30 days of grimm


30 Days of Grimm - Day 13 - Who Do You Ship and Why?

While I love Juliette and Nick together, and in a way I hope they stay together because it really defines Nick as a character, more than anything I ship Nick and Adalind because they are so fucking hot together. Their chemistry is just explosive and violent and primal, and seeing what would happen if they ever got together would be overwhelming (even though Adalind lost her powers or at least most of them). Plus Adalind drives Nick crazy in ways that no other female or male character can, and badass, pseudo-dominant Nick is fucking sexy-as-hell Nick.


30 Days of Grimm - Day 8 - Favorite Wesen race

I’ve mentioned it before, and I still love the Eisbiber. They are adorable, and I think Grimm has done a great job of developing the culture of the Eisbiber. From Bud’s nervous gregariousness to Arnold’s bravery in the face of terror to the lodge elder’s frankness (“I move to request that the Grimm does not cut off our heads for opposing him on this question”) to the egg-throwing curious Eisbiber children to the gift-giving and the bridges, I just can’t get enough of the Eisbibers. I also hope that in Season 2 the Grimm gods give us more in-depth knowledge of the individual Wesen cultures for each species/race. I’d love to see more about the Fuchsbaus, especially. 


30 Days of Grimm - Day Seventeen - Best Hair

Hands down, Nick has the greatest hair on Grimm, and possibly the greatest hair in the entire universe (or at least the greatest bangs). I fully believe that Nick’s bangs are the source of his Grimm power. I hate to think what would happen if he lost them! Just look at that fluffy goodness!


30 Days of Grimm - Day 5 - Character You Identify With Most 

The character I identify with most is Rosalee. Rosalee is fucking awesome, and I can’t wait to see how they develop her character. I love her relationship with Monroe, and I like that it’s moved slowly and that they haven’t even kissed yet (although I was kind of hoping on the finale, but oh well). The reason I identify with her though is her weaknesses (although some end up being strengths). Rosalee has a rough past, and she moved far away to start over. She doesn’t have a close relationship with her family, and seems kind of like the black sheep. She is wary of trusting people, but once she does trust you she is incredibly loyal and will fight like hell to protect you. 


30 Days of Grimm - Day Two - Favorite Female Character

While I cannot stress how I love all the characters, my favorite female character is definitely Adalind. While I do wish she had a little more purpose than just trying to please/help Renard, I’m hoping that she eventually comes back and wreaks havoc on everyone in a giant orgy of revenge. I love Adalind because she’s wily and evil, yet vulnerable at the same time. This is definitely thanks to the amazing acting skills of Claire Coffee, who manages to give Adalind depth and makes you feel for her even as she tries to kill anyone in her (or Renard’s) way. She’s sexy, vicious, and at times extremely cocky.  However, she also is desperately in love and aches for not only Renard’s affection, but also her mother’s, making her incredibly conflicted. The scenes with Renard really illustrate how, despite her powers, she is also terribly fragile. I just hope the Grimm gods give her story a proper ending.


30 Days of Grimm - Day 16 - A Scene That Makes Me Cry

The scene that makes me cry the most is the second after Nick says “She thinks I’m crazy” and you can see his heart literally break. David Giuntoli really does a great job making this scene believable and really translating the pain Nick is feeling without being over-the-top. The subtle way he lingers while looking at Juliette and then looks down is so realistic and so poignant, it just brings tears to my eyes every time. Perfect scene. Heartbreaking.


30 Days of Grimm - Day 15 - Favorite Monroe Moment

My favorite Monroe moment is actually an entire episode, “Let Your Hair Down” (also called “Let Down Your Hair” on iTunes). Monroe’s connection with Holly is done so well and really allows the audience to see a new aspect to Monroe. The scenes are so poignant, but not heavy-handed, and much of this is due to Silas Weir Mitchell and Mary Jon Nelson, who have such amazing chemistry and play their scenes so subtly, it makes them even more touching. I can’t wait until they bring Holly back!


