30 days gaming challenge


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like
                                                                                   ↳ Nihlus Kryik

“Trust me, my dear, I am well pleased with my current direction.”
Zevran Arainai

Day 20: Favorite Non-Player Character


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 28 - Favorite game developer
                                                     ↳ Sony Interactive Entertainment




I think she is a “real human character”… I mean, she has no dragons and no physical strength so she uses all the “weapons” she has in order to survive, like her courtesy and her beauty.

I don’t understand why other people hates her, I think everybody should have done the same.

 I am like her, in fact we both love our families and we are both strong inside even if we look weak.

30 Days otp challenge

Day 3 - gaming/Watching a movie

Day 9: Saddest game scene

The ending to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.

You thought Pokémon was too kiddy to be serious and heavy? You’d be surprised how much better things get outside of the anime and main series of games. Even in simply grabbing this still off of Youtube, I had to turn off the music, and even then, exert a ton of willpower to not cry.Video here if you have tissues on hand. 

Now, if you want to just take the ending at face value, the video’s right there. But it runs so much deeper once you talk about it. Ever since your partner finds you beached, claiming to be a human despite clearly being a Pokémon, the two of you become fast friends, and you serve as their pillar of strength, giving them the courage to chase the dreams they were after. You join the Explorers Guild together, form a team, help out Pokémon in need, take down wanted criminals, and even when your mysterious past comes to light, your partner’s faith in you never wavers. The two of you learn that you really were a human, one who came from a desolate future with Grovyle, another trusted partner to rewrite history and create a new future. 

Together with your new and old partner, you set out once more to change history, departing for the source of the cataclysm, only to once again be confronted by Dusknoir, a foe who also hails from that ruined world. After a thorough trouncing, your partner steps away to activate the lift to go forward. This is when Dusknoir speaks to you and Grovyle, giving his reason for trying to stop them: if history is changed, they, as denizens of the future, will disappear. Grovyle knew and accepted this, and though it’s news to you now, you felt the same when you were a human. Grovyle drags Dusknoir back to the future, leaving you and your partner to save the world. And thanks to the power of the unbreakable bond you share, the two of you do just that.

But as the two of you depart, your objective complete, you shortly find Dusknoir’s words coming true, as your body starts to dissipate while that goddamn music plays give me a minute *blows nose* Players will realize this is actually the only time in the game where you speak. You have a lot of dialogue in this game as any protagonist should, but it’s all in the form of thoughts. Up to this point, there was never so much as a dialogue box for the few times you had to directly say something, even your name, to another Pokémon. And the words that come out are a hearfelt farewell. You say goodbye to your closest friend, telling them through every tear they shed how happy they made you, as you cease to exist altogether.

This is the kind of scene that perfectly demonstrates why gaming is the penultimate artform. It’s because it’s not just some character onscreen leaving, it’s us. We saved this world, we accepted what it meant, and now we are leaving our dear friend behind. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need tissues, again.

Day 8: Most Amusing Pokemon

“Pyukumuku tends to find a spot it likes and stay there, even returning to the same spot if moved. Once all the food in its favorite spot has been consumed, it will continue to stay there to the point of starvation. However, people in Alola have already taken to throwing the Pokémon back to the sea where it can find food when thin.”

So sorry about the huge delay in the Daily Pokemon challenge, I went back to visit my hometown to celebrate a friend’s birthday and didn’t get a chance to draw anything :,D I should be resuming starting today

Pyukumuku is such a funny Pokemon, and I like to imagine the locals of Alola just chucking it back into the ocean just so it doesn’t die of starvation
I hate sea cucumbers but Pyukumuku is an exception