30 days of arashi challenge


Day 30 : Whatever tickles your fancy
Orodoki no Arashi SP1

I always loved their boat-related experiments. The giant cardboard boat one always has a special place in my heart.

The boat was put together with cardboard, paper tape, and ducktape. it was 10 meters long, able to hold 10 people, and weighed 300 kg. Their goal was to reach an island 10 km away from shore. 

The boat naturally featured pretty nifty things:

  • A sail (that blew the opposite direction of where they had to go xD)
  • A bratty Nino
  • Sho’s biceps XD

And that song as they were sinking … ! They barely made it half way. XD Literally, a fail boat.


30 Days Arashi Challenge

Day 10: A Song you didn’t like at first but ended up liking it eventually

When I first heard the song “Ashita no Kioku” I thougt it was too quiet and boring​. After hearing it a few more times, I began to like it. Now I think it is a beautiful and relaxing song. I enjoy hearing it.


30 Days Arashi Challenge

Day 16: A Song that makes you motivated 

We can make it!” is a song that motivates me. They sing “we can make it” and “ the real dream is always right beside you” and other encouraging sentences , so you’re filled with motivation.


Day 17: A j-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Finally!! The day came where I reveal the truth of my family xP. I always considered Ohno Satoshi as a brother figure. But there is that friend of mine that would always burst my little bubble. I like that he can do anything but has this aura of doing nothing. And since our characters arw much similar to each other (yes I am an air headed day dreamer)