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Day 10: Clary or Tessa? Tessa.

“I am Theresa Gray, daughter of a Greater Demon and Elizabeth Gray, who was born Adele Starkweather, one of your kind. I was the wife of William Herondale, who was the head of the London Institute, and I was the mother of James Herondale and Lucie Blackthorn. Will and I raised our Shadowhunter children to protect mundanes, to live by the Laws of Clave and Covenant, and to keep to the Accords. Once, I lived among the Shadowhunters. Once I might almost have seemed like a person to you.”


30 Day Challenge / Day Twenty-Two / Edit Of Any Snippet

‘Wo wei ni xie de,’ he said, as he raised the violin to his left shoulder, tucking it under his chin. 

He had told her many violinists used a shoulder rest, but he did not: there was a slight mark on the side of his throat, like a permanent bruise, where the violin rested. 

“You — made something for me?” Tessa asked.

“I wrote something for you,” he corrected, with a smile, and began to play.


30 Day Challenge | Day Nine |

TID Fan Cast

 | i. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey • Tessa Gray | ii. Joshua Anthony Brand • Will Herondale | iii. Anthony Neely • Jem Carstairs | iv. Jenna Coleman • Charlotte Branwell | v. Eddie Redmayne • Henry Branwell | vi. Felicity Jones • Sophie Collins | vii. Hunter Parrish • Gideon Lightwood | viii. Max Irons • Gabriel Lightwood | ix. India Eisley • Cecily Herondale | x. Gabriella Wilde • Jessamine Lovelace | xi. Godfrey Gao • Magnus Bane | xii. Amber Heard • Camille Belcourt |


simon lewis or jem carstairs

“whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”


Day 1: Favorite Shadowhunter?
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Day 10: Favorite Downworlder?
Day 11: Favorite series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles (spinoffs, etc)?
Day 12: Isabelle or Alec Lightwood?
Day 13: Will Herondale or Jem Carstairs?
Day 14: Church or Chairman Meow?
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Day 16: Favorite quote?
Day 17: Simon Lewis or Clary Fray?
Day 18: Silent Brothers or Iron Sisters?
Day 19: Aline or Jia Penhallow?
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Day 27: Character most like you?
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Day 30: Favorite character + character development?

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TMI/TID 30 Day Challenge Day 22 - Edit of Any Snippet

Then a face swam into a view, hovering over his, eyes like stars in a pale sky.

Magnus exhaled–for a moment he no longer felt ill, or afraid of dying, or even angry or bitter. Relief washed over him, as profound as sorrow, and he reached up to brush the cheek of the boy leaning over him with the back of his bruised knuckles. Alec’s eyes were huge and blue and full of anguish.

Oh, my Alec,” he said. “You’ve been so sad. I didn’t know.