30 days of foxy fellas

Day 23: James Dean. I probably prefer East of Eden, but Rebel is hard to resist. I saw these jeans in person on one of my first trips to NYC before I moved here. Was with my mom and we had to go back three times just to stare at them because they were so iconic. Such a sensitive and emotive actor, but you can tell from his candids that he was a total goofball too. The only good thing about dying so young is that you never think of him any other way than adorable. What I really like about him is that slight stockiness - makes him a bit more of a teddy bear than his contemporaries.

Day 27: Bud Cort. Again I’m probably more in love with Harold the character than Mr. Cort himself, because I certainly don’t have the same feelings for Brewster McCloud. But there would be no Harold without Bud Cort. That lanky frame and baby face. That dimple that stars in the greatest break of the fourth wall in any movie. Would that we were all badass 80-year-old women to win his heart.

Day 30: Oliver Reed. Saved my honey for last. Very underrated as an actor and as a dreamboat. He’s the actor version of a hockey player - just look at the mouth scar! He’s a little bit crazy, a little violent, passionate of course, sometimes creepy. Watch anything of his from the 60s and 70s and tell me you don’t want to be seduced by him.

ps. How many brits on this list?

Day 22: Anton Walbrook. To be honest this is a newish love for me. I adored him as Theo in Colonel Blimp but had avoided the Red Shoes for years because frankly - Roger Livesey wasn’t in it. Finally saw it this year, and I do not know what I was thinking! Or what Moira Shearer was thinking - If Boris Lermontov was obsessed with me, I would never leave him. And look at him here -holy smoulder!

Day 20: River Phoenix. Another too young photo, but in my defense I was younger than him when this was taken. At this time I knew River from Explorers and that one episode of Family Ties, but Stand By Me was when I fell in love with him. Only 15 or 16, he’s gives one of the coolest screen performances. I followed him devotedly from there on in, and after My Own Private Idaho had decided he was one of the best actors of all time. Then just a few months later he was gone, and my heart was broken.  Still is a little bit.

Day 10: Marlon Brando. He’s just undeniable especially in his younger days. But know what? I love him thin, I love him fat, old, young. I love him always.  I’m pretty sure he even had bad breath, but who cares. A few years ago I rifled through his stuff at the Christie’s auction. It was closest I ever got and it was pretty damn great.


Day 11: James Stewart. In honor of Veteran’s Day I picked the actor who served perhaps the most for our country. He’s just a standup guy. I think his screen persona has become a bit clouded by all the bumbling imitations of him particularly as George Bailey but when you really look at his body of films you see a man with a keen intellect who often struggles between his wants and desires and what’s best for those around him. Intense and passionate, funny and protective.

Day 9: Andrew Garfield. Definitely my current favorite guy. An amazing actor even with only a handful of credits, he’s an even more remarkable man.  Compassionate, generous and full of feeling. Want proof? He was so thoughtful that he specifically wore this shirt I gave him to the Amazing Spider-man photo call. That film comes out on DVD today, so go out and support AG.

Day 28: Joel McCrea. I don’t know from his latter years as a western star - what I love is his romantic comedy era of the 30s and early 40s. It’s funny because when I think about his screen persona it’s very similar to John Wayne- stoic, dependable even a little wooden, but I just prefer McCrea on every front. You’ve got that face and those shoulders just waiting for a wacky woman to lasso his heart out of that fine specimen. I’m down. 

ps. Here he’s rockin’ one of my favorite looks - gay sailor! Very Jean Genet and I love it.

Day 14: Jean-Pierre Leaud. Or Antoine Doinel. I hope no one is skeeved by my picking an adolescent. I don’t know if it’s the hair, the woolen wardrobe or the sense of pain that make this character resonate, but when you watch the 400 Blows you think he’s gonna mature into a great man. The one time I sat through the subsequent films in the series I was disappointed that they were romantic farces because this kid had so much potential. Plus he lost the plaid jacket.

Day 25: Ewan McGregor. I thought it was fitting to make Finney and Ewan a weekend couplet because they’re cut from the same cloth, confirmed by their duel turns in Big Fish as Ed Bloom, Tim Burton’s 3rd great Ed movie. I’ve met a few people from my list, but this photo is from the night I met Ewan at the Big Fish premiere. Can you believe he had a pinstriped suit, hornrims and a pompadour? I almost fainted. Ewan is obviously gorgeous, charming & dirty, but what’s really crazy about him is that he personally is so much more of all these things in real life than he is on screen. It’s ridiculous!