30 Days of Grimm - Day 4 - Favorite Nick Moment

Well there are many things I love about Nick, from his cluelessness to his naïveté to his puppy-dog sad eyes to his badassery to his hotness, I really love Nick. But I wanted to pick one moment where I thought Nick really became Nick, and I believe that moment is when he lets Ian go. Nick letting Ian go was such a turning point not only for the character, but for the series as well. This is Nick choosing to follow his “Grimmstincts”, so to speak, over his cop instincts and that is huge. Nick is not only risking everything he’s ever believed in as a cop, and trusting that indeed it may be justified to kill someone, kill a Wesen, because they are inherently bad and will harm those he loves (including Monroe and Rosalee), but also that he trusts Monroe and Rosalee and even Ian- that they are good and the Verrat, or at least Waltz, is bad. It’s Nick coming to terms with the fact that the Grimmverse has different rules. This makes him very honorable in this situation, but also very scary, because now, really, there is no-one to reign him in anymore. Nick is indeed a “samurai without a master”.


30 Days of Grimm - Day Three- A Scene That Makes You Laugh

While there are many hilarious scenes in Grimm, especially with Monroe and Nick, the one that makes me laugh the most was probably not intended to be funny and to this day I still don’t understand why it makes me laugh so much. I’ve talked about it before- it’s in “Leave it to Beavers” after Nick and Bud leave the Eisbiber meeting, and Bud is telling Nick that the Eisbibers are naturally not brave, and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they decided not to help him with his investigation. Nick turns to Bud and says:

“Hey, I don’t know about that Bud. Even after you knew what I was, you still came to my house, fixed my door, brought me pie and a quilt, and that took guts.”

I laugh every single time I see this scene. Nick is just so serious, and the line taken out of context is so absurd. “You brought me pie and a quilt; that took guts!” Awesome. I love Grimm so much.

30 Days of Grimm - Day 7 - Favorite Juliette Moment

Sorry I keep missing these. I’ll try to keep up from now on!

My favorite Juliette moment was hard to pick, because I actually think she’s a better character than people give credit for. Yes, I think she could be improved, but it’s only been one season, and the show’s main characters (Nick and Monroe) are males, so she will always be a supporting character. However, I do think Juliette has had some great moments. I like that she was proactive and learned to shoot a gun. I like that she helped rescue Robin in “The Thing with Feathers” and then helped Nick by holding the gun on one of the bad guys. I like that she punched Ariel in the face. I like that she did some investigating on the hair she found in “Big Feet”. I like that she said “No” to Nick’s proposal, even though it kills me how much she broke his poor little puppy-dog heart, because she followed what she thought was right for her, regardless of how much she still loves him and how hard it is to say “No” to a proposal (it’s really uncomfortable, especially when the guy thinks you’re going to say “Yes”). Overall, I really like Juliette and think she has tremendous potential if she survives.

My favorite scene though, is in “Game Ogre” when Juliette helps protect Nick and herself from the Siegbarste, even though Nick is telling her to get out of the house. Instead of fleeing, she throws the pot of boiling water on the Siegbarste, weakening him long enough for Nick to recover, get his gun, and shoot him, making the Siegbarste flee. Pretty badass, in my opinion! 


30 Days of Grimm - Day 19 - Name a historical figure. What Wesen are they?

I decided to go with Caligula, the infamous Roman emperor known for being incredibly greedy, sex-crazed, murderous, and insane. I thought he would probably be a Klaustreich, since they seem very greedy, have no qualms about hurting people for their gain, and are seen as assholes. Plus it was known that Caligula got with a lot of people’s wives. But he was not a bad-looking fellow, so I didn’t think Ziegvolk was appropriate (plus, I wanted something different and they already said Casanova was a Ziegvolk). 

30 Days of Grimm - Day 18 - Favorite Hank Moment

My favorite Hank moment is actually towards the end of “Woman in Black” when Hank is just losing his mind and you know that things probably aren’t getting better anytime soon. I think the reason it’s my favorite is because there were so many events that led up to this point, from Adalind, “Organ Grinder”, and especially seeing Monroe as a Blutbad and Brinkerhoff go through Woge right in front of him. I can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store for poor Hank!