30 days of hi

First two weeks of June: The Boy gone on a work trip, culminating in trip to NYC for big concert
June 12-15: unexpected workshop in NYC
June 17: day in PA and a baseball game
June 18: went to the opera
June 22-25: The Boy at his brother’s bachelor party
June 30: day in PA
July 1: day at the beach
July 2-5: my parents visiting, July 4th celebrations
July 7-12: trip up to Maine to see family
July 14: traveling down to Baltimore
July 15: The Boy’s brother’s wedding
July 16: fly to Chicago for three-week workshop
July 17-21: workshop
July 22-23: The Boy visits Chicago for the weekend, HAMILTON!
July 24-28: workshop
July 29-30: weekend with @agarthanguide somewhere in IL/WI
July 31-August 4: workshop
August 5: The Boy comes to Chicago, celebrate his birthday
August 6: The Boy’s parents join us for Chicago Cubs game
August 7: drive allllllll the way back to the east coast
August: get a motorcycle license?
August: visit some more with family?
August 30: my birthday
August 31: fly to Netherlands for Sept 1 move-in date

Summer workload
- planning semester of research in the Netherlands (apartment, archives, contacts)
- downloading about ~90,000 document images for my personal research uses, one by one
- homework assignments for the July workshop
- application to a German winter school due June 30
- revise creative essay based on an orals paper and submit to magazine
- historical & narrative timeline for the first volume of a comic project @agarthanguide and I are working on
- about ~70k of fic I want to finish
- starting draft of a novel
- 2 script ideas
- eat
- sleep
- actually take advantage of the weather and go to our pool once in a fucking blue moon
edit: oh yeah wedding planning

This… is why I haven’t been around much. But if you poke me, I’ll poke back. *G*

A Finite Amount of Love

The first time Rose did it, it was out of ignorance.

The second was desperation.

The third time she did not do it. If she had, it would have been purely malicious.

She resisted it the fourth time too, and the fifth, the sixth and the seventh. 

The eighth time she never got the choice: she died first.

The first, though—the first was Adam. An eager and honest bucktooth man with blond hair in ringlets that reminded Rose just a bit of her own. Adam was the first human Rose fell in love with, and it was different. It wasn’t her normal human love, that soft and gentle maternal kind. This love was bubbly and effervescent. It was walks alone just the two of them that felt giddy and new and anxious eager jolts in her mind of touching his skin and investigating his lips and getting close, close like humans do, in a way that wasn’t fusion.

And 58 was far too young an age, Rose thought, for Adam to fade. He burst out in sores that corrupted his human form and could not heal, would not heal, and no human could save him. So Rose did. Adam died, and Rose shed just enough tears to bring him back into existence.

Things didn’t change all at once. For years nothing was different than the novelty of Adam’s ringleted hair truly matching Rose’s. But humans experience the passing of decades different from Gems. Adam grew solemn when all his friends died. He made new ones. Then 50 years later, they all died as well.

Adam’s body remained healthy. But it seemed the human mind wasn’t equipped for centuries of life. Maybe humans had a finite amount of love packaged into them, meant to well up from the soul for 70 or 80 years at most. Adam ran out of love. He packed his things, just a single bag on his shoulder, and he told Rose he would leave forever.

Rose let him go, but her heart still broke, because Gems work on a much larger time scale.

Samuel was the next man in her life, a mere 30 years later, and he was spry, bubbly, energetic, overflowing with a sort of giddy love that Rose felt would last and last. She swept him up in her arms and spun with him on the briny beach front, her bare feet molding in the sand as they swirled and danced, day after day, year after year. She and Samuel married, as was a custom among Samuel’s kind, and he gathered a batch of humans larger than Rose had seen since the victory against Homeworld.

Samuel turned 75 faster than Rose could measure. He was gray and worn, thin and knotted at the joints, senile and immobile when Rose still wanted to dance with him on the beach. He did not wake up one morning, and it was too soon for Rose. She wept, honest heavy wet tears that poured the life back into a husk that dried too soon.

