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I think she is a “real human character”… I mean, she has no dragons and no physical strength so she uses all the “weapons” she has in order to survive, like her courtesy and her beauty.

I don’t understand why other people hates her, I think everybody should have done the same.

 I am like her, in fact we both love our families and we are both strong inside even if we look weak.

Hi Tumbr!

As a big fan, it is time for me to start the 30 DAYS GAME OF THRONES CHALLENGE!


He is JON SNOW, obviously.

He is shy but cute, he has a great sense of honor… and a beautiful figure… ;)

I’ve also met Kit Harington when he was in Naples shooting a commercial for D&G (one of the greatest experiences in my entire life)!

Arianne Martell wearing the colours of her house.

Because I’m still not over the fact that Arianne is not going to be featured in “Game of Thrones” (at all).

What’s wrong with you, HBO people?

Sadly I didn’t find the source/artist of the amazing banner which inspired my drawing (if you do, let me know).

You can find it here, without any suggestion about its author:

30 Day GoT drawing challenge

Day 11 Stark Sisters Sansa and Arya - This is like a bit further in the future, where in my mind Sansa takes up being the heir to Riverrun because I like to think Bran or Jon is king of the North and lets face it she’s the one that maybe is less Stark like. Because you know she’s been, Lannister, Arryn, almost Martell … Baelish Of course not by choice but still. But I feel as if she becomes an amazing bureaucrat with her seat in power. 

And Arya just does her own thing, helping her siblings and friends. Sort of off the books person of hire. The Starks hidden weapon as it were! 

Basically I really want all the Starks to have the last laugh in the end and basically have influence everywhere!

Sansa - River lands and the vale

Jon - the Wall

Bran - The North

Arya - Bravos (other places in Essos)

Rickon - The Wildling tribes

And for good measure

Tyrion - Casterly Rock

Daenarys - Queen of the South? Or Essos I’m not sure

This took SOOOOO LONG because I purposely wanted to think about colour and all that and I took a real long time with the line art D:


Game of Thrones 30 Day Challenge

Day Fourteen: Favorite Ship/Pairing

I have many ships on GoT

I don’t actually have that many ships on GoT. I ship Sansa/Petyr, SanSan, Stansa, Ned/Catelyn (who doesn’t though?), Sam/Gilly, (again, who doesn’t?), Edmure/Roslin…

okay, so there are a few. 

But anyway, my number one GoT OTP is, of course, Jorah and Daenerys. I don’t think they have an actual ship name (Dorah? Jaenerys? Tormont? Morgaryen? None of those sound good. None.) so I just refer to them by their names. 

Plenty of people joke about Jorah being ‘Ser Friendzone’ or ‘Jorah the Fedora’ which is utter bullshit and really not funny because beyond the fact that the friendzone was made up by a bunch of butthurt assholes because they thought women owed them sex for treating them like actual human beings and then got mad when said women told them to piss off. Like it’s a scary thought, I know, but if you act like someone’s friend…they’re gonna think you’re their friend. Don’t blame women just cause you dumbasses don’t know how to flirt or, you know, use actual words to communicate to us how you feel. Women are amazing creatures, but on the whole, we’re not actually psychic. We cannot read minds. 

Anyway, that’s so off topic. I ship these two because their relationship is beautiful. The foundation of it was built on a lie, yes, but Jorah very quickly switched loyalties (and never switched again) to Dany once he got to know her. And then he fell in love with her. Jorah being in love with Daenerys is never going to change, no matter how many times she exiles him. 

And I mean, Dany could have killed him when she found out about his betrayal. She could have had him executed and Barristan probably would have loved to be the one to swing the sword. But she only exiled him. She had to know that he would, one day, come back to her. She didn’t want Jorah dead - she just wanted him away from her so that she could deal. So she exiled him. And now they’re (sort of?) back together. We’ll have to wait for season 6 to see what actually happens (i.e.: if Jorah and Daario find Daenerys) but I’m hoping for forgiveness, at minimum. 

When Jorah saved Dany at the Fighting Pits, it didn’t look like Dany was still angry. She was surprised to see him yet again and still hurting over his betrayal, but she didn’t look angry. She took his hand and that’s good enough for me, for the moment. 

Ultimately, I would love to see Jorah and Dany end up together. I would love it. I don’t necessarily think it’ll happen, but I would love for it to. At the moment, I kinda just want them to be friends again. 

Although, I wouldn’t say no to that kiss we were cheated out of. 

(PS: Iain Glen is smoking hot and the chemistry he has with Emilia Clarke is off the charts. I mean really, where do you find these people?)