30 days of foxy fellas

Day 30: Oliver Reed. Saved my honey for last. Very underrated as an actor and as a dreamboat. He’s the actor version of a hockey player - just look at the mouth scar! He’s a little bit crazy, a little violent, passionate of course, sometimes creepy. Watch anything of his from the 60s and 70s and tell me you don’t want to be seduced by him.

ps. How many brits on this list?

Day 28: Joel McCrea. I don’t know from his latter years as a western star - what I love is his romantic comedy era of the 30s and early 40s. It’s funny because when I think about his screen persona it’s very similar to John Wayne- stoic, dependable even a little wooden, but I just prefer McCrea on every front. You’ve got that face and those shoulders just waiting for a wacky woman to lasso his heart out of that fine specimen. I’m down. 

ps. Here he’s rockin’ one of my favorite looks - gay sailor! Very Jean Genet and I love it.