, Smooth Dancer, Our Lady, Mitzi Dupree, King of Dreams, Knocking at Your Back Door, Fortuneteller, Not Responsible, Perfect Strangers, Smoke On the Water, Soldier of Fortune, The Battle Rages On, Gettin’ Tighter, Mistreated, ‘A’ 200, Speed King, Stormbringer, Woman From Tokyo
Favorite album(s): Who Do We Think We Are!, Slaves & Masters, Burn, In Rock, Perfect Strangers
Favorite lyrics:
“When brave men fall
Under crimson skies
There’s a sadness reflected in a soldier’s eyes
Tears will dry
For those I kill
Remember no more their names but someone will”
- “Under the Gun”
Favorite member(s): Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore
When did you become a fan: I’ve been a very casual listener for several years now, but I guess you could say I became an actual fan earlier this year (it was Michael Weikath’s fault entirely).
First song you heard: Smoke On the Water
Favorite video: Perfect Strangers
Seen them live: No.
Memory involving the band: Finding out that “Child in Time” was used in Twister (which happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies).  My initial reaction was something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, really!?” and then I started thinking about where it may have been used.  And then it hit me - I immediately started thinking about the scene where everybody goes after the first tornado and Dusty blasts some music and yells “It’s the wonder of nature, baby!”  I had wanted to figure out what the name of that song was for years.  

30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 28 - You know someone is an FMA fan when…

1. They make jokes about Tucker fusing Nina and Alexander that are in bad taste:

2. They strongly believe either Original or Brotherhood is infinitely superior to the other and start massive flame-wars on the topic whenever they can: 

3. They want Roy and Riza to get together (Seriously, does anyone not ship them???):

4. They still haven’t gotten over Maes’ death:

5.  They hated at least one of the Original’s endings:


Day 17: Favorite Bad Guy/Girl

So I know this is kind of cheating, as drunk and disorderly is probably the most heinous crime on Elsie Tizzard’s rap sheet, but this lady is pure, uncut comedic magic and deserves a few minutes in the spotlight. Favorite guest star ever, bar none! I just adore her, quite as much as Jack does (very few people besides Phryne have the ability to make him smile!). If they ever did a 1920’s Melbourne version of COPS Elsie would most definitely be featured. The actress (Gillian Jones) is so damn good I completely forget she’s acting.

And that scene where she drags Hugh back to the station with a GSW is probably one of my favorites in the whole show…I just kept snickering to myself like an idiot the entire time I was making these gifs.

The only question I have is WHY isn’t this woman a series regular?!? Please, please, please bring Lizard back for Season 3!!