30 days of grimm


30 Days of Grimm - Day 19 - Name a historical figure. What Wesen are they?

I decided to go with Caligula, the infamous Roman emperor known for being incredibly greedy, sex-crazed, murderous, and insane. I thought he would probably be a Klaustreich, since they seem very greedy, have no qualms about hurting people for their gain, and are seen as assholes. Plus it was known that Caligula got with a lot of people’s wives. But he was not a bad-looking fellow, so I didn’t think Ziegvolk was appropriate (plus, I wanted something different and they already said Casanova was a Ziegvolk). 

30 days aesthetic challenge // day 19 // Эстетика любимой сказки

‘Hansel and Gretel’ | Brothers Grimm, 1812

‘Get up, you lazybones, fetch water and cook something tasty for your brother. He’s locked in the pen outside and has to be fattened up. When he’s nice and fat, I’ll eat him’


30 Days of Grimm - Day Seventeen - Best Hair

Hands down, Nick has the greatest hair on Grimm, and possibly the greatest hair in the entire universe (or at least the greatest bangs). I fully believe that Nick’s bangs are the source of his Grimm power. I hate to think what would happen if he lost them! Just look at that fluffy goodness!

30 Days of Grimm: Day 11


Hey, Grimm fandom. I’m not sure if there is already a 30 Days of Grimm meme, but I figured I’d write one anyway. Want, take, have, it’s here for you to play:

  1. Favourite character (male)
  2. Favourite character (female)
  3. A scene that makes you laugh
  4. Favourite Nick moment
  5. The character you identify with most
  6. A Grimm-ed version of a fairytale you’d like to see
  7. Favourite Juliette moment
  8. Favourite Wesen race
  9. What kind of Wesen would you be?
  10. A song that reminds you of Grimm/a Grimm character
  11. Favourite secondary character (ie, neither Nick nor Monroe)

11. Favourite secondary character (ie, neither Nick nor Monroe): Damn, this is actually a bit difficult. The more I think about it, the worse it gets. While I really enjoy Wu, I think they could be writing him better (THERE ARE BETTER ONE-LINERS FOR YOU OUT THERE, WU! DON’T SETTLE!); I’ve already talked a lot about Rosalee; I feel like Renard doesn’t really quite count as secondary and anyway he’ll get plenty more attention before this thing is through; Adalind is boss in many ways, but I don’t love her enough for this.

So, surprisingly enough, I think I’m going for Bud.

Bud is one of the few windows we get into something like normal Wesen life. He’s just trying to do his job, love his family, and drink a brew with his buddies and watch the game. He is completely terrified of Nick, which not only is normal for Wesen (again, something we don’t get enough of) but also brings out a more badass, in-charge version of Nick’s Grimm persona (also something we don’t get enough of). 

But what’s really admirable about him is how brave he is. Monroe had a little more leeway to think this way when he first met Nick, because he can always turn into a terrifying wolfman and defend himself. Bud is an Eisbieber. For the most part, as we see in Leave it to Beavers, they live more or less in submission to other, scarier Wesen.

But, despite coming from a community that seems to make decisions based mostly on fear, Bud–once he realizes Nick won’t kill him on sight–starts approaching him. He even recruits his own community to appeal to Nick for help.

What I’m saying is, he’s a complex character. Those are always good. He also provides  interesting insight into normal Wesen life (whatever that means) and in particular the democratic social practices of the Eisbiebers, which are intriguing in their own right.

So congratulations, Bud! You win!