Samuel lasted another 75 years after that. But he burned down, slower than Adam but still the same. His human light died. He wept too hard for his family and friends, for the children of his first marriage and his children’s children, and their children… He grew solemn, and cold, and inconsolable, and one day he told Rose he wanted to explore the ocean with his infinite age. Alone. Without her. His human love had burnt itself to the wick.

The heartache hit worse. Rose gave her hand and heart and time to no other man for decades. Not the curious sailors who came hat-in-hand to the Temple. Not the outcast townsfolk who came to investigate the myths of the magical women out by the briny shore. She waited, and waited, until that ache in her chest grew too heavy, and she let a young and spindly man named Wilson woo her. He took her out to sea on a rickety hand-crafted boat, and he pointed out the wonders of the vast sea to her, and Rose wondered silently if ever they might cross Samuel’s path.

Wilson grew old when Rose was not paying attention. She went to visit him one day, and found only a sickly man curled up in bed, breathing in wheezes, blinking through milky eyes. Garnet found her that evening, Garnet with the ability to see the paths laid out ahead of her. She warned Rose not to follow through this time, and Rose did not. And Wilson died.

Mark with the thick orange brows was slowly whittled down to thin scraggly gray hairs, like fuzzy caterpillars resting on his lip and brow the day he died. Seth had only hit 30 when his carriage was lost off the side of the road in a blizzard, his body found days after. Wallace made it to 76. Jeremy to 64…

When she met Greg, Rose reached a selfish conclusion. She would be the human this time. She would be the human wife that Adam, Samuel, Wilson, Seth, Mark, Wallace, Jeremy never had…she would be the one to give him a child.

And she would die first this time.

The other men had seemed so peaceful when they passed, Rose thought in hindsight. A life well-lived. A life fulfilled. Not like Adam, not like Samuel, whittled down to husks and then nothing but a puppet on strings, in a body strewn about, too spent and stressed for a human. She wanted to know that peace of a life lived to its end. She wanted to pass on her chance of experiencing the world to a new human, a new generation, like all humans were so happy to do.

Rose died first. Steven lived on.

Lars has not visited Beach City in centuries. Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst still live there, he knows that, but he never knew them well. He never properly met the green and blue ones either.

He travels sometimes. Mostly he lingers. Wherever he ends up. It’s all a blur. Where he’s been and where he’s going. Just not Beach City. He’s visited those old homes too many times, and he saw them all demolished over time. Nothing’s left for him there.

Lars does not quite know where he is. He does not particularly care. It’s indoors, and dim, and a man is logging orders on a holographic tablet one table over. It’s a restaurant of sorts. Lars doesn’t need to eat, but if he orders a coffee, they will probably let him linger longer.

Lars stares out the window. He does that often. He’s run out of other things to do over the years. He’s gotten numb to most of it.

A shadow of a man slides into the booth with Lars. He takes the space on the opposite side of the table. He’s wearing a rain poncho, a thin and ultra-light orange material for maximum hydrophobic effect. He looks old, eyes lined with wrinkles beneath the hood. Lars swallows the urge to ask him what he wants as the man lowers the hood.

His hair cascades in ringlets, each the same pale and luminous pink as the hair on Lars’ head.

He sticks a hand out, and offers a thin smile that doesn’t quite touch his eyes.

“I’m Adam. I noticed your hair from the other side of the bar. Sorry to intrude, but could we talk a moment…?”

30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Cosplay

Space Ranger Partners? 

(Lance as Captain Kirk and Keith as Spock)


Lance: The ears look good. We are gonna have to do something about your hair though. 

Keith: You’re not touching my hair.

Lance: We should cut it. It would make you look authentic.

Keith: You are definitely not cutting my hair.

Lance; It’s hair. It will grow back.

Keith: No.

Lance: Sigh, a true Vulcan would not have such an emotional attachment to a mullet.

Keith: Hey Lance,

It’s not a mullet. It’s a shag. 


