30 days of arashi challenge

Day 22: Favorite HnA Moment
Himitsu no Arashi-chan - Episode 42: Beatbox Remix

Oldie but a goodie.

The boys make beatboxy beats. Though they found the process boring, everyone was really pleased the results.

Favorite Parts:

  • Riida’s Nyeh.
  • FUUUOH~ -imitates Sho-kun’s crane pose- Arashi in the house yo.
  • Aiba’s sneeze.
  • Nino’s hat tilt.
  • Jun’s cool exterior.

Aiba looked like he had the most fun though. XD


Day 09: Favorite Arashi PV
My Girl

Hands down, my favorite PV (thus far). They boys grew up matured been together for such a long time. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if they were in a drama as brothers.

Lo and behold, this thing came along. I really do hope they are inspired to create a drama like this. I think it’d be successful. If you haven’t seen it, search it up online. It’s worth 5 minutes of your time. :)

By the by, headcanon: if a drama were developed, I think Saburou (Aiba’s character, third son) would be the closest to his mother.

Synopsis: Clicky.

Day 13 : Favorite VSA moment
VS Arashi Golden #84 - Guest: NazoDi Cast

So this is what happens… the NazoDi cast just played their turn in Korokoro Viking. Kitagawa Keiko made a point that the only team player who had experience was Sho; whereas Team Arashi had four out of six. A la Ojou-sama, Keiko requested a larger handicap. 

It was adorable how she looked up and said I wish it!

… to which the staff (and MC ish) complied.

The team morale was low mostly Koda Kumi XD, but Jun tries to turn it around. He says something along the lines of It’s okay.This will make our fighting spirit stronger.

To which Sho replies (something like), I wanted to say something cool like that.

Oh, Sho, one day you will have your turn. I mean really, we all know how uncool Jun can be once food is involved.


Day 30 : Whatever tickles your fancy
Orodoki no Arashi SP1

I always loved their boat-related experiments. The giant cardboard boat one always has a special place in my heart.

The boat was put together with cardboard, paper tape, and ducktape. it was 10 meters long, able to hold 10 people, and weighed 300 kg. Their goal was to reach an island 10 km away from shore. 

The boat naturally featured pretty nifty things:

  • A sail (that blew the opposite direction of where they had to go xD)
  • A bratty Nino
  • Sho’s biceps XD

And that song as they were sinking … ! They barely made it half way. XD Literally, a fail boat.

Watch on dak0ikersz.tumblr.com

Day 06 : Favorite member engrish
Aiba Masaki & Ohno Satoshi

NO ONE does Engrish like how these two can. 

Day 25: Favorite Arashi Solo
Ohno Satoshi - Kumorinochi Kaisei

踏みならせ! || Fuminarase!
Stomp your feet!


目の前を通り過ぎるだけの日を || Me no mae wo toorisugiru dake no hi wo
Change the days that pass right before my eyes


変えていけ 想像の「今」へ || Kaeteike Souzou no “ima” e
To the “present” I imagine

そう一歩踏み出せたなら景色も変わる || Sou ippo fumidaseta nara
keshiki mo kawaru
Yes, if you take one step forward, the scenery will change too


幸せはきっと僕の手の中に || Shiawase wa kitto boku no te no naka ni
Happiness is definitely in my hands

Technically, this is a solo since only Riida is heard. XD Arguably, he has the best vocals out of the group. 

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