30 days of comics meme


Larsadie fanart? In MY sketchbook??? It’s more likely than you think. (Day 12: Lars or Sadie)

Happy Solstice! Prepare for encroaching darkness from this point on! :D I totally skipped yesterday’s prompt for the challenge I’m doing bc I’m a bad artist but look! I definitely made up for it with the sheer volume of unrelated ship art :D

Also this blog just hit 200 followers! I don’t normally even acknowledge milestones like this but it means a lot that people seem to enjoy the stuff I make :) So whether you just showed up recently or you’ve been here from the beginning, thank you! I’m not always super interactive but I really do appreciate every like, reply and reblog on my art. Thanks!


But who is the victor?


After lots of waffling on my levels of being a big huge nerd, I have accepted them and I’M FINALLY GONNA DO THE THE OTP MEME THING

Self-Inflicted Rules:

1. Every entry is a comic. This makes me spend more time one making them.

2. Don’t go for the ‘easy’ way out.  This makes me spend more time thinking and planning.

Which means these will NOT be daily, and a few prompts may be tweaked.

They will also not be exclusively romantic in nature, but by this comic I’m sure y'all figured that out already.

[1. Holding Hands]


30+ Days of DC - Day 48
Favorite Gal Pals: Birds of Prey Trio

Friendships between women are so hard to find in any media, but it’s a mythical quest to find them in superhero comics most of the time. Fortunately, there’s Barbara, Dinah, and Helena around to spread the love and friendship.

Not only are these badass ladies superheroes and sexy as hell while doing it, it’s hard for me to think of a trio of friends who felt more like real life women. Their conversations, conflicts, bonding, and food parties are all things that I have shared with my own best friends over the years. I mean, the Birds of Prey save the world in between bites of the most amazing cheesecake and take out, but I guess I can give my own buddies some leniency in the multitasking department.

It’s funny because prior to reading the run of Birds of Prey where this trio became friends, I was never that interested in the individual members of the trio. There’s just something about the power of their friendship that transformed my opinion and helped me to realize how much I loved each of these ladies!

Suggested Singles:
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #68 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #74 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #75 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #85 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #86 *

Awesome Arcs:
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #56-59 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #60-61 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #62-65, 67 *
Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #69-73 *

*Available for digital purchase on Comixology.com for $1.99!!!


SU 30 day art meme #11 : something you think you’d find in either Greg’s van or storage unit
I had this headcanon where one time Rose got paint on her dress and Greg didn’t know that she could basically just regenerate a new outfit so he had a replica commisioned and it’s just been hanging out in the storage unit for forever (Also kids who try on their parents wedding outfits are adorbs)


30+ Days of DC - Day 44
Favorite Elseworld - Superman: Secret Identity

Outside of Action Comics #775, there is no Superman story I have read more than the four issue mini Superman: Secret Identity.

I swell up with emotion for every page of this series and have shed more tears for Clark, Lois, and the Superman mythos because of these four issues than I have for any other superhero comic.

In this “elseworld” tale, Clark Kent is a boy who has grown up in a world obsessed with Superman, the comic book icon. Clark himself is named after the titular hero, growing to resent the burdensome comparisons to an unbelievable comic book character. Over time, however, he comes to find out that he is, in fact, Superman and spends a lifetime figuring out what exactly that means.

The emotion is high, the characters real, their relationships genuine, and the fears and joy they feel become more real than anything I’ve read before. This comic made me feel like I was flying and the weight of being a “superman” was not at all lost in the apparent limitlessness of Clark’s powers.

I love this comic. I love it so so so very much.

All the issues are available on Comixology.com for $2.99 individually or in a collected format for $12.99. Do give it a read!


30+ Days of DC - Day 46
Favorite Legacy Title: Robin

There is not a single doubt in my mind that the aspect of comic book superheroes I love best and the reason that, for years, DC has taken over Marvel’s place in my consciousness is for the concept of legacy titles.

I know this is hard to separate for many comic book fans, but I think many of you would be surprised how few people outside of the fandoms know the human identities behind the masks of some of the best known superheroes. It’s something I’ve always been very curious about and have tested out multiple times.

This is where the idea of legacy titles really makes its mark.

To a degree it proves that who’s behind the mask isn’t as important as the costume itself, but more than that I believe it personifies what weight and power a legacy has. Suddenly you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Your inherited legacy defines you to an extent, but even more than that you are defining and redefining what your costume means.

Throughout the DC Universe, I can’t think of a title that has held more potency and been more evolved than Robin. And let me just tell you right now, I absolutely love all the Robins. Sure, I enjoy some more than others, but I wouldn’t take the domino from any of them. Each of them have had a real prominent mark on defining what a Robin is. None of them are interchangeable in personality.

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30+ Days of DC - Day 41
Favorite Quote: Batgirl (2000-2006) #8

I don’t kill… But I don’t lose, either.

The moment I read this quote in its context, my mind suddenly snapped. And I got Cassandra Cain.

Cass had always been my Batgirl, and I really did like her character before I had the ability to go back and read the first issues in order. While many fans say that Dylan Horrorcks isn’t their favorite, it was that run that I read originally and fell in love with. But Cass wasn’t my favorite character as a result of that run.

It was back when I was reading Cass’ series from the beginning that I began to realize what a perfect gem of a character she was and how sorely she was needed in the DCU at large.

But Batgirl #8? That is when I paused and knew that not only was Cass one of the strongest characters I had ever read, she was the hero I had always wanted to be. Because she’s not perfect - far from it. Her life is complicated and riddled with adversity. She is guilty of the one crime she has dedicated her life to preventing - but those don’t make her unrelateable or hypocritical. They inform her, make her stronger.

Her struggle to speak without impediment makes her words all the more harsh and important.

There are plenty of amazing, amazing Cass quotes that fill me with joy and longing to reread those comics (“Instinct. That’s… who you are.”, “Nobody dies tonight.”, “Don’t worry. I’m… a detective.”, “You can change. You can.” to name a few). But this quote is the clencher for me. It’s the one that always makes me say definitively “Yes! This is a girl I need on my side!”

Batgirl (2000-2006) #8 is available for digital purchase on Comixology.com, as is the entirety of her original series (minus the Annual for some reason). Please give it look! I know I’m glad I did.