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30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Cosplay

Space Ranger Partners? 

(Lance as Captain Kirk and Keith as Spock)


Lance: The ears look good. We are gonna have to do something about your hair though. 

Keith: You’re not touching my hair.

Lance: We should cut it. It would make you look authentic.

Keith: You are definitely not cutting my hair.

Lance; It’s hair. It will grow back.

Keith: No.

Lance: Sigh, a true Vulcan would not have such an emotional attachment to a mullet.

Keith: Hey Lance,

It’s not a mullet. It’s a shag. 


Jou thinks Seto works too hard. Unfortunately for Seto, he can be very distracting when he wants to be…

Although it’s likely to turn into just a “30 pictures of your OTP” challenge rather than a 30 day one, I’m including this as “A wants attention but B is really busy with something”.

24.01.2016 || 21/30 Studyblr Challenge by @hayley-studies

Day 21: A photo of your diary/planner/journal

Sorry I couldn’t upload anything yesterday but I still was being productive though and finished 2 more chapters of my IM notes!
Anyway, since I’ve started to use a bullet journal not long ago I’m still trying out some stuff. Here is a try-out-page for the coming week.

Ted Bundy was quite the escape artist, having successfully escaped from prison twice. The first escape took place on 7 June, 1977, when Bundy had access to the courthouse law library - he was serving as his own attorney. When in the library, Bundy jumped from a second story window and fled into the Aspen Mountain. He was a fugitive for six days. His second escape occurred on 30 December, 1977. Over the course of a few months, Bundy lost 35lbs so that he could fit through a hole in the ceiling of his cell. He fled to Florida where he resumed his murder spree, killing three more.

Bundy had attempted one final escape before his execution. In July of 1984, prison officials discovered that a bar in his Florida State Prison cell had been cut and was being held together with soap. He and another inmate, Manuelle Vale, had planned to escape together. Death Row inmates at Florida State Prison each have their own cell; the bar in his cell had also been cut in the same place. Inside Bundy’s cell, they also discovered hacksaw blades and gloves. He was sent to solitary confinement. Who knows how many more women Bundy could have killed had he successfully escaped once more.


30 Day Character Challenge

Day 1 — A character from your current favorite fandom 

Akaashi Keiji [ Haikyuu!! ]

Ransom and Holster have a good thing okay and adding March to that isn’t a bad thing because Holster thinks she is fantastic and gorgeous 

but he doesn’t really have a relationship with her yet so it just feels like he is losing Ransom time and not getting anything to replace it

cue Holster watching Sex and the City at seven on a saturday night with a couple of bottles of wine because Rans is staying with March tonight and that’s fine honestly but his bed is too empty 

he is pretty far into his planned moping schedule when there’s a knock at the door and he is far too petulant to get up for anyone because Rans never knocks and that’s the only person he wants to see right now

the door opens while he is making a pros/cons list on saying “come in” and it’s March? she just raises an eyebrow at his setup and pushes her way into his blanket fortress

Holster is so confused because she is meant to be with Ransom and if March is here than where is Ransom? is everything alright? did something bad happen?

“everything is fine Adam. Justin is fine. i just thought we needed some Adam and March time. Justin agrees.”

and okay maybe Holster’s only problem wasn’t just less Ransom and maybe he was feeling a little unwanted because March hadn’t shown much interest in him but that’s still a maybe

anyway they cuddle and bitch about Carrie and Big and drink wine and everything turns out okay