30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 3: Favorite Ship

Sorry for my shitty handwriting, but it’s a solid tie between these two! I love them so much ;V;

Now if only klapollo got even close to the screentime narumitsu gets

anonymous asked:

Steve always posts his day on social media like... 30 snaps a day. Yesterday? NOTHING. You know why. Hint: he spent the day with THE couple.

i’d do anything to see steve’s camera roll

so like in terms of describing gabriel’s personality he kinda reminds me of the overachieving college freshman who goes WAY out of his way to do a good job and still manages to pull off a decent gpa. then he realizes he put in too much effort and stressed too much about grades so by the time he’s a senior he’s so fucking jaded and over Itthat he just shows up to class fifteen minutes late wearing heelies and sunglasses, still in his goddamn pjs while carrying starbucks because he’s gotta be getting that beauty rest.  and the worst part of it is he makes such a spectacle of himself and doesn’t seem to try but he still makes the best grades in the class and it’s super infuriating but no one can hate him because a) he’s hilarious b) he’s fun at parties and c) his notes kept half the class from failing.

and then jack’s like the kind of college student who probably goofed off way too much freshman year and then looked at his gpa at the end of the year like “MMMM SHIT” so he started taking college TOO seriously. probably signed up for way too many extracurricular activities, tried to please everyone in every social circle, took way more hours than he was supposed to. dude’s jacked up on coffee mixed with energy drinks and running on 30 minutes of sleep and perpetual anxiety. he hasn’t showered in days and his laundry is a month old. he’s the dude you see falling asleep in the library at 4 am everyday and gets his shit stolen there no less than three times in one semester. he’s also the one who finds gabriel infuriating for being so effortlessly good at everything but he can’t hate him because he’s just so damn likable and also gabriel lets him borrow his notes sometimes and is the only one who can get him to fucking chill. 

anyway that’s how my character analysis accidentally became a college au

No matter what the truth is that’s waiting ahead, I won’t be afraid!

30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 20: Favorite Objection Theme

Apollo’s objection theme is hands down the best objection theme. It’s got an emotional vibe to it. Or maybe it just feels like it does because so many bad things happen to this kid. Idk but it’s good. 


Jou thinks Seto works too hard. Unfortunately for Seto, he can be very distracting when he wants to be…

Although it’s likely to turn into just a “30 pictures of your OTP” challenge rather than a 30 day one, I’m including this as “A wants attention but B is really busy with something”.


HBCU students worry their leaders are betraying schools’ founding principles

  • Hours before Donald Trump announced a new executive order aimed at better support of historically black colleges and universities on Tuesday, students at those schools were already disappointed.
  • Allyson Carpenter, president of Howard University’s student association, was one of those students. 
  • “Maybe I’m too idealistic, but you’re talking to a man who in his first 30 days tried to ban Muslims from this country, deported undocumented immigrants like it’s a game,” Carpenter said in a phone interview. 
  • “If you’re in the room with the president and you’re president of HBCU, it’s such a wasted opportunity.”
  • The disappointment stemmed not just from cynicism about the Trump administration’s support of HBCUs to bolster its credibility in shaping urban education policy, but with the schools’ leaders deciding to meet with Trump at all.
  • Trump’s executive order capped off days of publicized and surprise dealings between he and leaders of HBCU schools across the country. 
  • In turn, students at those schools worry that the almost sacred principles of working in service of underrepresented communities that have sustained HBCUs for more than a century are in jeopardy. Read more (3/1/17 12:13 PM)

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30 Days Idol Challenge - Day 13

We’ve had enough airport and pap shots the past two days, so here are some others (excruciating because they’re even ‘realler’ in a way.).

Though they qualify only sort of, I had to include these, sorry…

Of course, we need Unicef/Saviour Tom in today’s post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (be still, my heart)!

And what would this post be without Potato Tom (Live Below the Line)?!

Technically, there IS makeup in these, but deranged Laing from High-Rise is kinda the embodiment of ‘no makeup’…

Some more Tom at home, anyone?

Or do you prefer Tom between shoots or a wild Hiddles in town?

More glorious torture coming your way courtesy of @hiddlesbumlustalot and @noclevernamelbr

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This is Mac! He lives at Galaxy Games, Dublin, California, and was picked up as a stray on Christmas Eve 2015. After 30 days of searching for his owners, he was adopted into his new forever home and greets everyone who comes into the store!

13/10 h*ckin cute cosplayer

#Sweet Elite 30 days Challenge: What’s your scholar’s hidden talent?

my boi is very agile & flexible