30 days of bsg


30 days of Battlestar Galactica || 3. Favorite scene: Reuniting the Fleet [S02E06, Home, pt.1]

«Mr. Gaeta, I want to see all recon material on Kobol immediately in my quarters.»
«Aye, sir.»
«Yes. I’m putting the Fleet back together. I’m putting our family back together. This ends now.»


30 days of Battlestar Galactica || 1. Favorite female character: Laura Roslin

«Do you remember what we said on New Caprica? How we talked about trying to live for today? Well, you better think about that, because maybe tomorrow really isn’t coming. Maybe today is all we have left. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve earned the right to live a little before I die.»

Day 13 - A scene/moment that made you cry

‘Cause they took your loved ones
But returned them in exchange for you
But would you have it any other way?

I cried so much when I found out Anders’ fate. I knew people would die and all, but his was the most tragic imo. And when Starbuck came to visit him one last time? I lost it. I just wanted them to be together =’( Was that too much to ask for? Now excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out again.